Green House Radio Online Steem Witness Forum


As many people are trying to find their way in the wake of the recent split of the steem community, we would love to be involved in helping to form working relationships with those willing. More than a handful of members of the Canna community are now active witnesses in hopes to help stabilize the steem blockchain.

With fewer block producing active witnesses the system and the extensions of are having problems working. Missing blocks and stale space holders are slowly creating a sinking and failed feeling. In true Steemer fashion there are still many here looking to rally and support the future of this brand and investments made.

In previous times, there where other places who had a witness forum where people had a chance to hear from and voice their minds to those participating. I think that us at Green House Radio Online are fully qualified and motivated to take that vacant place. We are made up of die-hard steem lovers who have spent years trying to promote and support many steem users and communities.

ALL can be assured we will uphold a strict code of RESPECT

We will do all we can to offer a respectful and equal opportunity to any and all witnesses and steem users to join us in a round table style conversation. This is not a place to air hate speech, useless negativity or endless rhetoric. We are looking to be involved with the 'rebuilding' of steem into a place where we once again feel we can call our home. A place we are proud to share with the world.
We want to #SteemOn


Every Monday at 7PM PST we will be gathering in the GREEN HOUSE RADIO ONLINE voice room within the Canna Curate discord server. Please come and help us to forge a better steem! We want to hear from all!



Thank you for organising the Steem Witness Forum.

The Steemit Team

Steem is our home, we are in it for the long haul:

Me too...

Excellent, thank you.

Great news! Thanks for supporting Greenhouse Radio!

Thank You for noticing. Hope to see you there.

We'll be there!

Hope to see our other awesome witnesses there.

Can’t wait to get some communication going, and moving forward in a positive direction!

Following you on discord. Thanks for reaching out.

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