WOX Community highlight N3: 5 users who are in #club100!

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Hello my dear Steemians,


After having a small break in posting we are back and we would like to bring a new list of users from "World of Xpilar" Community who are Powering Up.

We have noticed that many users in WOX are not been noticed by @steemcurator01, I do not know the reason why, because there are many who are Powering Up their all Payout and they are eligible for being a part of #club100 and also to be supported accordingly

Luckily using the opportunity of @booming curation we are submitting them for booming support but if you compare that booming will give them only 20% which is $7-$10 depending on the Upvote Power of course it is much less than SC01 and many user may get disappointed and stop Powering Up.

If you remember that was stated in @steemitblog post and this is what many of user in WOX do not see:


That is the reason why we decided to highlight the users once again and hope that they will be rewarded.


WOX users for #club5050 / #club100 Support



This is a user who now constantly Powering up. We mentioned before that Ron is a Professional Artist and here is his latest post about the current gallery that is running:






This user is an active WOX user who is Powering up all the Payout:






New user who started in October 2021 and all the payout are sent for Power Up:






@leveuf is a Moderator of WOX and a teacher who does a lot for community but busy with his students too. He is supporting the idea of Power Up:






This is a new user whose posts are set up to 100% Power Up but the same time she is Powering up all the Steem that she won from other contests



We love all initiative that leads to stronger Steem Power Up by @stef1





@stef1 and @myskye



Trenner groß.png


CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




Trenner groß.png



 2 months ago 

Вообще, понять бы причину столь прохладного отношения к себе в частности и к сообществу в целом. Это конечно весьма разочаровывает :-(

 2 months ago 

Кто его знает какие мысли у тех кто владеет всеми ключами и куда это все ведет.

 2 months ago 

Да, никто, но очень хочется узнать)

I'm not too disappointed not to be supported by SCO1, at least I can be proud of myself to be able to go this far in doing Power Ups. Only 25 more Steem, the 1000 SP target has been achieved, even exceeding the target because of my prediction at the end of November. I stopped Power Up temporarily due to financial problems and had to sell some SBD for a very urgent need. Thanks @stef1 for caring about us. 🖤🙏

You need to put the #club5050 tag in the first 4 tags otherwise it doesn't get picked up.

Ok, thank you sir!.

 2 months ago 

It is frustrating when people follow the rules and try their best and not appreciated. We all know we have to work hard to harvest something. That is why I do not play lottery because the chances to win are very low. I would better work hard and get what I earned instead. I hope you will be able to support your family and hope that Steem will go up again to make it easy for all the Steemians to enjoy it :)

Thank you so much @stef1!. 🙏

 2 months ago 

Thank you very much @stef1 for the excellent mention and support you give us. Yes, I want to build my power to be as influential as possible in this community and to share votes with more cents to people who deserve it.

 2 months ago 

You are welcome, it was nice to highlight you and I really hope that the post will be seen and the users will get a surprise visit :)

 2 months ago 

Hola @stef1,
Muchas gracias, ya fui visitada 😄
Me preguntaba si era por usar el #club100 que acabo de empezar a colocar 😅 agradezco tu mención. Es todo un trabajo revisar las billeteras, gracias por estar pendiente 👍 👏👏👏
Saludos 😊

 2 months ago 

You are welcome and glad to have you in Power Up camp :)

 2 months ago 


 2 months ago 

Thank you!
I’ll probably Power Up for the next year or so. Why not? It feels better than “cash in hand”, and doing so seems to bring Steemit some cheer. I have shelter, food, clothing, fuel, and an Internet connection to help wrestle and pin down ennui.
I am fortunate and happy to contribute:)

Have a Happy #club100 Day 😀

Thank you for the posts.

Do remind people to put the #club5050, #club100 tags in the first 4 tags so we can pick them up more easily.

Also encourage people to use their 10 daily votes on other members of the community.

Hi @steemcurator01, I was wondering if the Steemit Team is aware about the problem on Steemit. When we created a post, it is not visible at all, like never created but we can see everything in Steemworld. @steemchiller is there anything that you are aware can improve the situation?

Here is hte link, but when I click it is saying that page is not found:


Hi, there were some issues with the Steemit nodes since the newsletter was sent out and they needed to balance the load further by spreading requests to 3 additional servers. In summary, it was all working correctly, but the data on steemit.com was out of sync by seconds/minutes from blockchain level. As far as I know, it should all be back to normal soon ;)

I really agree with what is in your post, until the day I on behalf of the @elrazi account never received attention from Steemcurator01 starting from the first post to posting a few days, for some reason and what's wrong with me until Steemcurator01 never visited the blog I.

And I'm just proud of the results there are to do power ups. this is very hard to improve the quality of my Steem Power.

Thank you @stef1 for conveying our aspirations. thank you very much.


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