Contest Time : How Steemit Has Helped Me || Organised by @prolee || 20 steem prize

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Hello friends;

It's another wonderful day to post in this community. Am very pleased to organise another contest here. The last contest organised by me was about making a post that ends with "atleast steemit helped me" and the winners were selected at the end of the contest, feel free to check out the summary of the contest.

What's this week Contest all about..?..🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️


Contest : "How Steemit has helped me"

Many persons have got testimonies to offer from Steemit. If am to be asked, I have enough testimonies to offer that steemit has helped me achieved.

So I will be passing the ball to you guys. Now what has steemit offered you?.

In this contest, I'll be asking you guys to tell us as many help Steemit has offered you. I feel many of us here have gotten several rewards from this platform, so let's mention as many. I'll be ready to read as much as I see.

Requirements for this Contest

Prizes To Be Won

First7 steem
Second6 steem
Third4 steem
Fourth3 steem

Anyone who fails to follow the rules, won't be counted as a participant.

I'll be waiting for your entries. Thanks for going through.

I'll be grateful if support is granted from the honourable mentions;



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Thanks for support.

I'll go through your work shortly.

Thanks for information

You're welcome friend, feel free to participate.

 3 months ago 

This contest is awesome because i got a testimony to share

Of course, your post is welcomed here. Many of us have got different testimonies to share. That was why I came up with this idea of hearing people's good news.

 3 months ago 

Thanks for the new contest thread @prolee
My application for participation

Okay.... I'll go through your post shortly.

 3 months ago 


Nice topic
And great concept

You're welcome to participate friend. I appreciate your calm comment here.

Ok Sir thanks
I will do as well to participate.

 3 months ago 

Hi, good day everyone. This is my entry link.

Have a nice day wonderful people.

Okay, I'll go through it shortly.

hi @prolee; here is my entry, 1900 words. Hope you will like this long-read.

Okay.. I'll do my best to go through.

wish you well, and excuse my possible verbosity :P

I'll go through your work shortly

I dont see any conditions on the language in the 'Rules' section of your post. So I figure out -- the entry post can be written in any language. Did I understand it correct?

Yes of course.
But if you can translate using Google translator, that'll be okay. If you can't do that, it's still okay, just post and I'll do the translating.

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