UPDATE ON: Hobby Hub Challenge - Write About Your Hobby And Win SBD! New Challenge Just Launched! #3

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UPDATE ON: Hobby Hub Challenge - Write About Your Hobby And Win SBD! New Challenge Just Launched! #3

In this update I would first and foremost like to thank my fellow @teamsouthafrica members for their support! I am proudly South African and an even prouder finding member of @teamsouthafrica, a team where we join forces to support and encourage each other here on Steemit. 

Thank you to this week's judge @hope777 - this lovely lady will be helping to guest judge this week, please pop on over to her blog and show some support - thank you!


With much deliberation I have decided to tweak the Hobby Hub Challenge, instead of it being a weekly challenge, it will now run from month to month, with a much bigger prize pool! Stick around to find out what's in it for you! This week's challenge will run as normal and the Hobby Hub champion of the week will be announced come Monday.

New here?? Find out what the Hobby Hub Challenge is all about... 

The steps are simple:

  1. You have a hobby.
  2. You write about your hobby.
  3. You submit your writing to Steemit using the HobbyHub tag.

Submit your entry using hobbyhub as your first tag and resteem and upvote the MAIN ENTRY POST. Found HERE: 

Enter the Hobby Hub Challenge Week #3 And Win SBD!! PLUS ***Winner Announcement***

*** WIN 5 SBD AND MORE!!! (last week’s prizepool amounted to 10SBD) *** 

Looking for some examples or inspiration? View some of this week’s early entries: 



Team South Africa banner designed by @bearone

Much love - @sweetpea

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*** Please remember to upvote and resteem ***

*** Any donation towards the prize pool would be greatly appreciated ***

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Well it's really a great contest because of this at least people find there hobbies.

Well mam I really need your help plz tak it serious . I need your a little support plz mam do visit my blog and suggest me the right way to proceed and mam pls upvote my last post just once .


I will have a look today :)


Thank mam plz suggest some idea to improve and give your support to me.

This is a nice idea and nice concept


Thank you, I hope you will enter?

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Wow... An useful information @sweetpea.
I like every your post.

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Awesome ! Im looking forward to seeing how your new #hobbyhub
contest will run @sweetpea ! Best of luck to you !💕👍💕👍💕


@karenmckersie so good to hear from you! Thank you so much! Hope you are doing well! I have had such a busy week, will update you on why soon!


OK cool ! I realize your very busy , but if you think you will have time next Saturday to guest judge and pick your favorite , let me know ! I need someone for this week , but can do it myself if your busy no worries !! Cha later my friend !👍💕👍