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First of all, with pleasure and enthusiasm, I am with the WORLD OF XPILAR community, I wish you a Happy 4th Birthday STEEM BLOCKCHAIN, with hope, in order to always have success, to achieve high goals, in the future, which is still long, with the Steem community.

on the birthday of STEEM BLOCKCHAIN ​​To. 4, permit me with the WORLD OF XPILAR community, to give this Birthday Cake, from us, which I have made with my family at home in Aceh, which I aim for STEEM BLOCKCHAIN's birthday to. 4 this.

Happy 4th birthday STEEM BLOCKCHAIN






maybe, there are still many who do not know, that I have made a House with Steem and Sbd, a few years ago, around the forest in Aceh, over time, on STEEM BLOCKCHAIN's Birthday, I have renewed the logo, by giving the color back , because of the past color, it was too faded, then .... the results of the image that I have fixed, is located on the wall of the living room, at home, as shown below.


I made the purpose and purpose of this logo, that this is as proof that this is Steem's house, which is well known to local residents, who always come to visit the house, in the framework of friendship, fellow villagers

Story before being in Steem's community

I am a villager, living between two mountains, which is in the Simpang Kramat area of ​​Aceh, Indonesia, the condition that I experienced, when I had not yet joined the Steemit Steem Community, almost every day, there was no time limit, day, night, morning and in the afternoon, I look for a job, which is according to my expertise, in order to get money, which I give, to my family.

The cost of renting a house is already, a few months, I can't pay it off, the electricity costs are the same, especially the costs for families, only with capital from garden products, citrus fruits, that's what we produce and we sell, every day, for home needs. before all the trees that we have, die of long drought.

plus, whatever I do, while walking, is always constrained, by the conditions, the distance, the distance, which I have to go through, to the city of Lhokseumawe. because at that time I did not have any vehicles. only a few bicycles that I have, to, bring my child to school.

until some time, I stopped by a coffee shop called "SYARIF DELIMA"

Getting to know Steemit at the "Syarif Delima coffee shop"

I started from August, joined Steemit, on the website, it was not easy to reach and survive for 35 months, which I started from 01 August 2018, did not know anyone from the whole who had joined Steemit, only the first person to tell me, namely a friend who has a job as an architect, in one company.

time goes on, dependents for family expenses continue to increase, brain radars in the head, getting dizzy, not knowing where to go and destination, when my child grows up, paying the whole, costs at home, school fees, not yet visible, from where I am must get money.

armed only with a laptop and cellphone, which is very old, that's the equipment I have, to start writing and posting pictures on steemit, com.

Day and night I spend my time here, because of the laptop I have, there are many photos of my documentation, about birds, insects and nature. and keep writing day and night, until I forget to go home, and have a family at home.

in this coffee shop, I found some friends who had joined Steemit, but because I was new, I was still unfamiliar among the old players at Steemit, but I didn't care about that, I continued to play at Steemit, with initial guidelines, it was not permitted to do Plagiarism, which means to take pictures of other people on the web, and put them in the post.

First 7 days

I was told by my friend again, that I got a payment, and I had to claim immediately, starting from this, until the second week, I continued to make Claims Claims, which turned out to be divided into two parts, namely savings into SP and Savings to Wallet.

Although, it feels like to take the results of the payment, but some that I met, do not know how, to withdraw into BANK INDONESIA savings, which I have, but I still keep posting, every day, day and night, afternoon to morning again, without bathing and go home, just capital, wash my face in a coffee shop, I keep making posts, for the next day.

My life experience at STEEM

@Xpilar contest

@Xpilar contest

Not feel the days, weeks and months have changed, my presence is in a coffee shop, my situation also turned into tired, because of the various burdens that I have to balance between the money I will give to my family, who are waiting at home. As a wife, always asking where I am, and as proof, I give some photos, that my whereabouts, at a coffee shop, via cellphone, that I use.

My mind kept spinning, I had to get money, for expenses and my needs at home and coffee shop, by being forced, in several times, I always pawned a cellphone, then I redeemed it again ... another pawn ... redeemed again, until I sold several cellphones. the remaining money I intend, give to the family at home.

