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RE: America Gets PUNK'D by Ashton Kutcher and the McCain Institute for Public Funds

in #humantrafficking7 years ago

So an actor can't use his fame and his following to do something right? So a price tag involved to do this work bothers you?
Thorn is responsible for rescuing 6000 children so far!
I don't see anyone anywhere doing that kind of excellent work. But you're bitching because they're asking for money? You focus on this rather than caring that sadistic pedophiles are raping and murdering infants and toddlers ?
Twisted priorities much?
You and your agreeing commentators sound more like embedded apologists who have been covering for this sickness for ages. Disgusting that a business model matters more to you than rescuing the children from this nest of vipers
For shame!


@mesawind, Is there a reliable source behind that number of children rescued, and what happened to them after said "rescue"? It probably bears investigation in light of all the "child protecting" agencies that have been used as trafficking fronts over the years.

In any case, even if they are asking for money, I highly doubt the involved parties actually need the money. It's more probable that using a celebrity darling to request such funds is just a handy narrative within which to sales the sleeping masses into a belief that entities like Palantir should be allowed involvement in policing these atrocities when some of their affiliates are linked to the problem. A clear conflict of interest, and a hypocrisy it seems that @v4vapid is working to shine a light on. So I don't really understand your animosity, or accusation that the author actually cares more about a business model than about rescuing children. It seems, rather, that by dedicating their time to untangling these lies and keeping the public informed, the author cares very much about TRUE protection for the children in question, and not just about the warm-fuzzy-feeling one gets when an entity vested in cover-up tells you "the children are safe" (wink-wink).

I hope you are a paid troll of sorts, and not genuinely missing the intentions of people who devote so much time to research.

Yes there is - and each one of these "projects" have proven to be completely faked. Children of the Night is the first program founded in 1979 to actually assist said juvenile victims. I created the program for adults shortly after her. You'll notice news stories of things like the "innocent lost" project did not contain either of our names, but were later proven to be "one of the largest sex trafficking scams of the century". Just as Samoly Mam was proven to be bogus - who also didn't have me or Lois Lee (Children of the Night's founder) invited to their events either.

I think it's the fact that he's a part the McCain institute and other leakers within government are hinting that John McCain is probably one of the pedos being investigated too now, and we will find out soon enough. McCain for sure isn't a good person, that much I already know, so this post makes Ashton's involvement w/these types highly suspect. We all care about the children, that's why we're doing this work, trying to see who's real and who's actually helping the perverts!

The "price tag" for what he did was the silencing OF REAL SEX TRAFFICKING VICTIMS WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN TESTIFYING AT THAT SAME TRIAL WHO WERE SILENCED BY HIS APPEARANCE. Or didn't anyone notice that we weren't even invited to the dance when it's supposedly about "us" right? Hmm. Let me ask you this - if James Woods who played Bill Wilson in the film spoke at Congress about alcoholism while Bill Wilson, and no members of AA were invited (if Bill were alive as I'm alive), then would you really be saying that what you saw was really about helping alcoholics? Hm? It's called a technique to hide our voices in plain sight - while you're listening to him you're not listening to US. Oh that happens to be the oldest and largest group and hotline that started the movement to have this recognized as real from a time when people used to laugh and say sex trafficking didn't even exist anymore.

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