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My unforgettable day was the day I almost died due to an electric shock and I had no one to save me. I was saved because I was fortunate the power went off the wire due to cluster wire. Two wires were on themselves and the transformer couldn't take it so the fuse had to cut.

In the activities of life, there would be a day, moment, and experience that we won't forget probably because of the joy or sadness the experience brought to us.

For the contest
Write in detail about your unforgettable day.


  • All entries should not be less than 250 words

  • You must subscribe to this community

  • Entries must be original

  • Entries should be posted first on the community

  • Be sure to use the hashtag #contest, #mystory and #steeminspiration as one of your first three hashtags

  • Be sure to comment your entry link on this post

  • The entry can be posted in any language


Firsts Place: 5 Steem
Second Place: 3 Steem
Third Place: 2 Steem

I invite @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, and @steemcurator06 to support the participants and the community

Entry should be submitted before the 7, of Jun @hive-170327


Gracias por la Invitación @supo1

Disfrutaré llevar a cabo este Concurso

very good contest brother

Please which one be entry Link

 6 months ago (edited)

Comment your entry link

Ufff es fácil contar los momentos felices y/o agradables de nuestras vidas, pero a la hora de contar los momentos difíciles se nos traba la lengua. Intentaré colocar mi entrada
 6 months ago (edited)

Check your link and also be sure to post it to this community

Hi @supo1 here's the link of my entry for this weeks contest.

Thank you so much for inviting me.

Www, estoy muy feliz de participar y poder compartir mi experiencia. Este mi enlace de entrada.


The scare was great, I think it was not luck, you say "I had no one to save me." I think you had someone.
Actually, I save you. Happy and long live.

Fue un placer participar en este Concurso

It was a pleasure to participate in this Contest

Mi publicación / My post:

That is quiet an experience you made. I hope you do not suffer from side effects since that moment.

Hereby my entry

I invite @heartbeat1515 @gracieux @gertu @ngozi996 @yeesja @husein97 @reinaldoverdu @reycor @marblely to join this contest too.

Thank you for the invitation.

Hola AMIGO @supo1 gracias por tu invitación. Aqui mi participación a Mi Día de Inolvidable, que se convirtieron en dos.


Asi es mi comadre @zhanavic69 la situacion del pais ha hecho que muchos miembros dela familia emigraran buscando una mejoria.
Usted nunca llega tarde, siempre llega en el momento preciso, recuerde que los ultimos seran los primeros. Usted esta en todo, tiene cobertura en todas partes, JaJaJaaaaaaaaaaa...

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