2 years ago 

2nd LID report
Location : Akwanga Nasasrawa State
Time : 1:32 pm

Good afternoon dear steemians.
Thank God for my health because I'm feeling a little bit better now and I was able to go out and eventually got today's spotlight.

This is an MTN mast location along Keffi road Akwanga behind old market.
This mast provides service for the community around the old market and beyond.
MTN mast behind old market Akwanga

 2 years ago 


Location: Aba




Good morning friends how was your night and your morning going, I hope you are good. I had a great night too. I woke up very early and I'm doing good this morning.

It's raining heavily this morning so I will wait for it to stop or reduce before going out since my activities today needs no rain. Today I will be at the site to continue the story building we started early last month here in Aba Abia state.

I shall keep you posted, have a wonderful day.

 2 years ago 

I hope the rain stops quickly so you can get on with your work. Cheers! @sirdeone10k

Good morning the smile on your face looks good. Here in Owerri, the cloud has gathered i and looks like it'll rain here too.
Have a wonderful day.

 2 years ago 

Hello mr @sirdeone10k,good morning to you and everyone in Enyimba city,the rain also extend down here in umuahia am just indoor writing thats all I can do until it stops,I hope it will stop soon so that you can go to work....

Take care of yourself boss.

 2 years ago 

Hope you day is coming on well. Just when I thought we've entered August break, the rain have started again. It's raining here too.

 2 years ago (edited)

1st lid report

Location:Aba,abia state.




Good morning my fellow steemian hope you had a splendid night, I hope the cold wasn't too much"
I woke around 7am today and the rain is so heavy, am even feeling cold as am typing now and I don't think I can bath with cold water, the street are already flooded with water.
I want to go tidy up the house now, I dont want to be late today, I will be back for my second lid report I pray you all have a wonderful day and please take care of yourself the wealthy isn't that cool so cold is not gonna enter your body and I pray you find your today lid take care once again have a great and wonderful day.
 2 years ago 

Hello @jokkystar
Please plus check your post before posting it,
Your date and location are missing,

 2 years ago (edited)



Good morning ladies and gent,how was your night? I believe you all had such an amazing night just like I did.

This beautiful Wednesday morning am already awake and set to go to work but unfortunately I plugged my pos in someone's shop last night and the person went out very early this morning with my pos locked up in his room so definitely am not going to work till her returns so all am gonna do right down is to write post on steemit and hope I will go out later.

Morning selfie

I wish you all an amazing day ahead and God bless everyone.

 2 years ago (edited)

Ist Lid Report.
Date: 4/8/2021.
Time: 8am.
Location:MCC Aba Abia State.

Good morning my follow reporters.I hope your night was good.Mine was cool and nice.


I woke up this morning by 5: 55am.I said my morning prayers with my family.I prepared breakfast for my children to eat and go to school.And now they have eaten and gone to school despite the rain this morning.You can imagine how how every was flooded.


I saw them off, from there I bought somethings at my street .After I returned I will continue with my house chores.when I am through , I will be going to the Steemit training center for more training.
Thou is still raining here.I will still update you . Thank you.

 2 years ago 

@chigold1. I understand your concerns, cos when it rains, it gives parents much concerns. Adults can manage to go out with the floods on our roads, but the school kids, they are young and inexperienced. Hopefully GOD has always been there for them,(school kids). Best wishes

 2 years ago 

Thank you my beloved.That is how we have being managing Aba oo.

 2 years ago 

First lid report
Time : 9:22am
Location: Lagos


Good morning everyone. Hope you all slept well. I slept well too. It's not been long I woke up. I stayed up a little late steeming as usual. Am going to be spending my day at home but will step out later to get some things at the mall. Am already feeling very hungry. Just ate fruits for dinner. When am done with bathing and brushing, am going to fix up something to eat and then continue with steemit. I have some contests I need to attend to.

Do have a good morning and stay tuned for more lid posts.

 2 years ago 

Location :Akwanga Nasasrawa State
Time: 10: 20 am


Good morning everyone. How was your night? I woke up so gallant this morning, joined family morning devotion by 5:29 am and I made breakfast of potatoes and beans portage.

My plans for today are:

  • I'll be going to the shop
  • visit the market
  • go to the bank for some transactions
    But after a while, I began to feel weak and I had to retire back to bed.
    Right now I'm lying down due to the weakness of the body.

Hopefully I can go out after resting for a while.

 2 years ago 

You seem to have so much to do despite ur health situation. How to do feel now? Hope you were able to do what I wanted for the day. Do take care of yourself.

 2 years ago 

Thanks dear I was able to take some medication though I couldn't do much anymore.
Thanks for checking up on me.

