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The True Story of Steemians Steem - Steemit


@tailah.bayu - Mother and her family

The True Story of Steemians Steem - Steemit

A Senior Steemians Dr. Great Success @dobartim, recently revealed the story of the fate of a Steemians Steemit person, who does not yet have a home, for a place that deserves to be occupied. It has long been a mystery about who the Steemians were and made many members of the World Of Xpilar Community of aceh-team @sultan-aceh curious.

As I can see, I believe that all this time, in the Steem family, there are a lot of caring and good deeds for everyone, such as those of @dobartim and @xpilar, and the support of #promosteem @stephenkendal, to be done in the real world.

after agreeing between dobartim and xpilar, to trace this truth, I @sultan-aceh formed a Home Survey Team that went to a location agreed upon by the two Community Leaders Steem Schools @dobartim and World Of Xpilar @xpilar Community, we went and we were there , when the owner of this uninhabitable house, fell asleep. finally revealed, he is @tailah.bayu.


The story of the fate of a Steemians, has long been hidden, who aspires to give the best to his family, father and mother.

In this House Survey Team, we met a Steemians who had come to Steemit on December 2019 and created an account in 2019, a photographer and writer who, in fact, has an account name @tailah.bayu.

As a Steemians at Steemit, she tells everything she has been through, in the real world or in the online world while posting on her blog about Posts, pictures and searching for pictures. in sharing stories in his stories about what he experiences every day.

I @sultan-aceh continued with a glimpse of his hopes and goals for the future, hoping sincerely that what he wanted to achieve could be felt by his family, like a decent life, to have a place to live in his house.

@tailah.bayu, it turned out to be a single husband, who had to cover all expenses and necessities for his family and younger siblings. such as buying basic necessities, supporting their younger siblings to go to school, in their homes. @tailah.bayu, now he lives with his father, mother, wife and two younger siblings in this house.


Overview About @tailahbayu and Family

  • @tailah.bayu
    tailah.bayu is a man who was married a few months ago, to be precise at his parents' house in the picture below, as a head of the family, has a big responsibility, helps others get money, this is what he does by @tailah.bayu, helps sell, pick up and deliver drinking water orders, to place orders, which are directed by the owner of this drinking water business.

other results obtained, namely the results of his blog posts on the steem blockchain platform, namely steemit, for several years it has been active until now, for the needs of his blog posts, he is always looking for, in his spare time, before he leaves for the city of lhokseumawe, to fulfill other obligations, as the Steemians in Steemit to be more active.

@tailah.bayu bayu turns out to have private land, which he owns, due to limited costs, his dream is always delayed, to build a house in his land, "the experience of @sultan-aceh, as I also had before". in all the efforts he has done, because of his high enthusiasm for work, this is what makes him survive in this very simple place.

until finally, in the last two days, @tailah. bayu has become a member of the aceh-team, which is in the World Of Xpilar Community

  • Daddy @tailah.bayu
    father @tailah.bayu is a sailor, now he cannot work normally, because of the tragedy that befell the father of @tailah.bayu, an accident occurred while driving a motorbike.

  • Mother @tailah.bayu
    Mother @tailah.bayu is a mother, who only uses her job, as a betel nut picker, someone else's garden, who will be paid, according to the amount of betel nut collection under the tree.

After hearing the explanation of the story of an @tailah.bayu, with tears in his breath and tears, while listening to the story from @tailah.bayu, I and the team survey home , immediately took Photo Documentation, which would be initial evidence, for me to show to all users on the steemit platform, so they can both pause their work wherever you are, to see the real conditions experienced by these Steem users, to help each other ease the heavy burden experienced by @tailah.bayu.

What is the real situation experienced by @ tailah.bayu, let's look at it below :




Above a simple terrace, that's how I see with @sultan-aceh, @tailah.bayu and @jasonmunapasee, discussing all that has been experienced so far by @tailah.bayu.

sadness that we cannot contain and endure, below, the whole picture that we get step by step, over time and prayers spoken in our hearts, while seeing the story that has long been buried by @tailah.bayu and family.

take your time all for a moment, to see the whole picture below, because we are all the same, living between the love and affection of fellow human beings.