By making use of a little time to read, I found the title of someone named @xpilar. The first thing I saw there was, @xpilar, someone from Norway, made a contest post every day, for those who joined, always got votes, if the comments were long, well ... a little more votes @xpilar, but if I gave Longer comments, I always get more votes, in comments.

Entertainment Contest

@Xpilar contest

I don't know @xpila yet, but ... he always replies to all other people's comments, no exception, for those who make SPAM, @xpilar also always gives good answers while reprimanding, the user. So as not to repeat for the future.

Days, weeks and months keep going, which, my days, I have spent a lot with the contest that was heard by @xpilar, I as a Steemians of Aceh at that time, joined with all other Steemians, who were different countries, this is where I got enlightened thoughts, that this Steemit, the gathering place, all people who have Investment and Shares "in my mind".

I began to get excited again, after almost every morning, I always got a greeting from the contest owner, and asked me, where I was, I answered, "say a coffee pot" by giving some pictures too, where I was covered in coffee, I got a loud reprimand, from @xpilar, that I have to go home soon, meet my wife and children at home. It should not be too long for coffee.

This is where I think again, that @xpilar is not a robot, but a human being, who has a conscience, to drive anyone, so as not to waste time, for his wife and children at home. Getting that order, I went straight home and met my family at home.

When I arrived home, I was welcomed by my family, because I had not been home for a long time. Suddenly my son said, he borrowed a cellphone, wanted to play games, with a heart full of fear, I answered, I had sold it, to pay, eat and eat drinking coffee, I immediately gave the rest of my cellphone sales, to my child, who would be given his mother, to buy some food at home.

Not waiting long, I immediately told, what I experienced to my family and children, until they understood, what was Steemit. To give advice, to take pictures of birds and insects, which are in the forest behind the house. " I just smiled ", even though, I smiled, because I was afraid, was scolded, I had sold my cellphone.

By 2018.

I can speak Norwegian, but ... if @xpilar forgets, and uses native language, in norway, @xpilar always makes me confused, because ... google translate, can't translate the language, then we are both of you together confused and laughing at each other, "hehehehe".

in the following month, my behavior began to get weird, I usually, sleep at night, I now sleep upside down, have to sleep during the day, when night falls, I have to get up, to make a post, because in order to be able to, both wake up in regional time Norway. "our world time is upside down"


Towards the year, I got a challenge, made a video, without hesitation, I used my expertise, used Adobe software, made a video, titled "Christmas Eve" for the @xpilar family on Northway.

Although I got, criticized, I made a Christmas video, I did not care about it, because, as a playmate, in social media, I kept my friends, even though they were different from religion and country.

Until finally @xpilar gave me a gift, in the form of SBD, which if I counted, when that day, the amount of SBD, around IDR. 60 Million, I have indeed seen the face of @xpilar and the rest of his family, but this money, I gave back to him, with the intention, so that @xpilar kept it, for his old age.

This is the proof.


I heartedly gave it back, because I knew that we both really needed money from each other, for our families, by collecting it, little by little. for days, weeks and months, then I return it.

because from the start, I really wanted to create the Social Media Platform, my workplace, as well as @xpilar. so I always try to be active, even though it's cheap, to display all of my images and art, with my own Image Metadata, on Steemit.

Building a Steem House "Year 2018"

Steem House

The first week of 2019, I got a question, from @xpilar, what I did, with the results of Steem and Sbd that I got so far, I immediately answered, I wanted to make the Steem House in Aceh, for my family, which was stopped due to the Conflict of War .

I explained to @xpilar, at a glance the conflict that I experienced, and Aceh. Prolonged conflict between INDONESIA and ACEH, because ACEH, wants to separate from the State of Indonesia, moreover I have become one of the abductees, during the conflict, because I had taken up arms, fought together, with the people of Aceh, who were joined under the Free Aceh Movement , to separate Aceh, from the State of Indonesia. Now, the State of Indonesia, has lived and peace with the people of Aceh.

