Result Announcement Of June Contest Series SteemSurprise| Write About Your Favorite SeaFood Or Fish | #PromoSteem Contest | 25 STEEM REWARDED

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Greetings SteemShip Community People,
Here I come with the result of contest June Contest Series SteemSurprise | Write About Your Favorite SeaFood Or Fish | #PromoSteem Contest | 25 STEEM REWARD
and I'm glad to have participants who worked really hard for winning steem. I appreciate their efforts for #SteemShip and thankful for their #Promo-steem activities. Keep continue working hard, let's grow together on #steemit .


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Winner NamePost LinkPrize SteemSurprise Steem
@steemit-fairy Link54
@emilymar Link43
@barathimani Link32
@nithishkumar Link21

Consolation prize 1 steem goes to @bostonblake for his entry post : Link

Dear winners, I have a humble request to you all to keep continue sharing steemit contents on your social media accounts like Twitter, keep retweeting my posts and also yours and also keep sharing or retweeting your fellow steemian's post, this way we can keep continue promoting steem in our network.

Participants did their job honestly and I wish I could support their contents with big upvotes but right now I can afford a small upvote, but steem is really very valuable and without the help of sponsorship this is tough to run a contest specially when you're not getting regular support for your contest from curators.

Thankfully I got sponsorship from sir SK as he supported SteemShip with 100 steem and all these steem I'll distribute via throwing contests as my community people trust me and as a newcommer they need to have support. I wish them all success.




This contest is sponsored By Sir @stephenkendal

Thank You So Much


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thanks for the honour, posted all original photos.

That’s why you won

Thank you sis.

welcome bro and thanks

Thank you friend

Welcome dear 💕❤️💖

 3 years ago 

Congratulations all winners, keep the quality with the community.

Gracias por valorar nuestros trabajos, que alegría. Muchos éxitos a SteemShip a sus moderadores en especial a @shohana1

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