Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 2 Week 1 | Promote Steem in your City and try to recruit a new user by @yousafharoonkhan

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### Aslam-mu-Alakum!

First of all, I would like to thank the steemalive community for embellishing the contest with my favorite topic. Promoting steemit and promoting steemit in my district, city, friends, relatives is my passion. I have written many posts on this topic and today I will express my views through this contest.

What methods did you use in promoting Steem (e.g word of mouth, social media, etc

My steemit lecture style

I started working on steemit in 2017 and I started promoting steemit regularly from 2019 and at that time I have been promoting steemit by sharing various posts on facebook and twitter and youtube. There are people around the world who use different social media at my friends' gatherings and at different events. I inform them about steemit.

But in all of these my favorite method is the lecture method and I promote steemit using the lecture method in schools and in different parties, because in this way I can reach more than one person in a better way and in detail in one to two hours. Provides basic information about steemit.

During this time I also answer the questions of the audience so I like the lecture method for more than one person or twenty people.

Did you use any Promotional materials and branding? (fliers, Branded Tshirts, Banners, etc)

Of course I use banners during steemit promotions. I made ten big banners and I distributed these banners to the members of Urdu community so that they could promote steemit through them.

I have made pamphlets in addition to banners and so far I have distributed three thousand pamphlets. I have 100 pamphlets left and I ordered two more banners ten days ago.

In this way I am promoting steemit through banners, pamphlets and steemit flyer. I pay all the expenses and travel expenses out of my own pocket for promoting steemit and I have never appealed to Urdu community or steemit team.

But I am thankful to the steemit team that today I am promoting steemit through Urdu community because of their encouragement.

How did people respond to your promotion efforts?

A very difficult question is how the public reacts when we tell them about steemit. Whenever I tell my friends or the public about steemit, the attitude of some people is very sad and sometimes even derogatory words are used.

Some people even call us deceivers. Such people say that we have some greed from them and we are inviting them because of this greed. But the attitude of many people is very encouraging and it is this enthusiasm that inspires me to promote steemit. Some people are very happy and very appreciative.

In this way I would say that all kinds of people interact with steemit during promotion but I am right that promoting steemit is my obsession. If I am hurt by someone's behavior, I will be patient. In this way, the tradition of those who say good words and praises gives me more strength and power.

What are the main challenges that hinder users from joining?

In this regard, if we talk about the challenge faced by hinders users who are afraid of them while joing, then the biggest challenge today is the rising cost of living and the Internet is becoming very expensive. In addition, not everyone has access to a computer and mobile internet is becoming more expensive.

I've seen it closely during promotions that a lot of people don't believe that steemit offers its users a lot of financial support. In addition, today's rising prices, expensive internet packages and mobile phones are no less of a challenge for hinders users.

There are many people who are very much affected by steemit but cannot afford mobile packages due to poverty. So there are a lot of challenges that affect our promotion campaign in different ways. But whatever the challenge, I try to keep promoting Steemit and that is my passion.

Where you able to sign up new users? If yes, how did you convince them to join?

I have been promoting Steemit for a long time and I have informed people from all walks of life about Steemit. I have noticed that when we go to people who are in need and unemployed and want to make money through online work, it is easy to find such people. If we take the message of steemit to rich, prosperous and economically strong people then such people do not care about us.

Unemployed, students, educators, photographers and bloggers are my target because they are the ones who value listening. I tell students that if they are registered on steemit, they can write their educational activities in the form of post. Journalists can earn money by writing their daily articles.

The teacher can keep the students attached to the steemit by giving academic assignments to his students on the steemit. In this way, through all these things, I try to guide every individual so that he can benefit by joining Steemit.

What are the main challenges you faced during Steem Promotion
Suggest ways we can overcome challenges to Steem Promotion

There are many challenges that I have encountered and continue to face while promoting Steemit. The biggest challenge is to get the message across to the people. Because sometimes when I go to a public place, people don't give me time to listen and this is a waste of time and money. One of the biggest challenges I've seen is that when I distribute steemit fliers to people, some people refuse to take it.

I think banners, pamphlets are very important for steemit promotion campaign. But when it comes to spending on promotional materials, this is also a challenge.

Another big challenge is that if a man joins the steemit, he thinks that now we have to vote for him, then if any user does not get support on the steemit then he gets angry. I traveled to remote areas during the winter with members of my Urdu community and the purpose of this trip was to promote steemit.

During this journey many women joined Steemit and they are still active on Steemit. But on this trip we spent three days in this area and first we prepared the minds of these people and then we promoted steemit.

In short, there are many challenges that are faced during the awareness campaign. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items. - First of all, encourage a lot of people on steemit who promote steemit.

The steemit team needs the best encouragement from any user who is promoting steemit around them and whatever community they belong to so that they can be strong and continue to do so.