As a result of this conflict, as a devastated community, it is very difficult to get money from work, whatever you want to do. So, many people in Aceh, looking for other alternatives, to join the media, one of them is

Answer @xpilar.

@xpilar will help, vote on each of my posts, until it reaches the cost figure, which I need, to build a house on the land. When I read the @xpilar answer, a few hours after that, the happiness that I felt, exploded instantly, in a coffee shop.

Internet. Posts and Contests

Hearing @xpilar's answer, I keep making posts, and play in contests, which are made every day by @xpilar, until I get a bonus fee, from @xpilar, for being together, answering and voting on every contest post and comment , and other posts, namely the cost of installing the Internet at Steem's home.
Here is the picture "




in order to stay active, While building a house, I continued to do my activities, making posts, with pictures of insects, columnists and birds. around the forest, in the area of the Steem house that I built. this is how @xpilar supports me and other friends in the community.

Initial Sketch

I gave the initial sketch, which I built, to @xpilar, like the picture below, SBD AND STEEM, I immediately withdrew it and I sold it in the market, with the results of Steem's sales, I showed it again to @xpilar, after I bought materials to build a house , like the picture

Building Materials I bought for the whole

















Homework begins

after getting the building materials that I need, then I immediately build a house, immediately. by contacting several construction workers, whom I paid with money, from the sale of STEEM AND SBD.

Like the order in the picture below.





The work of making the floor of a house





The floor and room are finished





Front workmanship





Work on the inside roof

20180304_153225 - Copy.jpg


20180304_153153 - Copy.jpg


Ceramic floor workmanship


20180305_104446 - Copy.jpg

20180305_104512 - Copy.jpg






The front is almost done


Door, window and mounting measurements











Door, window and mounting measurements









Making Floor and Kitchen










Moving to a new house steem

after the house was ready to be made, my heart pounded, followed by a sense of pleasure, which I had never thought of before, until I was able to make a house, with STEEM and SBD, which I sold in the market.

rushed to pack everything, household appliances, at home before, using the sand lift car.





PDAM water installation

because of water shortages, in this area, I installed a water pipe, which I had to rent, every month until now. from the government, because of difficulties, get water from the ground.









Purchase furniture, mattresses and cabinets for children

after collecting STEEM and SBD, I sold again to the market, to buy some home appliances, in addition to the results of my last post, "house steem". some prizes were also presented by several large and small groups, they were in my memory from the past, who are they, you can see them here: supporters











the next day .....

We have lived in Steem House, the days went tirelessly, my journey in the Steem community until now, my whole family and my child, enjoying life in a new home, which I really want to sell STEEM and SBD, without doing Power Down.

the following day, my children have grown up in this house, for example:

  • school
  • players
  • spend time playing with friends
  • clean the yard
  • take care of the park
  • etc

until the whole community and village apparatus, have found out, I built this house, at the cost I got from, has money, after joining the Flatform Steem blockchain community.

Happiness for my family

Indeed, I have been happy now with my family, because I already have a house, living expenses, from the results I get, until now. from each of my scraping payments.

Hope for the future in Steem Flatform

Happiness, Desire, togetherness, help to Steemians Aceh and Indonesia, so that they have a Steem House in Aceh and Indonesia.

For the future, as long as I still have a long life, I really hope that, to be able to help, friends from all countries who are members of the Community, can earn more, from the results of their posts, to save them, so they can make a Steem House next. wherever they are.

It is the same with Aceh and Indonesian Steemians, but, my Steem Power is not enough, to vote, bigger, every day, with the hope that they will have money and a steem house, like me, in the long future. with the full support of a group of Norwegian citizens, surely this will be done, with certainty, as I feel, can have a steem house to: 2, in Aceh and Indonesia.

Steem House

If I have done this, then I can only feel happiness together, with Aceh's steemians, by having a steem house, one steemian, one house, for future policy, which is still long, in this community. if I have my own STEEM Strength. "Wait and be patient"

Memories of Together

I deliberately wrote this all, to remember, what I have done, together in the community, so that it can be remembered by my children and grandchildren in the future, the history of this Steem House, surely cannot be erased just like that, in their memories.