 2 years ago 

1st lid report

Date: 4/8/2021
Time: 10am



IMG_20210803_085911_129.jpg MORNING SELFIE

Good morning my great and beautiful steemians, trust we had a good night rest. Yesterday night was really cool and wet here in enyimba city. After examing the scriptures and prayer to our heavenly father for giving us life to see a new day.Despite the rain, I had to go out to meet someone at, mcc road ,at 6 o'clock this morning, we already made the appointment last week, but because of the importance and urgency of the appointment I had to go out under the rain and flooded roads. I came back home after the appointment to get ready for work. Stay tuned for more updates as the day goes by.
 2 years ago 

1st Lid report
Location: Owerri
Date: 4th August 2021.

Morning selfie

Good Morning Everyone. I hope we all had. A good night rest?
I still feel like the night should come back!!.
So we spent a better part of the night and early hours of this morning braiding my little sister's hair.
Why not finish up this morning?? That was the same question I asked my immediate younger sister ( the hair braider), but She insisted that she must finish it before morning because she wants to go make her own hair this morning and wouldn't entertain any hinderance. Chaiii🤦🤦

So my plan for this morning is sleep!! Sleep and sleep! Although I have an appointment which I'll shift to 12pm and beyond.
Y'all take care. Tip we see in the afternoon. Byee!!

Good morning @ngozi996, i can relate to your sleep sleep sleep plans of the morning, i also feel tht way. It seems as though the night keeps getting shorter, i can get enough.
Have a wonderful day ahead.

 2 years ago 

Hello dear @ngozi996,am glad you had a good night rest,honestly the sleep for me was very sweet because I was really tired last night and I slept all through the night without even shaking my body...

You can enjoy your sleep sis and let's see in the afternoon on your next report.
Love. You

 2 years ago 

Good morning dear sister, the braided hair is looking very beautiful.
Surely sometimes we wish the morning never comes but it does anyway.
Have a pleasant day

 2 years ago 

How's your day coming on sis. Hope you got the sleep sleep sleep you desired this morning. And your meeting went well. Do take care of yourself..

 2 years ago 

I did get the sleep thankfully,but I've been babysitting and forced to watch silly cartoons all day ,🤦🤦 @alexanderpeace

 2 years ago 

Lolzzzz. I can imagine. Pele midiya

 2 years ago 



Hello everyone and greetings to my fellow LID reporters,hope we all are having a fun filled day just like my humble self over here.

Today is a good day for me since I didnt go to work so I had to attend a drama rehearsal in church as we plan ahead for our drama night.
Right now am still in church as some persons are on stage now


Stay tuned for more update because from church I will go to town to pick up something by then I can get my spotlight for today.

Until then,you're the best.

 2 years ago 

2nd Lid report
Location: Worldbank
Date:4th August 2021

Good afternoon to you dear lid reporters. How's your day going?!. Mine has been cartoon filled!


I think there's a conspiracy against me today!! If not how do you explain the fact that I'm home babysitting my little sister who wants to do nothing but watch cartoon?!.
My immediate younger sister left early this morning shortly after my mum saying they'll be back in time,but it's 3:20pm and none of them are back yet so apparently my appointments for today have been cancelled.
Because all things work together for my good I've utilized the time at home to sleep,pray and make a contest entry.
Prayerfully the rest of the day will be amazing. Till I come your way again....adiós!!

 2 years ago (edited)

2nd lid report
Time: 3:. 45
Location: Lagos

Good evening everyone. Trust your day is coming on well. I had spaghetti for breakfast and when I was done, I made some healthy drink of pumkin juice and beetroot juice. I proceeded to rest alittle while trying to Steem but had network challenges. This evening I proceeded to go to the mall to get some personal items. This is the pic of the mall and the people inside shopping.


When am done with my shopping. I'll be heading home to cook dinner. My day beens great so far. Hope your own evening is coming on well as mine.

 2 years ago 

3rd lid post
Time: 6:25pm

Good evening everyone. The day has been busy and I was at the mall earlier for a little shopping. On my way home I captured the traffic. The road is always busy in the evenings, it's rich hour and everyone is rushing home from the day's work. I was stuck in the traffic again.

The traffic was quite long and going home was more of a slow and steady movement. When I get home, I intend to eat oha soup and semovita for dinner. I would also make out time to do some contest and maybe breeze into crypto academy before retiring for the night. Hope your day has been worth the while.

Do have a good night rest.

 2 years ago 

3rd Lid report
Location: Owerri
Time: 08:06pm
Date: 4th August 2021

Evening greetings dearly beloved Lid reporters. Like I told you in my earlier reports,it's been a stay at home day,though not by choice.
Everyone is back home and as a peace offering mummy bought me some cakes

She knows I love cakes and so she wants to bribe me with it.
Tomorrow morning very early I'll be leaving the house,they won't see it coming😂😂. They won't know what hit them. Hahaha
I hope you're having a wonderful evening?? Goodnight!!

 2 years ago 

3rd lid report

Date: 4/8/2021
Time: 7pm



As mentioned in my first lid report, I came back from my appointment, took my breakfast of tumeric, ginger and garlic. On my way to work I saw today's spotlight. I left work early today because of our midweek meetings. I got home late because of traffic on the road, I hurriedly joined the meeting without having lunch. Right now I've taken my dinner and already in bed.

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