Front image of the house


Right side image of the house


Image behind the house


Left side image of the house


Supporting image


Supporting image


Supporting image


Supporting image

below, we will see together again, the real condition of the roof of the house that has been damaged. If the rainy season, what kind of condition our brother is, is very difficult for us to imagine, only our help is expected now.

let's take a look at it below :





After together we see the condition of the picture outside the house, now we will see the conditions inside the house, with my heart beating as if seeing another world that I have not known so far, it turns out ... there are still my brothers who still want to do their best for his family.


Pictures of conditions in the house

My heart and mind have been carried away in this real situation, in front of my eyes, felt by the movement of my pulse while in this very and very simple house.


Pictures of conditions in the house

my fingers, as if they don't want to take pictures anymore, but this fact, will be the beginning of beautiful dreams for all users on the steem and steemit platform, the desires and goals in good and together community, now ... let's open the door to the heart. us, to be able to see for a moment, what has been experienced by our saurara @tailah.bayu.


Pictures of conditions in the house

my toes and feet stopped, when the whole of my eyes, which saw the real, the condition in the house, which had been occupied for a long time, by this user and his family.


Pictures of conditions in the house

look at the floor of the house and the roof of this house, whether it is suitable to be occupied, by a person who really loves his wife and family.


Pictures of conditions in the house

Moreover, the viewpoint of the house in the picture below, people who have wealth often see the roof of the house, but what this steem user feels, is the sky and the morning sun, penetrating the roof of their house, illuminating the entire contents of the in house.


Pictures of conditions in the house


Additional pictures of conditions in the in house


Additional pictures of conditions in the in house


After we conducted the 1st Survey, and provided a written report to the Leaders of the two communities @dobartim and @xpilar, my friends and I who are members of the World Of Xpilar Community, continued the task the next day, at different times and hours, the 2nd Survey This, we continue, to place their private land, in order to be clearer about the existence of their land.

let's take a look at the place and location of the land owned @ tailah.bayu.

New Privately Owned Land Survey


as you can see the picture above and below, is the initial condition of @tailah.bayu's secure position. before cleaning, there were still bushes that were overgrown with weeds.

New Privately Owned Land 1

we do it together with the @tailah.bayu family. with great enthusiasm, @tailah.bayu. shows the location of the land they currently own.


New Privately Owned Land 2


New Privately Owned Land 3


New Privately Owned Land 4


New Privately Owned Land 5

we all came back again, to the house @tailah.bayu, after taking a short break. and go straight home. because I have to rest.


@tailah.bayu and family, discussing land clearing issues, together with their families.

and the next day, me and @jasonmunapasee, returned to the land position, and apparently, the location of the house had been cleaned by their family.

In this documentation, you can see @jasonmunapasee represented in the picture with @tailah.bayu, holding the paper in hand.

let's see the image below :




1 Street


2 Street


3 Street


New Home Location


New Home Location


New Home Location


New Home Location


New Home Location

After seeing the whole picture, we all went home, waiting for the next good decision, and did our work as usual.

Survey Conclusion


Survey Conclusion 1

The condition of the old house is no longer suitable for use due to several reasons, such as:

  • the house is not suitable for use anymore.
  • The wood is rotten
  • the strength of wood is very old

to avoid things we don't want to happen, for example:

  • the house is not suitable for use anymore.
  • earthquake and tornado
  • easy to collapse if blown by strong winds
  • The house hold is very old.

In the assessment of the condition of the house that has been carried out for two consecutive days, the answer is that it is unfit for habitation.

other things to consider in planning this home rehabilitation are:

  • This house doesn't deserve to be renovated anymore.
  • the risk of the safety of the victim in the event of a disaster.

Survey Conclusion 2


The cost of house rehabilitation, better and wisely transferred to their own land, to build a house, to consider and think about the future of the family of @tailah.bayu users.

Requesting assistance from:

Hopefully this project submission will receive support from all parties.

100% of the voting results in this post will be given to @tailah.bayu and @tailah.bayu, will use it for the cost of building houses.

The final conclusion of this post is for our brother @tailah.bayu to get a decent house for his family.

Hopefully what I convey on behalf of all Steem and Steemit users will come true. wherever in the world someone needs help, the Steem family is one in my heart.

I am @sultan-aceh and a member of the Aceh-Team, World Of Xpilar Community, will arrange direct support in the field and will make cost documentation about everything, and will be published in each special post.