Likewise, @xpilar, which has an old age, with memories and history, has fully supported, its establishment upright and sturdy, a Steem house, thanks to its encouragement and support, to me, to be more diligent and enterprising, in establishing good cooperation, between communities.

the memories of being together, surely we will never forget, to achieve the dream of success, in community, even though I have a lot of bitter, happy and difficult experiences, it is only memories, which can make me, work and make posts, even better in the future.

Change Logo on the House wall

because the logo above, it's been a long time, with the intention to make it better, I renewed it, by adding a few appearances to the picture, on this birthday Steem Blockchain.


Old Logo


Logo after Change

Thank You To

To the Contest Holder
To All Communities
To all Steemians

I thank all of you, who have seen and read, in my blog post, hopefully it will be useful, when joining the community.

I end with the words, greetings @sultan-aceh

Information - Challenge - Contest and Community Steem

This post is to join in the challeng. If you wnt to join Read this post here to get more information
This challenge started from the account @enmovimiento with the aim of celebrating the four years of Steem Blockchain, if you want to know more about this challenge enter the post RETO MUNDIAL CUARTO ANIVERSARIO DE STEEM BLOCKCHAIN



 4 years ago 

Hi @sultan-aceh

It is a pleasure to read your post.

Those who read it will understand that it is possible to make dreams come true when they do not give it up. But it takes patience and hard work over time. You are proof of that in STEEM BLOCKCCHAIN.

I know that you have more goals you want to reach for the children in Aceh that we have talked about in the past and with time it will also be possible.

Thanks for all the photos you share with us from the house. The new logo was great. Not many people have such a great logo on their wall.

I encourage everyone to Re-Steemed the post so that as many as possible can read it and leave a comment here

takk @xpilar

Intent and purpose, so that friends, can think, collect from small to large numbers, and get support, surely they will feel like me, for STEEM's long future.

by being active every day, this will be the start of success for new users.

thank you back to you, who have supported me all this time, so going forward, I will, provide support for all, with you of course. and a team from Norway.

a logo might be very meaningful, for the house that I have built, and it will be a memory, a memory for my grandchildren @xpilar

 4 years ago 

a logo might be very meaningful, for the house that I have built, and it will be a memory, a memory for my grandchildren

Yes, it will be

takk @xpilar

 4 years ago 

That's such a wonderful and inspiring story of your's.
Your Home looks wonderful and I am sure you feel so much pride in making it all by yourself.
Wish you all the very best and loads of happiness and success always

Hi @nainaztengra
I'm sorry, late reply to you

thank you for coming commenting.
That's right ... I'm proud, after occupying this house in a few years, and this will be a memory for all and my family

the same greeting for you too,
We wish you all the best and there is always happiness and success, and always be healthy there with your family

regards @sultan-aceh

Please join us for a new Witness Forum so we can all work together for a better steem.

Thanks for your comment @greenhouseradio
thank you also for your invitation in the witness forum.
in order to work together for a better steem

Regards @sultan-aceh

 4 years ago (edited)

Saya sedih dan terharu saat membaca kisah perjuangan dari pertama @sultan-aceh mengenal Steemit. Mungkin lebih berat dari saya, karena saya belum berkeluarga, sedangkan @sultan-aceh pada saat itu sudah berkeluarga dan otomatis membutuhkan biaya lebih tinggi, karena harus membiaya keluarga. Tapi sekarang sudah membuahkan
hasil yang positif dari perjuangannya di Steemit. Kalau
dulunya berkebun jeruk, mungkin sekarang sudah bisa sambil ngopi meraup rupiah dari membuat postingan di Steemit

Semangat pantang menyerahnya patut saya tiru, ini luar biasa, sangat menginspirasi saya dari kisah rakan ber steemit.

