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RE: Open Comment to @upvu and Witnesses

in WORLD OF XPILAR2 years ago

It's not only xpilar fyi. He started downvoting xpilar, myself, and a few others only after he didn't like our witness votes. He decided he was going to try and intimidate users by downvoting them to try and get their witness votes changed... This should not be happening from a Top 20 witness. It's time for @upvu to no longer support symbionts as a Top 20 witness.

 2 years ago 

The same tactic as with cureangel - hi downvote me and a lot of users.

Yes, that was my first impression too.

Thank you for the mentioning, I have noticed that there were some other people among downvoted, but I never looked into details. Unfortunately, due to the lack of time and my very tight daily schedule I concentrate on WOX and our users.

But I absolutely agree with you and noticed your comment under Upvu post, I only hope that our comments will be see and will be taken into consideration.

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