Donation List

List- Name Days 1STEEMSBD
1. @xpilar-25
2. @dobartim100-
3. @stephenkendal100-
4. @italygame100-
5. @art-venture - @stef1 and @myskye100-
6. @adeljose-7
7. @vipnata20-
8. @worldofxpilar-1.433
9. @jasonmunapasee-3
10. @digitals-photo-2
11. @digitals-world51
12. @adi.pisces-2
13. @grisaia-steem-2
14. @ummamah-2
15. @umar-k10-
16. @rafka90-2
17. @partner-macro-2
18. @doodleman3.486-
19. @belkanca-5.066
20. @ammacrophoto-2
21. @lensa-macro-2
22. @sa1photography-1
23. @adivender-1
23. @lensaphoto-1
24. @sultan-aceh-10

List- Name Days 2STEEMSBD
1. @hingsten154-
2. @reflektor-10
3. @bigpower-10
4. @bippe-10

Note :
Donations can be sent to the wallet @sultan-aceh address, and will be sent directly to @taillah.bayu and family.


1Responsible Fields@sultan-aceh
2Treasurer for Development@jasonmunapasee
3Checking Assistance Fund Transactions@grisaia-steem
4Field Inspectors@digitals-photo
5Information and Documentation@adi.pisces
6Implementation withMembers Aceh-Team

Development Information

LocationCot Murbo 1 - Kecamatan Kuta Makmur - Aceh Utara
Support@dobartim - @stephenkendal @xpilar and Team Norway
SurveiCommunity @worldofxpilar - @aceh-team and @sultan-aceh



I came here because of @xpilar. Solid upvote to show my support on the way :)

have a great weekend,

hi @crypto.piotr

thank you for your support
nice to hear, supported this and you were told by @xpilar :)
Have a nice weekend too, @crypto.piotr

 2 years ago 

3-4 years ago, it was also your dream @sultan-aceh to have your own house for you and your family. When steemians have big hearts and can help others, dreams will come true. This time it is you who helps another to make a dream come true.
This dream of a new house for your friend @tailah.bayu will come true, though it may take some time.
Now all steemians can show their heart and contribute a little from themselves

3-4 years ago, yes @xpilar
sad accompanied by a sense of happiness and joy to remember
Family is everything, Steem - Steemit is part of real life now


 2 years ago 

Great Project.

Put me down for a 100 #Steem pledge and I will send it over to your wallet in the morning.


 2 years ago 

Thank you for great support like real leader

thank you so much @stephenkendal
appreciate your help and thank you for your comments

 2 years ago 

Good luck with your "Vote for Home" Project.

Awesome job.

Steemit Steem Blog.jpg

Hi @sultan-aceh, congratulations...great initiative and great heart 👏
I know @dobartim and he talked very highly of you to me.

I immediately supported with pleasure this post with my trail and furthermore the @italygame witness Team is glad to contribute to the project giving 100 Steem.

I hope that together we will make it.

Good luck 🤞

thank you so much @girolamomarotta

I immediately supported with pleasure this post with my trail and furthermore the @italygame witness Team is glad to contribute to the project giving 100 Steem.
I hope that together we will make it.

thank you for the next support
have put it in the list above "100 Steem"

Good luck for you to Girolamo🤞

 2 years ago 

Bravo my dear friend and all Italians

@sultan-aceh, this is really good of you. I don't know that Steemit family can be like this. And @xpilar for having such a community that cherish the well being of other Steemians, you are really a good man💙.
@dobartim @stephenkendal @jasonmunapasee @digitals-photo, you people deserves an accolade. Thank you😊

@steemitblog @steemitcurator01 @jondoe @upvu @axeman @enki @xeldal @nutbox.mine @girolamomarotta, I believe in what you people can do. Please let's help @taillah.bayu and his family.

hi @francis-duruji

sorry I was late to reply
Thank you for your attention, to our Steemians in aceh.
this is the real situation, although it is only now seen, only time has now answered it. help @taillah.bayu and his family.

thank you for your attention
hilsen @sultan-aceh

Okay, thank you.

