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I welcome you, friends, to the pages of the magazine. Today we will visit Spain, Greece, Indonesia, Poland, Italy, South Africa, admire the man-made miracle - The Sagrada Familia, sit in a cafe in Vietnam, climb Mount Etna, go to the hospital, talk about social networks, reflect on with childlike carelessness, we will improve the design of windmills. About all this below.

A day in Marbella, Spain | Beach, Old Town and Night Life


you remember when you were little and you are going on some warm vacation place with your parents and everything is kinda high, i mean the emotions and the excitement are through the roof, well this is what all of the southern coast of Spain feels like, but you’re an adult now, that’s the best way to describe it.😅

Sagrada Família


The Sagrada Familia is a landmark that hardly anyone would miss during their stay at B Barcelona. Although unfinished, it has become a symbol of the city. The Sagrada Familia is something you can look at, but it's hard to describe. Its design consists of many details, each of which carries a specific symbolism.

Vertical Shaft Windmill Improvements


Probably by next year I intend to start a corporation to implement these and other solutions to technical problems. Part of this new corporation will be devoted to computer security and the elimination of hacking.

Mushroom town



Grevena - the epitome of authentic Greek hospitality, incredible nature, and, of course, delicious food. In the region, there are two national parks - one in the Grevena area and one in Prespa. Expect to find rafting, walks, bike rides, birds and canoeing awaiting you. 🏞️ 💥

Travel Story to Saluopa Waterfall


A masterpiece of nature created by the Almighty, surrounded by centuries-old trees, the chirping of birds, and the Tonggeret (Cicadidae) Orchestra harmoniously blending with the sound of falling water. It's a travel story that I must share, even with the limitations of words to describe its beauty.

Trip to Chabówka


This year we are going on vacation to Poland and our first stop is the town of Chabówka.

Terra Cafe - A Cozy Bohemian Cafe in Danang, Vietnam


Danang, Vietnam is home to many lively cafes, and today I went to go explore a new on, it is the laidback Terra Cafe. With its bohemian vibes and lush out wall wall garden, it's an oasis of calm in this busy city.

🏥 Boys Will be Boys


I instantly panic... it was one hell of a whack but the-baby's conscious and starts crying. My fury at the-scarecrow almost uncontrollable but baby's conscious, that's good.

The More "Connected" We Get, the Less Connected we Actually Are


The problem he was describing was essentially an extension of the dilemma that we spend so much time on social media, and dating apps that there's actually very little time left over for "real life."

No Worries Mom!


Every day is certainly different when you wake up in a home with small kids! They always manage to get out of bed with a level of eagerness and a spring in their step that would be enough to make any adult envy, let alone bewildered.

Cool Discoveries: Exploring the Astico River Pools near Home


Such is the case with the "pozze" of Arsiero, located in the province of Vicenza. Some describe this place as a small terrestrial paradise. Moreover, the fact that Italy is experiencing an extended summer into October with temperatures almost reaching 30 degrees Celsius encourages people to visit this place.

Travelling South Africa: A trip to Kagga Kamma


During this trip we took a holiday to a place called "Kagga Kamma" which was roughly a 4 hour drive from where we always stay in Hermanus. Kagga Kamma is a world heritage nature reserve in the Cederberg Mountains nestled against natural rock formations. Its elevated at 3,250ft above sea level and was once completely under water!

Volcanic Adventure

Mount Etna attracts many people eager to explore this giant of ash and lava. The area around it is designated as a natural reserve, where special hiking trails for climbing are available, along with numerous expert guides.

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