Contest || Who gossip more? Man Vs women 🤪

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AssalamoAlikum everyone

Hello everyone I'm @kunwal how are you all ? Hope you all are doing well , the community and mam @suboohi give me the chance to play a moderator role for the community I accepted and I'm glad to be a part of an amazing team members i will try my best for give my hundred percent. I bring a new interesting contest for all of you.

Wherever we saw two or three group of women or Man the first thing come in our mind what would those people be talking about🤪 are they doing gossip but which topic. And women says man do more gossip then women and man says women do more gossip than men😂 this is the never ending debate but I want from you the Interesting answers. You can give the following answer or just feel free to right your thoughts.

Answer the following questions

🌼 What do you think who gossip more ? Man or woman? 🤔

🌼 Have you ever been a part of gossip in family or friends intentionally unintentionally 🤪?

🌼 If you want to do gossip or group talk what was the topic , horror or any thing you want to mention? 😆

Rules for the contest

  • The Post Title should be "Contest" who gossips more ? Man Vs women

  • Post should be published in steem for Pakistan community

  • Your posts words should be at least 300 words , try to use markdowns style.

  • Your post must be plagiarism free and share your own original or copy right free image use pixabay for copyright free pictures.

  • All the participants should be a member of at least , #club5050, or #club75 and #club100. Use #burnsteem25 if you set 25% beneficiary to null.

  • Use tag #gossip-mvw1 #club #steemexclusive #yourcountry #writing

  • There is no restrictions of languages. You can write your post in any language.

  • Invite three friends and mentioned me anywhere in post @kunwal for easy accessibility of your participation.

  • Drop the link of your entry post in the below 👇 for easy access of your posts.

  • Support our witness @stmpak.wit by cashing your valuable votes.




Third3 TRX

I will invite all my friends to participate in my first contest Im looking forward for your great entries.

Result will announced After the Payout of this Post.

Steem4pakistan Team
@suboohi, @ uzma4882, @ aaliarubab, @ enamul17, @ azmat545 , @ artist1111

@disconnect , @stephenkendal

Thank you.
Regards: @kunwal

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 9 months ago 

Thank you for your participation.
Your entry is approved ✅

 9 months ago 

This gonna be fun to read different thoughts and definitely I will participate too

 9 months ago 

Thank you dear I'm looking forward for you entry ☺️

 9 months ago 

This is gonna be a fun justifying who gossip more, lets wait for the results now😂

 9 months ago 

Yeah 😂 let's see try to participate ✨

 9 months ago 

In Sha Allah i will

 9 months ago 

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Thank you so much @disconnect


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 9 months ago (edited)

Thank you so much @franyeligonzalez for the support ✨

 9 months ago 

Thank you for participation 🙂 your entry is approved ✅

Thank you very much 😊

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 9 months ago 

Thank you for your participation
Entry approved ✅

 9 months ago 

Entry #4 approved ✅

 9 months ago 
 9 months ago (edited)

Entry #5 approved 😄💕

Thank you so much for your participation.

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