Achievement 5 Task 4 by @khezcute : Review

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Hello Steemians as well as the Newcomer Community!

Wherever you are, I hope you are well and always given good health, this post will continue the Achievement 5 Task 4 Review of

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In this post, I will share experiences while exploring and using, and answering the questions given in Achievement 5 Task 4, here is my review of

1. How do I see the "recent history"?

"Recent history" is a useful feature to see all our activities on the steemit platform, this feature will show all of our activities from, curation, incoming or outgoing votes, posts, comments, transfers, and others.

To use this feature, we only need to enter our username in the search field, then click on search, and wait a few moments for our username to appear, then click on the username listed.



2. How do I check the different activities: Posts, Votes, Reblogs, Replies, Rewards, Transfers, etc

To see the activities that we do differently, or more specifically, we can use some of the menus in the Activity dropdown menu, in this menu, we will see several different activity options.

  • Posts


  • Votes


  • Reblogs


  • Replies


  • Rewards


  • Transfers


3. How do I know who has reblogged my post: (Social: Follower, Following, Reblogged)?

To be able to see who reblogged our posts or see followers or following, you can do this by selecting the social dropdown menu, in this menu, there is a feature to view Followers, Following, and Reblogged.

  • Followers


  • Following


  • Reblogged


4. How do I check my Voting Power?

We can access this feature in the same way as the steps above, to see the voting power we have, it can be seen on the right


That is the summary of Achievement 5 task 4 about tools that I can convey, I receive all forms of suggestions and criticism very well so that in the future it can make me better and able to make quality posts.

  • All pictures are my screenshots

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Thank the curators for taking the time to read this post


Hi i am Sumit one of the team member of Steem Greeter.

I am happy to announce that i have successfully verified your achievement 5.4 post. Now you are eligible for performing your next achievement task.

Note: please do not tag any of the steemcurators in your achievement posts.


hi @sumit71428 thanks for your quick rating, nice to see you

You have been selected for 500SP Minnow Support Program and will be supported by Booming Curation Support. For more details about this program please check this post 500SP Minnow Support Program for Newcomers(Revised Edition) updated on 24/5/2021
Don't forget to attach your Achievement 1 post link to every of your post published in this Steemit Nursery community.

glad to hear this news from you, sorry I haven't been very active lately, I hope you are well, keep doing your best, my best mentor

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