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Hello my dear Steemians,


Yesterday, after reading hte multiple comments under @upvu posts I decided to write a comment, at the end when I wanted to send Steemit stopped working, that is why I thought to do it this morning. After sending my comment this morning it went but obviously the problems with Steemit were ongoing because my comment was invisible. Any fans of conspiracy theory would start to create some theories but for me it was simple. Once again it confirmed that Steemit is unstable and not working properly.

Those moments I miss "Esteem" program and community with @good-karma, their program was really great and was functioning better than any others.

Once again, it confirms that if Steemit is not working them all the users of Steemit have no other option to post.

Because of this reason I thought that I do the post-comment and share it with you. I decided to do because one of the witnesses @symbionts is downvoting @xpilar and his projects. The witnesses should be an example for others and if they downvote then it should be an explanation of reason why they do.


My Comment

Hi @upvu, @zzan.witnesses,

After reading the multiple comments regarding the latest discussion about the Witness candidates but also the conflict between the witnesses it made me to do this comment and I really hope that it will be seen, read and also that it will be some action taken considering the information that I would like to present.

First of all I want to let you know that in general the Witnesses are associated for me with the Old Witnesses of old Steemit who created their circle of their narrow friends and those who did not follow them they simply downvoted to Zero. The best example of the witch -hunt was @slowwalker. I remember many even @trafalgar needed to do what they wanted in order not to be downvoted.

That time we stand for @slowwalker me, @xpilar, @dobartim and few others who I can't recall now I remember that all of them also were downvoted because they were supporting him.

Since split of Steem, the crazy downvote game is stopped but now I see that this is back and @xpilar is again attacked. I think many things needs to be considered in this case:

  • We all know who is @xpilar, those of you who were lazy to chat with him and learn about him, here is the youtube channel with real person behind and unlike you @symbionts we do not know the face behind your account.


  • @xpilar involved the Norwegian Investors who invested their funds and they supported ordinary users none of them did not delegate for Upvote, they supported SPUD day, many other charities on Steem, as well as supporting World of Xpilar Community that has 430 active users!

  • He is running a program "Orca for 3 weeks" delegating the users 50K, who else is delegating someone 50K without asking anything for it?

  • Wox-helpfund donating regular for different project and now 350 Steem was sent to an user for recovering from Surgery. Who will give their Steem for nothing to someone?


When some action taken against anyone, it is polite to let the person know about that but also about the reason. @xpilar was excluded from Witness channel without been told. Is it a behavior of grown up adults or is it Nursery of little kids? Why not to let him know about that.

I noticed the comment from @symbionts:

All pseudo investors use this card to threaten the community, not knowing that Steem is much bigger than any of them.

And I disagree with that, if all investors will withdraw their investment and leave, then Steem will lose any value. Only WOX investors have $768,160 Steem Power that is why WOX community is still existing and the users there.

If you want to know the opinion of our users visit this tag and read the posts that users posted after initiative "I am WOX"


I would be grateful if all the Witnesses and Upvu will read my comment to have an idea that you are not only against @xpilar but you are against the whole community of World of Xpilar.

Because it is frustrating to see that the same behaviour of old users like @pfunk, @themarkymark and Co is starting here but this time with the name of @symbionts with downvoting @xpilar, which is not the behavior that we expect from Witnesses.


Thank you and would be grateful for your feedback,

Please re-steem to give more visibility.





CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




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 2 years ago 

Hi @stef1 you raised an important question

Compared to investors and witnesses, I am a small dolphin fish. But I have lived long enough to be able to compare and draw my own conclusions

@xpilar created the WOX community and launched several projects to support ordinary users and real people in real life. To expand his capabilities, he applied and became a witness.

When did dislikes appear? Some time after Xpilar got into the top 20. Since he is the administrator of the community, the dislikes are directed both at him and against WOX. So what is the real purpose of such an attack? I don't have an answer yet.

At the same time, the platform is experiencing a serious drop. As we all know, initially the platform is positioned as decentralized. Is this really the case? The question is complicated and I again have no clear answer.

Justin Sun bought it, which means the platform has an owner. But where is this master? Where is the concern about the development of the platform? What's really going on? The owner's place is empty. I see a flanking war on the part of witnesses, but I would like to see the proposal and support for new projects and initiatives. Gentlemen, the ship is sinking and it needs to be rescued. Maybe someone has a cunning plan and everything is going according to plan? And in this plan, there are danvouts and deprivation of the reputation of those who do not fit into the new model? Pure conspiracy theory?

Maybe someone can name a witness or a user who has done more than Xpilar for the platform? I don't know anyone like that. Maybe developers, but not users.

I have a bad idea of the future of Steemit, especially if it does not include WOX and its founder. I'm definitely not going to be here. My departure, of course, is a small loss, but there will be more than a dozen people like me, although that's not the point at all.

