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Week 06

Another week of activities in the World of Xpilar, and this is special because I'm resuming the selection after two complex weeks in which I'd can't be more active on Steemit. First we are on the road with a theater production which has presentations in some cities in the Southwest of México. Even when the trip is going well, I had troubles with my laptop and needed to enter the workshop. But now it's fine, and I'm ready to resume this selection, even visiting those post that I missed on this absence. Here I share a little glance at the theater production that we are presenting, if you want to take a look:

"Dos de Tres caídas", Bitácora de viaje (esp/eng)

Also on the last week, there was an interesting discussion about the possible developments much required on Steemit, on the post of @Xpilar you can find many ideas and proposals that are worth reviewing and find ways to make them come to reality. Also, @Romanie organized an awesome literary contest, promoting creativity and inspiration for all the members on the WOX community. Here you can check all the participations:

What would you have done if you were Justin Sun and the owner of Steemit Inc...

ROMANIE´s world and WOX - Literary Contest / Concurso Literario...

I often think that the time in Steemit runs so fast. so I hope to get the good pace again and don't miss any of the news! And well without further ado, here is the selection for this week.

About this selection

I will be making a selection of three posts from community members that I visited during the week and whose quality and content have seemed outstanding to me, increasing a little more the rewards they have achieved for their exceptional work.

The goal is that part of the rewards of this post go to three authors weekly by receiving a percentage of the rewards (20% each one) as beneficiaries, in addition, this showcase of their work can also serve as a stimulus to invite more people to support these publications with votes and/or good comments and maybe give the authors a follow.

The works selected each week are according to my personal criteria on quality and individual expression. I will try at all times to maintain the variety of the authors, themes, means of expression and personal style.

I hope this initiative is a boost to the amazing creators who share their talents in the World of Xpilar Community.

The posts selected this week are the following:

Rewards (atm)
Drawing: The daughters of the Sun and the Moon. 🌞🌙

A drawing of two sisters that will live a cosmic adventure for finally take their place and light on our sky.
Drawing A Portrait (669)

One of the most talented artists in the WOX community. He presents day by day his awesome work. Here, a new portrait.
Old Pocket Watch / Viejo Reloj de Bolsillo

A descriptive guide through the creation process of a surrealistic old pocket watch.

I invite you to visit these authors, taking into consideration that some of these posts may have been paid out, but you can always show your support on more recent posts.
I hope you've liked this Selection of the week.

Last week's selected authors received their rewards, as shown next:


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Voting for me: type in xpilar.witness and click VOTE




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#club5050 😀

 3 years ago 

It took me a while, but here I am much grateful for your great support for this post and initiative. Thanks also for promoting the good authors sharing on the #club5050!!
The best winds for all the projects on the Steemit Team!

You post is nominated for „Wold of xpilar“ Community Support Program, @booming account upvote. Only the posts that are not cross posted, original and posted from community page are eligible. If your post gets approval, then you get upvote within few days. Good luck!

 3 years ago 

A little late, but I'm here to thank you for your support and nomination, @Stef1! I'm glad this initiative is finding its way on the many options to participate in the WOX!!
I send big hugs and best winds for all your projects!!

I am so pleased to see my work featured here. Thank you so much.

 3 years ago 

You were one of the first artist that I liked here in Steemit, since the old times!! Always admiring your talent and constant work!
All the best for every project, @MaxwellMarcusArt!

Thank you so much buddy. And my desire is to keep getting better and giving the best.

Wow! Muchas gracias por incluirme en tu selección, es todo un honor. Éxitos a todos los artistas! Bendiciones. 💖

 3 years ago 

Muchas felicidades a ti por ese dibujo y relato encantadores!! Que venga para ti todo lo bueno en tus proyectos!!

 3 years ago 

I´ve also been busy with this Literary Contest and feel I´ve missed a lot of content! Thank you for showing up some valuable art! Thank you for featuring the Literary Contest! Tomorrow I will post the winners! yaey!

 3 years ago 

Some periods, I wish the day have some extra hours, or maybe I have some extra battery!! :)
I'll be attending for the winners and also for the future projects!!
Abrazo grande y buenos vientos, @Romanie!!

Congratulations to all the artist chosen, I see captivating works. @leveuf thanks for the motivation al
S always

 3 years ago 

Thanks for your visit and encouragement, @Bob-Dray!! It's a pleasure to me finding to much talent here in the community!!
Best wishes for all the projects!

Congratulations to the chosen artist. your art is amazing

 3 years ago 

Thanks for your visit and encouragement for this initiative!!
Best wishes for you and yours!!

Your're welcome sir.😊🙏

what does steemauto mean, I don't understand, and what are the benefits if we enter this account,

 3 years ago (edited)

Hello, @Wienart!!
SteemAuto is a tool on the Steem blockchain. Its function is to automate some behaviors of your votes, for example, voting automatically the same posts as other user, this is known as following a curation trail, you can also automate your votes to vote on some user you like, and set a fanbase to vote on the posts those users publish. You can set a percent of your vote for each of those functions. The benefit is only to use your steem power and earn curation rewards, if you are not used to up vote manually on a daily basis. Also, you help those curation trails you are subscribed in the SteemAuto app to reward the post they curate.

Hope this helps!

 3 years ago 

Saludos amigo, hay un requisito a destacar para estar dentro de esta selección, ¿es exclusiva para dibujos? Muy acertada por cierto. ¡Bendiciones!

 3 years ago 

Hola, @AlexaRelatos!! Regularmente, (lo más que puedo ;)) visito posts durante la semana, sobre todo aquellos que no están participando en concursos. Estos pueden ser artes plásticas, fotografía, narrativa o poesía, travel-blogs, tutoriales, etc. Trato de variar lo más posible los autores cada semana. Por lo demás, busco que sea contenido original, de calidad en la expresión y ayudar un poco en las recompensas.

Ando empezando este proyecto, pero seguramente derivará en otras iniciativas relacionadas, así que cualquier idea es bienvenida.

Gracias por la visita y van buenos vientos para todos los proyectos!!

 3 years ago 

Ah... ¡Vale! Lo mío va enfocado a las letras, un híbrido entre relato y prosa. Aguna vez tuve la musa del grafito pero aún no ha vuelto. Estaré más activa y con contenido independiente (fuera de los concursos) para ser elegible en algún momento. ¡Éxitos y bendiciones!

 3 years ago 

Perfecto!! Estaré pendiente de tus relatos y también por si vuelve esa musa del dibujo!! ;)
Van abrazos grandes!!

 3 years ago 

Saludos amigo. Retribuidos ☘️🙏

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 3 years ago 

Thank you very much for your support to this initiative!!
Best wishes for all the team!!

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