CONTEST: "Happiness Hacks" Week 2 10% payout to Steem SkillShare.

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Contest: " Happiness Hacks"😁


Recently, I made deep research and shared with you multiple of posts about happiness. Today I want to launch weekly contest called " Happiness Hacks".
We all have many skills but our ultimate goal is to be happy and be positive.


  • Share your ways that you use to make your life just a bit more joyful and happier
  • You can write about several hacks
  • You must tag tree friends
  • Give 10% to Steem SkillShare beneficiary reward
  • Write your entry in comment section to this post
  • Resteem this post


1 place - 15 Steem
2 place - 10 Steem
3 place - 5 Steem

Deadline: OCTOBER, 28


1 place ladyofpolicy (64)


2 place alena-vladi (65)


3 place goodybest (62)


I congratulate each of you and wish you to continue to practice happiness hacks.


Delegate to Steem Skillshare


Congratulations to the winners. Excellent selection. 🤗

Congratulations to the winners!

 3 years ago 

Congratulation for the winner

It’s really a great contest and congratulation all the winner

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Congratulation to all winners, I will surely participate in this one again. Luckily I may also be chosen, thank you @vik24 for this nice contest

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