How To: WEEKLY - entries so far this week, plus plagiarism/blacklisted details.

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Hey again everyone!

So far we have 4 really informative entries this week, plus 2 disqualified entries.

The qualifying entries are all in the running for up to 20 SBD in prizes.

Good luck to all these awesome entries below:

The disqualified entries due to plagiarism, now blacklisted:

How To: Weekly is very STRICT on Plagiarism. Users found to be plagiarising will be blacklisted from re-entering this contest again.

If you would love to enter or know anyone who would love enter the weekly tutorial contest take a look at our opening page for details: How To: Weekly entry details

1st place: $10 SBD
2nd place: $6 SBD
3rd place: $4 SBD

Total 20 SBD will be up for grabs.

Thanks for participating and good luck!

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Had fun writing this weeks entry, thank you for the chance :)

You're very welcome! Thanks so much for your submission!

Great to see more entries!

I know, so happy with the response so far!

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You got a 25.89% upvote from @pushbot courtesy of @roscoeh!

:) Good luck to every body!

this is a nice contest. please feel free to check my post:

Thanks, but to be in the running you need to follow the guidelines on this post : GUIDELINES for How To: WEEKLY