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Hello friend ajj app kye saath ik kabshurat horse kye photoshare kerne lagai hoo maine.mujhe horse bhut acha lagtai hai aur yeahi animal mujhe bhut hai zaida pasand bhi hai.aur acha bhi lagtai hai mere bachion ko bhi yeahi animal bhut hai zaida pasand aur acha lagtai hai mere bachion uss kye shair bhut hai zaida shouq sy karte race maine aur sports maine bhi kaam ataai hai.loog uss animal ko shouq sy apni pass rekthai hai.shadi kye mouqa phire aur agr koi guest app kye pass ayaai tu ik taqreeb hotey hai uss maine uss ka dance karwai jatyaa hai mujhe white aur brown horse bhut hai zaida achi bhi lagte hai aur pasand bhi hai.


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loog uss animal ko bhut shouq sy apni pass rekthai hai uss animal sy pyaar karte hai.mujhe bhi yeahi animal bhut hai acha lagtai hai.aur mere bachion na uss kye shair bhi kye howey hai.purne zamnee maine tranport kye lyeahi bhi uss ka istmaal kya jatyaa tha but abb nhai kyo kye abb moter car raksha van agyee hai tu uss ka transport kitham hogye hai but abhi bhi khai khai yeahi chalte hai.

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