Enter the Hobby Hub Challenge Week #3 And Win SBD!! PLUS ***Winner Announcement***

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Enter the Hobby Hub Challenge Week #3 And Win SBD!! PLUS ***Winner Announcement***

Just launched! HOBBY HUB CHALLENGE! #3

WE want to know what YOU do in your spare time! Write an awesome post about your hobby or the recreational activities that you love doing, then submit your post here on Steemit using HobbyHub as your first tag and…stand a chance of winning SBD. Easy, right? Get writing!

Each Monday a new Hobby Hub challenge will be announced, as well as the winner of the previous week’s challenge – to add to the excitement! I will also list or direct you to the participating entries, so that you can curate some original and quality posts.

Each week I am assisted by a guest judge, who helps me make a decision on who to select as a winner. This week @what-did-she-say stood in as a judge! She read every post carefully and upvoted along the way. Please pop on over to her blog to show some love!

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The second week of the Hobby Hub challenge went well! There were fewer entries than the previous week, but again, the quality has been outstanding! Thank you to the participants for sharing your unique and interesting hobbies with us!

Winner Of the Hobby Challenge Week #2 is ... 

@steemit-foodie for her entry: Hobby Hub Challenge Week #2 - My L.O.V.E. for Coffee Bean Art \(^_^)/

Congratulations on your win! We just loved all the photos you included of your work and are very impressed! You also taught many of us something new: How to make a lazy stitch. Thanks for that!

@steemit-foodie was given a rounded off prize of 10 SBD!!!!

Like a said, the posts were all VERY good and it was extremely difficult to choose only one winner. Please support the other participants by popping over to their HobbyHub posts and give them an upvote and a resteem. Here they are for your viewing:


Why Enter This Challenge?

This the perfect opportunity for you to write about something you thoroughly enjoy doing, and make some extra SBD at the same time! Your post will be exposed to a greater Steemit audience too, helping you to gain added recognition and followers.

All participants who meet the guidelines will be mentioned in the winning announcement post too, for a greater chance to get some deserving exposure.


How It Works:

It’s simple! Write about what you love doing when you have some time to spare. Tell us about your hobby, how you came to do it, how it works and when do you find the time to do it etc. 

Definition of a hobby –

A hobby is a regular activity that is done for enjoyment, typically during one's leisure time. Hobbies can include collecting themed items and objects, engaging in creative and artistic pursuits, playing sports, or pursuing other amusements. – Wikipedia

Guidelines & Rules

  • This challenge will run every week, for now. Challenge #3 starts from the post date and ends on the 5th of November 2017 at 17:00 pm UTC +2.
  • One entry per account for each issue.
  • The main subject of your submission must revolve around a hobby. Effort and original photos will be given preference on the judges final decisions. Images that do not belong to you must include a source link.
  • "hobbyhub" MUST be used as your first tag (you can use any additional tags thereafter). 
  • Kindly upvote and resteem this post (to benefit all contestants).
  • Add your link to the reply section below.

Judges Decision

Thank you to @hope777 for joining me as a guest judge for the 3rd week of the Hobby Hub Challenge. Please show @hope777 by following her. @hope777 is also a member of @teamsouthafrica.

HobbyHub will always have a guest judge to collaborate with and we will finalise our decisions together.

The winning entry will be announced on the following Monday and the winner will receive his or her payout at the same time.

An entrant's post votes and post payout will not influence our decision; effort and original content will.


A HUGE thanks to @eroche for his ongoing advice and support with the launch of HobbyHub. @eroche is the creator of the @culturevulture challenge, the winning some is HUGE and I am certain you want piece of that pie! 


Looking forward to finding out about what you do as a pastime...READY, SET AND GO!!!

Team South Africa banner designed by @bearone

Much love - @sweetpea

(bringing you original content)

*** please remember to upvote and resteem --- Any donations towards next week's prize pool will be greatly appreciated

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This is a fantastic idea. I am going to enter this week's challenge now that Inktober is finishing. Hopefully I'll remember.


Great @fyntacie, we are waiting for your entry!!


Awesome, looking forward to your entry!

A great challenge about hobby @sweetpea. I like your post very much. Comment, upvote and resteem are for you.


You rock! Thank you!


You can see if you don't have a hobby that you can write in for the competition @safran!

This wonderful post has received a bellyrub 0.67 % upvote from @bellyrub thanks to this cool cat: @sweetpea. My pops @zeartul is one of your top steemit witness, if you like my bellyrubs please go vote for him, if you love what he is doing vote for this comment as well.

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upvoted, resteemed and following already... now I will give it some thought on what of all the things I do all day could be called my hobby and leisure time, haha - once I found it, you'll get my entry!!! Thank you for this sweetpea contest! Cheers from the Seven Mountains in Germany


Can't wait to see what it is! Thanks for the support!


when I started writing on my last post, I thought this would be for the hobbyhub... but in the end, it turned out I forgot about aligning to and mentioning any of the links to be in it... hmmmpf... I just pressed post... so I leave it up to you as a judge, to take it in... maybe I can edit it up to the needs - and maybe it does not even fit - you tell me!


It definitely fit as a hobby. Great what you are doing, very valuable as it has to do with your family heritage. It is only that you did not use the hobbyhub as your first tag.


I know - I had just hit the post button and then I remembered - I will remember next time!!! :-) Thank you so much for reading it! Means a lot to me - and I will make sure to have a perfect one to enter the hobbyhub this week!!!


Looking forward to your entry @jkiw!

Thanks for your good imformation


My pleasure :)


Thanks for reply....If you like my comments plzz upvotes my comments as your wish

Well done @sweetpea you have presented a lovely challenge.


This is one of the best initiative that i see on steemit, i never think that writing about hobbies will be fun and paid :))


Looking forward to reading your entry :) Much love, @sweetpea


Thank you!

Thanks for the shoutout @sweetpea. Great choice for the winner this week congratulations @Steemit-foodie.


Thanks @eroche - keeping a look out for the @culturevulture announcement post, so exciting!