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In the modern world, elections are held in almost every nation. Elections occurring outside of consolidated democracies can involve significant violence despite their intention to allow for peaceful changes of power.

The use of elections to choose leaders should, in theory, offer a nonviolent alternative to the use of force to settle disputes over competing claims to rule and should be a method that gives citizens more control over how they are ruled. But, in actuality, these expectations frequently fall short of reality. Many elections, particularly those held in democracies that have not yet fully developed, are prone to high levels of violence before to, during, and after the election.


Elections in my country


For this engagement challenge, we want steemians to share their thoughts about elections in their various countries, following the guiding questions below

👉🏾What do you think about Elections in your country:

👉🏾What do you think about the electoral system in your country?

👉🏾How is it done in your country?

👉🏾Is it transparent and fair in your country..

👉🏾Assume there's no fairness and effectiveness as far as elections are concerned, what solutions can you propose to ensure its being carried out the right way




  • Publish your entry post in the Steem Cameroon Community
  • Your title should be Steemit Engagement Challenge S8-W3 | Elections in my Country.
  • The minimum length of your post must be 300 words.
  • Plagiarism of any sort will be detected and you will be disqualified.
  • AI-Generated content of any sort will be detected and you will be disqualified.
  • Use only original images or copyright-free images and properly cite them. (You can visit this post to know more).
  • Your entry must be #steemexclusive
  • You must belong to a club status (either #club5050, #club75 or #club100) to participate in this contest.
  • Include #steemcameroon-s8w3, #steemexclusive, #engagementchallenge #elections your club status tag (#club5050, #club75, or #club100), and country tag within your first 5 tags.
  • This contest is open to all, and all languages are acceptable.
  • Invite 3 friends to participate - Follow @steem-cameroon, and subscribe to the Steem Cameroon Community.
  • You must leave your entry link in the comment section of this post, and do not forget to upvote and resteem this post.
  • This contest will start at 00:00 (UTC) Monday 13/03/2023, and end at 23:59 (UTC) Sunday 19/03/2023



Although this is not a rule, we would appreciate it if you support Steem's growth by supporting the burnsteem25 project.

Remember that the purpose of this engagement challenge is to promote daily engagement. As such, you are expected to interact daily with other participants' entries and engage with quality comments. We shall carefully check the engagement levels to select our winners. You are obligated to make out time and respond to comments that support your entry.

  • Quality comments will be supported using the @steem-cameroon curating account.


Rewards Pool


  • 15 STEEM POWER allocated for the three winners of each week.
  • Lucky authors will be selected and will receive booming support based on the rules and originality of the post respectively.

Note, that some authors will be visited by SC01/SC02.
This is not guaranteed.
Wish you the best.




Thank you,
Steem Cameroon Team
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 11 months ago 

wonderful entry.
please keep more coming

 last year 

This is a great contest were we all learn the different electoral systems in the world. This is my entry below.

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