SteemAlive Presents WriteMore! - a 3-day mini writing Contest. Contest Prize: 10 Steem + Booming + Trail!

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We really want to make this week a busy week for all our members. We want to use this opportunity to say a warm welcome to all of you. Our community members are really set to support the Steemit writing challenge. In addition, they have asked for a small contest which will help them to remain ever busy this week with opportunities to write and engage more. We also have newbies that may not be able to participate in the engagement challenge. They will need a contest like this to keep them busy. So welcome to this mini-contest. Here is the details


This Week's Contest: WriteMore

In this contest, you will be expected to write at least 3 posts within the 7 days contest period. We will give you 5 topics. You are free to write on all 5 topics or more. But to qualify for winners prize in this contest, you need a minimum of 3 entries.

What you need to do

Here are the 5 topics. Choose at least 3 from them. You can write all or more if you have the time.

  • Topic 1: Lifestyle Choices - My Fashion for the week. Take a look

What you need to do: Write in detail about at least 3 different cloths and 2 or shoes/sandals you plan to wear this week. Why is each cloth/shoe/sandal suitable for the occasion? How long have you worn them? Can you remember how much it cost to purchase each them? How do you take care of your cloths? Is there any other fashion accesory you use together with the cloths/shoes, talk about them (e.g jewelry, bag,etc)

tags to include: lifestyle, steemexclusive


  • Topic 2: Local business Review: Write in detail about a business in your city

What you need to do: We want you to review a local business in your city. Tell us their address (What3words coordinates needed). Review at least 4 product they sell. Details should include the price, and some features of the products. Rate the business using any 4 criteria like Location, Customer care, Pricing, Environment, etc. Click here to see a sample.

tags to include: business, steemexclusive


  • Topic 3: Weekly Food Diary: Here are the 6 meals I ate in 2 days!!

What you need to do: Capture your breakfast, lunch and dinner for two days. Tell us why you choose the meals, the nutrients, the cost of preparing each meal (in Naira and Steem), The days you ate each meal, and any other detail you want to tell us. Demonstrate how to prepare at least one of the meals.

tags to include: food, steemexclusive


  • Topic 4: Learn with Steem: A tutorial on how to .....(e.g play a piano)

What you need to do: In this post, we want you to show us a skill you have. Teach us how to do anything that is a skill such as painting, knitting, weaving hair, do tailoring, make shoes, play an instrument, etc. Present your tutorial in steps and describe each step very well. Include images, but do not put too many images, just the important stages of the tutorial is needed in pictures.

tags to include: learnwithsteem, tutorial, steemexclusive


  • Topic 5: Stay Healthy: Make Sure your body has enough Vitamins!

What you need to do: Write in detail about at least 4 vitamins needed by the body such as vitamin A, D, C, K, etc. You can write on any other vitamins not listed here. What is the function of each vitamin, What will its deficiency cause? What are natural sources of each vitamin. Be detailed. You are free to write on more than 4 vitamins.

tags to include:health, steemexclusive


The rules

  1. You must be at least in club5050. You must be verified in SteemAlive community
  2. Use the comment section to drop your entry links
  3. Kindly Subscribe to our community.
  4. One of your entries must be all4one. You can make it more than 1.
  5. You must vote and resteem this post.
  6. The minimum word length for each entry is 350 words
  7. One of your first 3 tags should be contest


Important Note

For the curators to recognize your work as a contest, make sure to explain in your first paragraph that your post is an entry for this contest. You can then include the link of this post so they can verify it.


How winners are selected

  • Quality is King: Be detailed. 350 words is the minimum, but you can do much more.
  • Number of quality Comments: Try to make at least 20 comments.
  • Formatting: Justify alignment and centered headings make your work neat.
  • Originality: You will automatically be disqualified if you are found plagiarizing.


Here is the Contest Prize 10 Steem + Booming + Trail!

  • 1st Position: 5 Steem + 2 booming + 3 trails
  • 2nd Position: 3 Steem + 2 booming + 1 trails
  • 3rd Position: 2 Steem + 1 Booming + 1 trail

Contest Date: Monday 6th June - Saturday 11th June, 2022


Support this contest.

You can help us increase the contest prize by sending us any cryptos used here on Steemit. Send Steem or SBD to @steemalive.

c: @disconnect


Delegate to SteemAlive


Click here to see our delegators

::join trail

 2 years ago 

Am dropping my Link soon. It was network that delayed me yesterday.

This is awesome, i will try my best

 2 years ago 

Good contest.

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 2 years ago 

A new week to try again

Oh this is nice.
My entries dropping soon

This is a new week with a wonderful contest in it. I'm surely going to participate.

Watch out for my entries!!

Wow I love this community always keeping our brain active

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