In order to promote steemit, the steemit team should prepare some material itself and then select steemit promoters in different countries and distribute the material to the people so that they can continue the campaign through it. Or vote on the post of such steemit user and from this reward promotion material should be prepared so that steemit user is encouraged.

steemit team If a new user's post gets a good vote daily or weekly, it will also be a great encouragement. Because reward encourages. So these were some of my suggestions in this regard. I hope you like it

If possible you, try hard to recruit one user and assist them to do their introduction post. This will also help you to score higher Take pictures with your recruit if any


A few days ago I gave an awareness lecture on steemit to the students of class Dham. During that time many students said that they will join steemit after the annual examination.

On May 7, I contacted some students that now You have finished the annual exam and everyone should join steemit now, then one of my students whose name is Saleem Gul joined steemit a day ago and I helped him to create his account. He has also posted his achievement 1 post in which full introduction.

I also took this selfie with my newly recruited student. Thank you all very much for reading my post and if you like my effort let me know in the comments. Your encouragement will be my strength.

note : there is date mention on paper at the time of introduction to take participate in this contest ,

It is introduction post of my student My achievement1 introduction post by @Salleem2002

i invite @jesscia566 and @anwar1976 to this contest , hope they will join this week challenge contest

both are very good and doing promotion in own cities

my old youtube video



 8 months ago 

Hi @yousafharoonkhan,

You have done so well by participating in this contest as well as promoting Steemit in your country.It is true that some people give a cold shoulder when told about Steemit.I am glad you didn't allow such negative reaction to stop you from promoting steemit.I welcome your new recruit @salleem2002 to Steemit.

promoting steemit is my passion, i started steemit charity, i give 15% my online earning to steemit charity plan, so i will keep continue all this work, i got real true love from you all , thank you dear for this courage

 8 months ago 

Thank you

 8 months ago 

Wow, do you know that from your comment I have learn so much, i am happy you participated in this Contest, thank you so for showing me other ways to support people in my city through steemit

Loading... aalkum
Ap nay humain bhut zaida steem ky bray btya. Hum sub ku ap ki bat achi lagi tu hum nay join
Ap sir acha post lakhi ap ku ma salm krta ap atna logo ku guide kr rahy


welcome dear student to steemit and thank you also too , for joining steemit and thank for visiting my this post,,

آپ نے جناب کمال کی پوسٹ لکھی ہے۔ آپ ہمارے علاقے کے ,سٹیم لیجنڈ میں سے ہیں۔ میں خود گواہ آپ نے اس مقصد کے لیے سو کلو میٹر سے بھی سفر کیا اور ایک دفعہ بارش کا طوفان جب آپ ایک گاون سٹیم پرموٹ کے لیے گئے تھے۔ آپ بہت اچھا کام کررہے ہیں۔ آپ لوگوں کی مالی امداد کرتے ہیں آپ کی یہ پوسٹ میں سمحھتا ایک بہترین تحریر ہے۔ آپ کی عمر دراز ہو۔

thank you sir ,, you also great one person, and you all helped me, and supported me many time at the time of promotion the steemit, i know the day , when we visited the pai khel little valley , and you was there also at the time of promotion, thank sir also to you

My great bro!
You explained every points very briefly in the article. You are our great hero. You every post guide me to write good. I'll take the contest entry soon. Thank you for inviting me in the article. It is good article. You are one of the active promotor of steemit in province pakistan .

it is my success ,you liked my this post, and entry,, it is my success that my every post helped you in this regards

 8 months ago 

Thank you for responding to his invite @anwar1976, he is heroe, his Promotion skill is superp, i have Learn a lot from him

Assalamu Alaikum. Hope you are well. I'm so glad to see you here. I have known you for a long time, I used to follow your posts when you were a professor
To you I really like your work.

Today you shared a wonderful moment with us, you gave a lecture about steemit in front of some people, it is clear that you are doing a great job of promotion. And also I am very happy and very glad to see you doing the job of steemit promotion using social media. In fact, you are doing a lot of work to promote steemit, but it can be understood by looking at your post. Thank you very much for your initiative and for the wonderful organization, I am very grateful to you.

my respected kawsar , it is your love and respect that you always have for my self,, and it is my honor you follow me always,, your appreciation words are my power and i got more motivation from you encouragement , stay happy , my love to you

 8 months ago 

Wow he is kind too, his is a motivator too, that is why he has helped a lot of you to join steemit, i will love to read your entry

Hello @yousafharoonkhan, I love the way you have been promoting Steemit in such a way that you have gathered a huge numbers of people that you want to recruit.

