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RE: Open Comment to @upvu and Witnesses

in WORLD OF XPILAR2 years ago

hello @stef1
very sad to see and read your post comments above.
very sad to hear this news.

Indeed, I've also experienced "downvotes" by big accounts, in the past. now ... relying on their strength, arbitrarily downvote @xpilar.

@stef1 .. what is happening now is their dissatisfaction with @xpilar, the title of @symbionts a witness is a character killer on, he is envious and envious of, to steemians @xpilar and the WOX Community.

@xpilar is doing his best in steem-steemit, to aceh-indonesia steemians in particular and steemians from various countries in general, he is an envious and envious person. all supported.

@reflektor WOX out


really appreciate, steemit has indeed helped a lot to vote for the WOX Community. But ... due to the behavior of @symbionts
I got news from @reflektor, the old man who can only sit in his wheelchair, will take all his steem, out of steemit.

what I'm doing now with @xpilar, survive and continue to maintain steem users with the WOX Community and xpilar and other moderators.


Thank you @sultan-aceh for your comment and for sharing your thoughts and opinion. I remember how if the difficult time with you @xpilar has encouraged you and motivated to keep blogging. I also remember how you were downvoted by @transisto and you were going to leave Steemit, but then with the encouragement of @xpilar you are still here and we know that there are much happened in Aceh-Indonesia since.

It is important to have Investors because of them the small users are keep working. People come and go and now the time for @reflektor to leave nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.

thanks for your reply @stef1
That's the reality...@stef1

DownVote can't solve problems, in fact it can be a pacemaker, so people get scared and leave. I hope that this problem will be resolved quickly.

hope in the future, there will be good cooperation, those who have expertise in programming, can help each other for the @xpilar.

very many have grown up in steem-steemit and assisted by @xpilar, it's no secret, all steem and aceh-indonesia users.

I hope that some of my other "retired" friends, who have worked in the @xpilar, @hingsten and @bippe companies, Investors and Supporters in the WOX Community, stay on steem-steemit, to support the WOX Community and all steemit users. to the future.


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