SteemAlive Mod Log. Monday 8th to Sunday 14th August, 2022

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Good morning dear mods and welcome to a new week. We really appreciate what you are doing for us in the community. Last week, you tried your best in checking posts published in the community. Its a fresh new week and we have work to do.

This post is for record purposes. As you verify posts made in the community, please drop the links here so that it will be easy for our admin to support only verified posts published in our community.


How our Mods will Keep record now

We will make one post for each week like this one. Our Mods will drop links of their verified post. From there, the we will find it easy to curate only verified posts. We know this method will be better because:

  • It will provide a single place for curators to find all verified posts.
  • Secondly, it will help us track the daily activities of our Moderators

Before moderators drop a link, they will check to see that the post has passed the following criteria and more:

  • Should be plagiarism-free
  • Did not use Bidbots
  • Must belong to club5050 at least
  • Is steemexclusive

Additionally, mods should add useful comments to appreciate the auhtor's effort. If there are areas to improve such as use of images, post formatting, content length, etc, the mod should not hesitate to point it out.

At the end of each week (Sunday), each mod will still make a post to show their activity for the week. They will make observations and any suggestions as they always do



We are very grateful for the work you do for us in the community. We will continue to support you to the best of resources available to us. As you work really hard this week, we wish you success in all your endeavors



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