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RE: Live and Direct Reporting for today 3/8/2021 and Tomorrow 4/8/2021

in SteemAlive3 years ago

Location :Akwanga Nasasrawa State
Time: 10: 20 am


Good morning everyone. How was your night? I woke up so gallant this morning, joined family morning devotion by 5:29 am and I made breakfast of potatoes and beans portage.

My plans for today are:

  • I'll be going to the shop
  • visit the market
  • go to the bank for some transactions
    But after a while, I began to feel weak and I had to retire back to bed.
    Right now I'm lying down due to the weakness of the body.

Hopefully I can go out after resting for a while.

 3 years ago 

You seem to have so much to do despite ur health situation. How to do feel now? Hope you were able to do what I wanted for the day. Do take care of yourself.

 3 years ago 

Thanks dear I was able to take some medication though I couldn't do much anymore.
Thanks for checking up on me.

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