It's time to stop behind-the-scenes games and remember why there are witnesses on the platform. It's time to save the sinking ship.

It's not only xpilar fyi. He started downvoting xpilar, myself, and a few others only after he didn't like our witness votes. He decided he was going to try and intimidate users by downvoting them to try and get their witness votes changed... This should not be happening from a Top 20 witness. It's time for @upvu to no longer support symbionts as a Top 20 witness.

 2 years ago 

The same tactic as with cureangel - hi downvote me and a lot of users.

Yes, that was my first impression too.

Thank you for the mentioning, I have noticed that there were some other people among downvoted, but I never looked into details. Unfortunately, due to the lack of time and my very tight daily schedule I concentrate on WOX and our users.

But I absolutely agree with you and noticed your comment under Upvu post, I only hope that our comments will be see and will be taken into consideration.

 2 years ago 


Thank you :)

 2 years ago 

Thank you for asking the questions @stef1

I'm surprised if there are any answers from the witnesses, maybe there will be answers from some of them.

When someone can be both judge and jury at once and get others involved is not good. It's the same as lynching
it is in the broadest sense a violent execution without a statutory trial, usually carried out by a crowd, (this time it was some of the witnesses who did this)

Even though I supported another person, they have no right to do what they did to me.

When we capture users in the wox community, we first let them know that they can not post posts with pictures / texts from the internet without crediting the owner of pictures / text. If they repeat plagiarism / spam, they will be banned from wox

That I was banned from the witness channel is not because I did something wrong but that I supported another user who I thought deserved a second chance

Two of the witnesses who have downvoted me and spoken about me have offered to drive witness node for me and even woxauto.
Why do they want to do that when they are against me and they almost ruined my reputation, it's a bit late to ask for nice weather.
Unfortunately, I can not cooperate with the two witnesses
I think everyone will understand that

It is time that all parties bury the hatchet and that we all look towards the same goal, the future on steem

That is the benefit of online conversation for the people who do not answer directly and just ignore the questions. That is why we see how cybercrime is blooming and it is difficult to get the bad guys behind those nick name accounts in real life.

It is funny that no matter how old and grown up we are the opportunity of being anonymous makes many to do such things that they never would do in person face to face.

Being Witness is not only to sit and run the node 24 hours but also being present on the platform, do something for users, communicate and be active but not just sit on the peak of "Olympia" like Greek Gods and observe what the mortal human doing on the ground.

I do not know what is the future of Steem, to tell the truth we are not moving anywhere, there are no plans neither from the Steemit Team and Justin who since his first letter did not do any post on Steemit and even not mentioning Steem at all. No idea why he bought Steem.

Also nothing much we hear from the Witnesses no vision no plan , very sad!

I also wonder where Steemit is headed.
I also wonder what would drive Justin Sin to buy it, because truth be told he has done very little (almost nothing) for the platform, so far I haven't even seen him mention it in twitt to tell you the truth. Which leaves a lot to think about.
I would like to see so much power going into building Dapps, into building games on the steem Blockchain, into more things that make it attractive to investors. I think that's what it should be.
Of course, these are just loose thoughts I threw out there.

Currently it feels that we are still there where we were at the time of Split, not much is seen. I do not know if there any master plans in the background but it is not visible for the communities.

 2 years ago 

@xpilar is a very honest and loyal Steemian. Without @xpillar Steemit is not Steemit.

Yes, @xpilar is a key person who really giving everything to keep it going and inspiring the others.

hello @stef1
very sad to see and read your post comments above.
very sad to hear this news.

Indeed, I've also experienced "downvotes" by big accounts, in the past. now ... relying on their strength, arbitrarily downvote @xpilar.

@stef1 .. what is happening now is their dissatisfaction with @xpilar, the title of @symbionts a witness is a character killer on, he is envious and envious of, to steemians @xpilar and the WOX Community.

@xpilar is doing his best in steem-steemit, to aceh-indonesia steemians in particular and steemians from various countries in general, he is an envious and envious person. all supported.

@reflektor WOX out


really appreciate, steemit has indeed helped a lot to vote for the WOX Community. But ... due to the behavior of @symbionts
I got news from @reflektor, the old man who can only sit in his wheelchair, will take all his steem, out of steemit.

what I'm doing now with @xpilar, survive and continue to maintain steem users with the WOX Community and xpilar and other moderators.

Thank you @sultan-aceh for your comment and for sharing your thoughts and opinion. I remember how if the difficult time with you @xpilar has encouraged you and motivated to keep blogging. I also remember how you were downvoted by @transisto and you were going to leave Steemit, but then with the encouragement of @xpilar you are still here and we know that there are much happened in Aceh-Indonesia since.