Hi @sultan-aceh, we have donated 100 Steem, cheers @stef1 and @myskye for this initiative :)

hi @art-venture

I have included it in the donation list now "5. @art-venture - @stef1 and @myskye " :)

thank you for your support. wish me good luck, in the implementation next week. :)

Great! Fingers crossed as we say here :)

 2 years ago 

Its so sadden to read this story, however a change has comes which is my believe, this dream will be fulfill but you know its takes times, I will suggest that you post about this project to the Steemians maybe every week at least to raise some little funds in order to support this man.

You are doing a very great work, and that is what leaders are meant to do, keep the good spirit I believe it will definitely come to true and Steemit will continue to preach itself to the entire world with a massage of
"A platform that gives hopes STEEMIT"



hi @davidad

sorry I was late to reply ..hehehehe
we have been raised and taught by @xpilar
this is one dream @xpilar, happy to help.

hilsen @davidad

 2 years ago 

I am very glad, I am proud to be a Steemian, to be able to help young people have a house, thank you @ sultan-aceh for that from the bottom of my heart.

This joint commitment is steem - steemit and community, forging a friendship between mind and soul. achieve a goal of the children of the nation and region.

far and near .. rich and poor alike
they are obliged and must be considered, to get a proper place for children and their families.

It's time for all of us to be a strong Steem team together, that's what I believe, that's what we all need now. it's time to prove your word @dobartim

The future of steem - steemit users begins now, with steem - steemit users' decision, that Steem is a part of we life.

 2 years ago 

Great Words my dear friend @sultan-aceh

Thank you very much for all the help and support for me and my family, hopefully with the help of the entire Steemit Team and also brothers, wherever you are, hopefully it will be a blessing for me and my family,

And thank you very much to @sultan-aceh and @dobartim @xpilar @stephenkendal @jasonmunapasee @digitals-photo and also to the steemit @steemcurator01 team who have supported all of this,

Hopefully my and my family's dreams will come true, with the help of all of the steemian brothers ,🙏

 2 years ago (edited)

My heart is full, I'm glad I was able to help you.@xpilar, @sultana-aceh, @steemcurator01, @xeldal, @stephenkendal and many others are real Steemian, I am so proud of this movement and mutual friendship and support.

Thank you very much sir, my family and I are very grateful for all the help from you, there and also from all our brothers at Steemit,

 2 years ago 

You are welcome.

You're welcome, we are also happy to help you @tailah.bayu who we consider to be our brothers in #aceh-team.

Your welcome.
We are all very happy to help you along with other members of @aceh-team.
Keep up the spirit @tailah.bayu.

You have a huge and kind heart. Awesome post about mutual support and love for your neighbor. God bless you, @sultan-aceh!

We're happy to help, that's what @xpilar always taught me
users, it is obligatory and must be paid attention to, to get a proper place for children and their families.

It's time for all of us to be a strong Steem team together, that's what I believe, that's what we all need now. it's time to prove word @dobartim

thank you for giving your comment @vipnata

 2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I agree with you.
And I've read @dobartim's posts about you.
He writes warmly about you, appreciates you.
And after your post, I realized why.
For your kindness and concern for the fate of other people.
Your post touched me and I had lines of poetry dedicated to you and your friends. I'll publish it later @sultan-aceh

let's help together, this is a chance to do charity

Yes, of course and i want to do my donation.

 2 years ago (edited)

You are great, you are extraordinary.👍

I also want to help 😊

Thank you so much for you kind words, @midiagam

You're welcome @vipnata 👍

Greetings my friend.

I'm glad you support your friend in solving his habitability problem, it is evident the unsafe conditions in which this family lives, supporting you friend.

Hi @adeljose
thank you for your attention
we are happy to help. hope this goes according to plan
thank you for your support


Saya pikir bang @tailah.bayu tinggal di kota Lhokseumawe, dan memiliki rumah yang layak huni. Ternyata tidak, saya sangat terkejut ketika mengetahui keadaan yang
sesungguhnya. Dari kondisi rumah, ini memang sudah tak layak huni. Seandainya berita ini diposting lebih awal, saya masih punya kesempatan untuk ikut membantu dengan mengirim semua sbd saya ke wallet bg @sultan-aceh, walaupun sbd yang saya punya tidak seberapa, tapi setidaknya saya
bisa ikut bantu meringankan biaya untuk pembangunan rumah baru. Saya sungguh sangat menyesal karena telah menjual sbd saya kemarin 😞😥. Sekarang saya harus menunggu beberapa hari ke depan untuk mengumpulkan isi wallet. Insya Allah, saya ikut membantu kalau sbd nya sudah berhasil saya peroleh. Terimakasih telah berbagi informasi ini, droneuh bang memang memiliki hate yg mulia, suka membantu, dan memiliki jiwa sosial yg tinggi.