Dan saya sangat terkesan dengan bangunan rumah steemnya, semua tersaji dari gambar yang rakan tampilkan. Mulai dari tahap pengerjaan paling awal, hingga selesai. Dengan menggunakan biaya anda sendiri dari hasil SBD, dan Steem. Bangunannya tampak mewah, dan nyaman.

Amazing, cerita rakan memotivasi banyak orang 👍👍👍

thank you for your comment @midiagam

family is a place where we reflect to do our best, so that our children and families, can understand the meaning of a father and mother, raise them, not only feed, but must provide a home for shelter, education, so that they can be independent, when we cannot see this beautiful world again.

one job, we can not rely on if our conditions, are on the verge of bottoming, other solutions, seek and continue to look for a way out, so that we remain number one, to stay afloat with family.

regard @sultan-aceh

Setelah membaca balasan komentar nya, saya dapat mengambil kesimpulan, @sultan-aceh adalah figur seorang ayah yang baik, saya juga dapat pelajaran berharga hari ini sebelum memutuskan untuk menjadi seorang ayah.

Betul seperti yang di sampaikan tadi, menjadi ayah, tak hanya bertanggung jawab memberi makan 😊😊😊

thank you so much @midiagam
glad to hear

Sama-sama rakan 😊

Selamat beristirahat.

This publication is quite a documentary, worthy of a movie.
Thank you for such a beautiful job, only blessings to you and your home.
I work hard but with love. Stay protected and healthy.

Thanks for your comment @mariita52

a love will be very meaningful, as it goes on, in a difficult time, can be together, to have a house, still remain together, for the sake of the baby "beloved children"

good luck to you there too @mariita52

regard @sultan-aceh

Wow what a beautiful post, loaded with good vibes and you are the example that when you want you can.
Your house is beautiful, I cannot imagine the happiness of your achievement, of having your house.
You are blessed to have had a great friend and support as @xpilar.
I support my family, my parents and some medical expenses to have a child with my earnings in steem, but you are an example of everything powerful and wonderful that we can get from this community.
Greetings and blessings!!

Hi @anasuleidy

thank you for commenting
glad to hear from you.
we will all get it the same here, because there are other needs, which we really need, then ... pause for a moment, in thinking of a house, be patient .. the future is still long.
You will definitely have a house, in the future of course.

follow this challenge, read the open invitation section above. Good luck

regards @sultan-aceh

Yes, participate, and it was because of your great post, great story, I lived it when reading it ... Sorry I mentioned you and added a link to your post ... I want many more to be inspired by you !!

 4 years ago (edited)

Happy anniversary of steem blockchain.

You provide great details of the steem house.
Have a nice day sir

thank you so much @nevlu123
the same greeting to you @nevlu123

thank you again @nevlu123

luar biasa bang @sultan-aceh, selamat 4 tahun bagi kita semua di steem blockchain :D

Terima kasih @levycore

Terima kasih telah berkomentar
senang mendengarnya
untuk menggucapkan selamat hari ulang tahun Steem Blockchain KE 4

salam @sultan-aceh

Remember this post ?

My first vote from @xpilar, and the first time meet you and know you :D

I will make a great post too in journey of 4t steemit ..

glad to hear @dilimunanzar

yeah right ... you remember it
make a post about it immediately ok

if you are interested, please make a post in our community WORLD OF XPILAR , ok

my pleasure...Ok let's see my story too, tonight..

 4 years ago 

Happy anniversary to us as blockchain active user/beneficiary .... This platform come to stay and benefit us... More Success to this great platform.

how are you my friend..

nice post..


thank you @davidad
the same greeting to you there

my news, fine in Aceh
how about you in the country Nigeria
is your family doing well?

 4 years ago 

everyone doing great.. this outbreak "Virus" hard everyone bad eish...

hope your area is spare

nei @davidad

have to run, to a coffee shop, while making a post
just a few after posting, go straight home

me..choose a few quiet stalls, if you choose a busy stall, then with a flash, there will be a fitter, driving away visitors ....

must get internet
to make a post, if there is no internet
I can't get money

I am ready to accept, at any risk,
do not want, children and families, starving at home @davidad

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