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RE: Open Comment to @upvu and Witnesses

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Thank you for asking the questions @stef1

I'm surprised if there are any answers from the witnesses, maybe there will be answers from some of them.

When someone can be both judge and jury at once and get others involved is not good. It's the same as lynching
it is in the broadest sense a violent execution without a statutory trial, usually carried out by a crowd, (this time it was some of the witnesses who did this)

Even though I supported another person, they have no right to do what they did to me.

When we capture users in the wox community, we first let them know that they can not post posts with pictures / texts from the internet without crediting the owner of pictures / text. If they repeat plagiarism / spam, they will be banned from wox

That I was banned from the witness channel is not because I did something wrong but that I supported another user who I thought deserved a second chance

Two of the witnesses who have downvoted me and spoken about me have offered to drive witness node for me and even woxauto.
Why do they want to do that when they are against me and they almost ruined my reputation, it's a bit late to ask for nice weather.
Unfortunately, I can not cooperate with the two witnesses
I think everyone will understand that

It is time that all parties bury the hatchet and that we all look towards the same goal, the future on steem


That is the benefit of online conversation for the people who do not answer directly and just ignore the questions. That is why we see how cybercrime is blooming and it is difficult to get the bad guys behind those nick name accounts in real life.

It is funny that no matter how old and grown up we are the opportunity of being anonymous makes many to do such things that they never would do in person face to face.

Being Witness is not only to sit and run the node 24 hours but also being present on the platform, do something for users, communicate and be active but not just sit on the peak of "Olympia" like Greek Gods and observe what the mortal human doing on the ground.

I do not know what is the future of Steem, to tell the truth we are not moving anywhere, there are no plans neither from the Steemit Team and Justin who since his first letter did not do any post on Steemit and even not mentioning Steem at all. No idea why he bought Steem.

Also nothing much we hear from the Witnesses no vision no plan , very sad!

I also wonder where Steemit is headed.
I also wonder what would drive Justin Sin to buy it, because truth be told he has done very little (almost nothing) for the platform, so far I haven't even seen him mention it in twitt to tell you the truth. Which leaves a lot to think about.
I would like to see so much power going into building Dapps, into building games on the steem Blockchain, into more things that make it attractive to investors. I think that's what it should be.
Of course, these are just loose thoughts I threw out there.

Currently it feels that we are still there where we were at the time of Split, not much is seen. I do not know if there any master plans in the background but it is not visible for the communities.

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