Tersentuh long wate long kalen kehidupan bg tailah bayu. Semoga semakin banyak Steemian yg trketuk hatinya untuk membantu.

terima kasih telah berkomentar @midiagam
tidak apa- apa. saya mengerti anda ... :) , senang anda telah datang berkomentar.
senang membantu .. terima kasih

 2 years ago (edited)

Sama-sama, apakah saya bisa membantu dengan cara mentransfer uang ke rekening bang @sultan-aceh, karena kalau menunggu sbd nya terkumpul, ini akan memakan waktu yang lama. saya sangat ingin sekali ikut bantu, apalagi kita sessama Aceh, sebangsa setanah air.

akan lebih baik lagi, kita serahkan langsung antara @sultan-aceh dan @midiagam, kepada @tailah.bayu.

kita jumpa lagi di original kopi.
atau kapan dan dimana ok

Long rencana jih bg neuk kirem bak rekening drnh, selanjut jih neu salurkan keu bg tailah bayu, long sebok sabe neu kira jue, jinoe
ka long banting stir kerja bak benur udang vanamei. Han leupah jak sahoe hehe

Hopefully this program can run smoothly and successfully, hopefully it can help even though it's not much.

always success for you @taillah

my warm regards @digitals-world

thank you for your attention @digitals-world

Hola como estas al leer este post se me salieron las lágrimas de ver que esta familia necesita y que hay que tener plena fe en Dios para poder ayudar a otros a que crezcan y Dios te va a bendecir enormemente por brindar esa mano amiga que ayuda con el corazón a veces no es fácil lo digo por experiencia propia pero donde uno pueda ayudar hay que hacerlo por todas aquellas personas que nos necesitan porque somos como ángeles.

thank you so much @fundacorazon
glad to hear :)

 2 years ago (edited)

@sultan-aceh and @Xpilar you really have a heart ❤️ of a leader. Congratulations @tailah-bayu for your new house.

thank you so much @ucrist ❤️
glad to hear :)

Ya Allah droneuh butoi2 manusia yang sangat peduli ke sesama. Mungken long hana ngen bantu tapi insyaallah kamo bantu ngen doa ino.. semoga allah peu mudah mandum urusan

thank you so much @
glad to hear :)

senang membantu .. semoga terlaksana dalam minggu ini.

neu pakat kuh hai bang... heh he

heheheh ... jeut bang.
kamo berangkat suboh sabe bang ...
bah meutume eh luho uro.

pajan bang na wakte.
neujak aju malam atawa suboh bak #original beuoh bang
bah tajak saban saban

 2 years ago (edited)

Siap bang...

We as players at Steemit, are very grateful for all the help from all of you, who have provided assistance to all of us

terima kasih @mitra-makro
senang mendengarnya

Its always good to help each other..thank you for sharing this..

thank you for your attention @mreasy

Gracias, esta publicación me da mucha esperanza y alegría, recibir para dar a otros.

thank you for your attention @arcturus7777

This is very touching. I wish I could also give to this course. I'm glad people are helping out. You guys are the best

thank you for your attention @zesire

You are welcome. Keep up the good work

Very happy to be a part of this community

thank you for your attention @waseem1255

Guapo que bella historia, te felicito por ayudar a estar personas a tener una mejor condición de vida, te deseo éxito en tus planes y que dios los bendiga, necesitamos más personas como ustedes en este mundo.

thank you for your attention @beidymag

I have never seen any kindness from other steemians apart from you @sultan-aceh and @xpilar.
I have always followed in your footsteps.
You've also gotten something like this from @xpilar.
But now you are doing this.
This is the most incredible thing I ever got.
Hopefully in the future we will be able to do it like this again.
Success for all.

thank you for your attention @jasonmunapasee

Your welcome @sultan-aceh.
I am very happy to be with you to help them.

 2 years ago 

The great project @sultan-aceh, semoga membawa berkah untuk semua, Aamiin!.

Thanks for your comment @adivender
thank you also for your donation

We all steemit friends are also sad when our friends have problems. Me and other steemians will definitely help as much as possible.