Good work 👍 keep it up.

thank you, i many time introduced steemit in wedding ceremony , park, schools, colleges and office,, so i think, so i arranged programe to promote steemit in school, i informed the colleges or schools, one or two day early , so i got good response , thank you dear you liked my effort

 8 months ago 

I have never think of going to the park to promote steemit, i think it is a good place for promotion, i will try it out

yes , in park we can get people ,, and also families so park is best place , but we get also negative response from people in park, they called us greedy, cheater, fraud, s bla bla

 8 months ago 

It is true, in my country Nigeria we call most people in the park, agboro, people that do not really think about the future

بہت ہی زبردست تحریر آپ نے لکھی ہے۔اس میں کوئی شک نہیں ہےآپ سٹیمٹ پرموشن مہم کے لیے بہت سارا سفر کرتے ہیں۔ آپ کی کاوش کو میں سلام پیش کرتا ہے۔ آپ نے بہت سارے افراد کو سٹیمٹ کے مےعلق آگاہ کیا ہے۔

thank you dear jessica for this great appreciation, and i want to inform you all that we are going to have meetup ,soon in june last week, and our steemit promote mission will never end,, thank for appreciation

 8 months ago 

Impressive work you have done in your community @yousafharoonkhan. I really admire your courage especially when people react negatively. Soe do not actually believe that you can earn from writing. But your efforts have paid off. Keep up this great work.

thank you dear brother ,, for visiting my post. yeah people react negatively that is really sad , but i think when we have strong true, honest vision for people then i did not listen people bad remarks, thank you you liked my effort , it is my real victory thank

 8 months ago 

Thank you so much @yousafharoonkhan. I admire your efforts and its really a great example for all leaders. You will definitely succeed

Yes inshah Allah..dear brother

Dear Sir @yousafharoonkhan. You are one of the best writers and promoters. When I first found out about Stemat, you were the one who told me about Stemat. I am a student and I also paid a fee for the first time earning stem. I got real satisfaction when I got the first prize. It's all because of you. I really appreciate your great effort and you are helping a lot of people, guiding them, I know a lot of people said harsh words to you, but you didn't say a word to them. No, I know that too. You are very nice person

Dear hassan920 thank first.. And yeah as you know .i visited many villages and when i visited your colleges i saw you there first time. But it is true..there are different type of people and every one has own style or character of behave but i always ignore and never answer to those who made negative comments to me at the time of promotion. It is life..and success for those who never give up

ap ki marbani ka ap mjay guide kya aj ma khush haoon

 8 months ago 

This is touching, he is the one who helped you to understand steemit too, @hassan920, are you Promoting steemit too

You are really putting great effort into steemit promotion sir. This is quite commendable!
Different people with different attitude towards Steemit, but we never get discouraged from promoting steemit.

Thanks for sharing your promotional activities.
Steem to the world

Thank you for this appreciation and i feel that it is my success that i am getting from all of you. 💕💕💕

You have done impressively well when it comes to promotion. We say a big thank you and continue to work hard in promotion @yousafharoonkhan. One great thing about your work is your positive spirit. Dont let it go. As you continue to work hard, more new users will come and your community will grow

Thank you very much steemalive team

 8 months ago 

Your post have motivated me the more, sometimes I like will this organization welcome me, but from this your Promotion style and how long you have been working with steemit, it means I have never started, I must tell you that I have found a new friend today on steemit who has given me the reason to steem to the moon and beyond

That my new friend is no other person than you @yousafharoonkhan

Your post is very nice, if you will add text-justify in it, it will be more readable and beautiful.

Thank you for sharing your steemit and Promotion experience with us in steemalive

thank you very much for adding me in your friend list. i think that life is name of goal that you set in life, and in my life, steemit is also a goal that i have attach with my life. some time i am not able to write post, but every day, i check my urdu community people post, and guide them through whatapp, so i feel that steemit is first place that i joined , and i got good respect from this place. my first invesment was also in steem dollar, so i have great love with steemit with out any greed,. i have no greed , but i love steemit,,, so i did not put my my power down since joining, once every one left steemit and and withdraw all sp, but i did not ,, so i love, my thoughts was that steemit will again rise,, so it is time, we can,,, thank you for this love, thank you

 8 months ago 

Your love for steemit is great, i love working with people who are sincere and passionate about what they are doing, honestly I will become active in urdu Community because of you, yes because of you because you will help me to overcome any Challenge i will face tomorrow in steemit, thank you for accepting my friend request

most welcome respected,,, steemit is our home, and every community is our room, family . welcome

 8 months ago 

Thank you so much

 8 months ago 

Nice and detailed entry @yousafharoonkhan. You have always done great when it comes to steemit promotion. So many have joined due to your efforts. Courage

Some people even call us deceivers

I don't know why many people always think so? The moment you approach someone and start talking they just give that look that says you're not wanted before saying what's on their minds. To main things is braving it and moving with your goal. Once you as a person know what you are out for the audience's reaction will not disturb the flow.

Another big challenge is that if a man joins the steemit, he thinks that now we have to vote for him, then if any user does not get support on the steemit then he gets angry

This eems to be a problem as I have people I recruited who are not active as they complain they don't get votes and so will not continue wasting their time for nothing. It's really challenging but we move. Thanks for sharing

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