It is important to have Investors because of them the small users are keep working. People come and go and now the time for @reflektor to leave nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.

thanks for your reply @stef1
That's the reality...@stef1

DownVote can't solve problems, in fact it can be a pacemaker, so people get scared and leave. I hope that this problem will be resolved quickly.

hope in the future, there will be good cooperation, those who have expertise in programming, can help each other for the @xpilar.

very many have grown up in steem-steemit and assisted by @xpilar, it's no secret, all steem and aceh-indonesia users.

I hope that some of my other "retired" friends, who have worked in the @xpilar, @hingsten and @bippe companies, Investors and Supporters in the WOX Community, stay on steem-steemit, to support the WOX Community and all steemit users. to the future.


Hello @stef1
I start by saying that I particularly think that what you should be looking to do is to build (a word I like).

I remember those times when downvotes were everywhere, and it was a terrible thing for the platform, with more than 4 years here on Steemit I can say it was very bad time.

If I judge Xpilar by what I see, by the community, which is one of the strongest on the platform, which is willing to support people in quite complicated situations, which delegates voting power to users, which supports so many projects on the platform, I think that's largely what those with power are expected to do, to try to build.

I'm not pointing fingers at anyone in this matter, I'm just another user in this great ocean called Steemit. Who would like to see more developed on the platform, more options for everyone, and I think that is what we should always aim for.

When @symbionts says that @xpilar should give more, then he should look at the community why it is still there because they are all supported more than 400 members, if people receive support they stay and this is a clear evidence that they feel themselves good. I do not see any other Witness who created and supported any community and its member like our Admin.


To avoid having to respond twice, you can refer to our reply for you here.

Thank you,

 2 years ago (edited)

Victor Frankenstein you make yourself a judge, your downvote has nothing to do with posts from me and anyone else earning too much.
It's now just an excuse that you will still give downvote to me and some other users.

You talk warmly about the chain and want a future for steem
How can a witness mean it when he also promotes another chain and was also a witness there


When @upvu came up with his proxy, you had to shut down your witness on Blurt in order to get a vote from @upvu.proxy
But it was not just you, there were several witnesses in the steem who ran this double game of witnessing Blurt at the same time

You are still promoting Blurt, you are giving a helping hand to Blurt users. You are not fighting for steem as a top witness should do, you are just maintaining your position and the power you have

You are a man with the word in your power and you use it to the fullest, you will probably defend this with blurt as well.
But it's time for others to see your double play as well and that you're not here just for the steem chain

You are the one who started this war and now I ask you nicely to put this battle aside. If you really care about the chain then let's look ahead to make steem big for future investors and users

 2 years ago 

It seem we are all commenting in favour of @xpilar right?

Well very correct, before you made a decree, there are something you need to do, like do the finding who the person you are about to Against is ? In life I do believe there is no perfection in Humanity we are all open to fault but I can says lot about @xpilar because of what he is and what he has been doing so far!

@xpilar is someone who support the growth of Steemit since the time I knew him, many lives were blessed through him and through him many became a big and surviving fish here on Steemit. Such individual is doing really great and deserve some respect! So far so good, many programs to grow members and to support thier dream was initated by WOX , uncountable of lives benefited from WOX heath support programs! Few to mentions, he invited people from his region "Norway" to Also joined him and invested on Steemit which I think is a very good idea and it really helps Steemit Platform to say!

If such individual made mistake or do something you don't like, that doesn't mean is a bad person, ofcourse to your own view it may not okay with his style, but to many they appreciate him! We all have diverce opinion, removing him from group witnesses chat sounds planned against him, when he's doesn't told of his offence or what he did wrong, downvoting him is an act of evil without let him know what he did wrong!

Sometimes, when you are quick to make a decision you may be wrong doing so, but there's always a flash back and re-checking when action taken.

I will like to call attention of @symbionts to please doing finding to know who really this man is.. I mean @xpilar and if there Is something wrong it should be addressed instead of taken downvote to fight or punished someone who never know his offence or wrong doing.

@stef1 thanks for calling attention of then communities to this issue!


Hi @davidad and thank you for such comprehensive response, you are also one of the oldest member of Steemit and you are among the users who also became the part of us for a long time.

It is essential to learn person before blaming and to know what the person is doing before judging him.

Sin duda nuestro amigo @xpilar ha hecho mucho por está plataforma y mucho más por nuestra comunidad, es una gran persona, ayuda a otros a crecer, ha creado grandes proyectos, nosotros creemos en él y lo apoyaremos siempre.

Steemit necesita seguir creciendo y este tipo de actitudes hacia personas que equieren el progreso de la plataforma no ayuda para nada. Aquí tenemos mucho potencial, espero podamos seguir explotandolo. Gracias por hacer está publicación.

I think the uniqueness of World of Xpilar COmmunity we are open for any user, no matter the country, no matter a language, no matter how small of big an account is. Everyone receives an equal chances.

Due to this diversity we always have such colourful and bright community and that is what I love and appreciate in @xpilar who managed to bring us all together if he decides to leave the Community will die.

That's right, that would be really sad. We will continue to support he always.

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