I hope to help even if it is not much

Warm regards @belkanca

Thanks for your comment @belkanca
thank you also for your donation

Semoga bisa jadi bermanfaat dan digunakan dengan baik sahabat mudadahan selanjutnya akan menjadi sukses

Thanks for your comment @ammacrophoto
thank you also for your donation

Semoga semuanya berjalan dengan mudah dan diperlancar Allah SWT, saya akan membantunya dengan semampu saya baik dari segi doa maupun sbd dengan semampu saya.

thank you for your attention @lensa-macro
big and small doesn't matter. we really appreciate it.

Estoy sorprendida de esta historia tan real, nos envolvemos en otras cosas que parecen importantes y preocupantes pero esto es más importante en todas partes del mundo. Es una gran labor @sultan-aceh el amor y pasión con la cual ayudas a las personas que realmente lo necesitan. Se que Dios esta mirando tu corazón y que este proyecto se hará realidad para esta familia, Se que Dios les dará su nueva casa. Cada dia puedo ver como Steemit es impresionante en la labor que realizar y el apoyo de todos. No tengo para dar pero una oración a Dios elevaré para que podamos ver las imágenes de una nueva casa y una familia feliz. Abrazos desde Venezuela!

hi @dayandre
Thank you for your prayers, to us in Aceh
hope this house will come true soon.

I hope the post will really help you @taillah.bayu to build a house. Hopefully there are no obstacles in the construction of your home. I wish you all the best.

thank you for your attention @grisaia-steem

tidak banyak yang bisa saya sampaikan, tapi besar doa kami untuk bang @tailah.bayu , semoga abang dan keluarga tetap diberikan rezeki, kelancaran dalam segala urusan . Pastinya selalu ada titik terang dalam sebuah masalah. Pasti ada pelangi setelah hujan. Semoga rezeki yang besar segera dilimpahkan agar abang dan keluarga bisa mendapatkan dan menikmati hidup yang lebih baik lagi. Saya titip doa untuk keluarga abang.

thank you for your attention @doodleman

I hope this program can run smoothly and successfully as expected

regards. @digitals-photo

thank you for your attention @digitals-photo

Pekerjaan yang sangat mulia membantu sesama,dan yang membutuhkan adalah perbuatan yang mulia, dan yang membantu semoga mendapat rahmat, dan mudah rezeki, dan sukses selalu @sultan-aceh dan @jasonmunapasee dan kawan-kawan semua amin,,, dan bagi yang tidak mampu kitabbisa membantu lewat doa, amin,

thank you for your attention @humaidi

I am very moved to see him, I will give a little of what I have, as much as I can right now , @sultan-aceh

terima kasih @adi.pisces
senang mendengarnya ... sudah memasukannya dalam daftar pemberi donasi

Sama-sama bang, perbuatan baik juga akan membuahkan hasil yang baik, semoga sukses dan semua keinginan akan tercapai

it is a very professional action for devotion and helps all people who need it wherever they are.

very enthusiastic and very happy with my Steemit family doing activities like this.

@sultan-aceh one off agen off change.

thank you for your attention @laksamana-muda

Inilah perbuatan yang sangat mulia. Bah kan dalam setiap posting saya selalu saya mengajak semua teman untuk berbuat yang bisa bermanfaat untuk pribadi dan untuk orang lain. Saya selalu mendukung perbuatan seperti ini, AMIN ya ALLAH semoga bisa tercapai bantuan nya.

thank you for your attention @lensaphoto

ya sama -sama. semoga berhasil niat bagsultan amin.

very brilliant idea bang @ sultan-aceh ... continue your struggle we are very happy ... many people need your attention;)

thank you for your attention @sa1photography

saya terharu mendengarkan cerita ini, itu beban yang sangat berat dalam hidupmu kawan, hari-hari yang kau lewati dengan kesabaran dan ketabahan sehingga kamu bisa bertahan sampai sekarang, dari kehidupan yang sulit dan rumit tetapi dirimu sendiri menunjukkan kesabaran dan ketabahan yang super..
Saya ucapkan Alhamdulillah dan terharu dengan respon dari senior kita @sultan-aceh..

