Oh How I LOVE To Spend Time In My Garden - My Favorite Hobby

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Prior to becoming a mommy to a feisty and demanding little boy, I used to spend all my free time in the garden. Working in nature has such a calming effect on me, almost meditative. While I don’t garden as much as I used to, I still do find time to potter about in the yard on the odd occasion and it is by far my favorite hobby and past time.

I love to do all sorts of gardening, from growing plants from seeds to trimming hedges and clearing branches, I even enjoy the more physical work like cutting the grass and cutting back unruly bushes. I find it to be the best kind of exercise and I am always surprised how my body feels like it has had a good work out after just a few minutes in the garden. 

I get such a thrill out of watching something grow, especially when I have planted it as a tiny seed. I have planted and grown a huge variety of plants quite successfully, from succulents, roses and flowering shrubs to fruits, herbs and vegetables. At the moment I am going through a “rose” phase and I have been scouring the internet on how to grow roses perfectly by pruning, watering and feeding them correctly (and how to get rid of nasty bugs as naturally as possible).

Some of my flowering roses:

I have also been working on a little cactus garden, which is one of my show pieces at the moment, and I show it off with such pride! My dad gave me this wooden box, which was initially intended for some herbs. But since I have a toddler running around the yard, I try avoid planting thorny plants – I then had this brilliant idea of doing a mini cacti garden in the box, and to then place it in a safe spot, safe from little fingers. 

My Cactus Garden In A Box:

Now that my son is a little older, I try get him involved in doing some gardening too. That way I get to keep him busy and me busy, doing one of the things I love best! I think involving kids in nature and encouraging them to spend time enjoying the outdoors is a wonderful trait to teach. My son loves to dig with me, plant flowers and his favorite: watering the plants! It is also a lovely way for us to spend some quality bonding time together, there is much pleasure in appreciating nature with a little person who sees everything from a fresh perspective. 

My son planting flowers for his teachers:

In this day in age we are so busy trying to keep up with the day-to-day tasks that the world demands of us that we have less and less time for our hobbies, but it’s our hobbies that help feed our souls really, a fed soul does a much better job at surviving! Make time for your hobbies, share them with others and be proud of them. Thank you for allowing me to share my hobby with you!

The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul. Alfred Austin
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/a/alfredaust169801.html?src=t_gardening 

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Much Love - @sweetpea

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Awe me too ! Your little one looks so cute ! Haha ! I can hardly wait to get back to gardening ! You go girl!! Mrs. Green thumb!! 👍👍👍


Ha ha, thank you, love the gif! Awesome to know that you enjoy gardening too, are you waiting for your house to be completed to get back into it?


Yes I will be putting in a much larger garden there ! But I have done some posts on my little balcony garden I have here in town its almost done though my yellow peppers never had time yet to change color and its - 1 now this morning ! Short growing season this year , my Tomatoes as well although we picked quite a few of those ! 💕✌👍


Oh wow, will have to go take a squiz and see! I always forget I am chatting to people in different time zones! I'm sure you use all your fresh veggies in the meals you cook, that's the best!


Yes for sure , me too ! No worries it was while ago ! Thanks , and have great weekend , will be chatting with later !💕✌👍

Blooming flowers with its colorful petals adds beauty to the house and its so relaxing to see those flowers when you go out every morning. It somehow relieve strees and makes your day a good one. :)

Thanks for sharing your gardening hobby @sweetpea

By the way, your child is so cute :)


Ah thank you ! Yes, my son is what makes my day a good one, but by the end of it, I need a beautiful garden to unwind and relax in!

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I looove your cactus garden :D


Thank you :) the big flowers really surprised me this year!

Thanks for another great post.

I like that little cactus garden,
but i like your ideas about how important a hobby can be and that we shold help young people to have a interest in things even more.

Keep up the good work. :)

Great garden

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Getting into the soil and watching something grow is so rewarding @sweetpea a place to find peace.

Great post @sweetpea. I also love the garden, I enjoy seeing how the things grow and when they flower it gives me such pleasure. I always say when one of my Hisbiscus flowers is blooming when I go out the house in the morning, it put a song in my heart for the rest of the day. I like someone else to do the hard work, luckily my big son (31) is doing all the hard work, preparing the beds and then I just come and said where he must plant what and then I see how it takes shape! Your son is so "cute". Thanks for sharing!

Nice photos of your garden.
I love the little cactus garden in the box.