thank you for your attention @rafka90

of all the things that I see and I read from the stories and pictures in this post regarding the life and family @ tailah.bayu does look very appealing and deserves to be helped. because I really know @ tailah.bayu and his family. he is also a friend of mine who is both honest and trustworthy. maybe in other ways and at other times I always want to help him. My best regards to friends @sultan-aceh, @jasonmunapasee, @tailah.bayu I am proud of all of you.

helping others will not make us poor because helping does not have to spend money either,with that power is quite valuable.

thank you for your attention @anwars

I am really moved to listen to this story, it is very heavy burden on your life my friend, the days you passed with patience and fortitude so that you can endure until now, your burden is very heavy carried by a husband who bears the burden of a difficult and complicated life but myself show super patience and fortitude, this is a lesson for me who used to think my burden was very heavy for me to go through...
I say Alhamdulillah and I am touched by the response from our seniors @sultan-aceh and the moderators @xpilar and also @dobartim who help to lighten the burden carried by our friends even though I personally haven't moved to help him..

thank you for your attention @umar-k

You are welcome @sultan-aceh...
with me, there is a little help even though we can't handle the burden that our friends carry, at least it can lighten the burden..
my gift yesterday, some of which I will dedicate to our friends...

Hola como estas, me encanto leer este post y ver personas como tu de gran corazón que quiere ayudar a otras personas que lo necesitan y que el tan solo tenderles esa mano amiga se que Dios te llenara de muchas bendiciones y eres un ángel que el envio para brindar apoyo a esas personas.

thank you for your attention @rosanita

Im so touched with their story, May the almighty continue to bless the family and those people who helped to make this in reality.Hoping by re steeming this post will help too.

thank you for your attention @reginecruz

Amigo @sultan-aceh, muchas bendiciones...
las acciones hechas con el corazón, están ligadas a una recompensa infinita...
Nunca falte amor en su entorno.

thank you for your attention @thomblanco25

Ini patut di bantu dengan cara apa pun karena sangat membutuhkan kanda tailahbayu, semua sbd @sultan-aceh kalau bisa di sumbang kan kepada keluarga bg.tailahbayu

Kalau bisa ini di kasih semua untuk bg.tailahbayu

Kalau sudah klaim semua, langsung posting Kesemua posting, semoga @sultan-aceh memberikan sbd nya selama ini kepada tailahbayu, terimakasih banyak kepada Anda.

thank you so much @pahlawan-aceh


Note :
Donations can be sent to the wallet @sultan-aceh address, and will be sent directly to @taillah.bayu and family.

Donasi bisa dikirim ke alamat wallet @ sultan-aceh , dan akan dikirim langsung ke @ taillah.bayu dan keluarga.


Sama-sama terimakasih @sultan-aceh waktu saya klaim vot saya kirim balik kepada anda
Seandainya saya di vote oleh @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 @steemcurator03 @steemcurator04 @steemcrator05 @steemcurator06 @steemcurstor07 kalau di vote 100 persen semua saya sumbangkan kepada @taillah.bayu
Dan kalau di vote komentar oleh @xpilar 100 persen waktu saya klaim langsung saya sumbangkan kepada @taillah.bayu
Tolong dengar kan saya pemilik @steemit ini saya benar-benar bukan main-main, terimakasih

I wish good fortune to this great project. I'm just a newcomer and I cannot send any steem because I don't have any.

thank you for your attention @imtherealkb
no problem, we understand too

Terimakasih banyak atas perhatian untuk teman Steemian yang belum memiliki tempat tinggal.

Dalam hal ini saya akan berbagi beberapa persen dari postingan saya untuk @tailah.bayu, semoga membantu.

Semoga @steemcurator01 dapat memberikan perhatian untuk teman Steemian kami ❤️❤️

thank you for your attention @steemadi
@steemcurator01 already providing voice support, you can see it above.

Saludos, @sultan-ace, labor digna de admirar lo que haces por estas personas, de verdad es la clase de acciones que debemos emprender mas a menudo, confio en Dios que ese proyecto de vivienda sera todo un exito.

thank you for your attention @jdavid53

Good job, Such attention is urgently needed at this time when the world has economic problems due to limited activities during the Covid-19 pandemic. I'm very sorry because I don't have the capability yet to participate in donating. However, I am very morally supportive of the efforts that are taking place here. Hopefully this activity does not stop here and for those who make donations hopefully they will have more fortune and always given health by the One God.

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