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RE: Live and Direct Reporting for today 3/8/2021 and Tomorrow 4/8/2021

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Location: Aba




Good morning friends how was your night and your morning going, I hope you are good. I had a great night too. I woke up very early and I'm doing good this morning.

It's raining heavily this morning so I will wait for it to stop or reduce before going out since my activities today needs no rain. Today I will be at the site to continue the story building we started early last month here in Aba Abia state.

I shall keep you posted, have a wonderful day.

 2 years ago 

I hope the rain stops quickly so you can get on with your work. Cheers! @sirdeone10k

Good morning the smile on your face looks good. Here in Owerri, the cloud has gathered i and looks like it'll rain here too.
Have a wonderful day.

 2 years ago 

Hello mr @sirdeone10k,good morning to you and everyone in Enyimba city,the rain also extend down here in umuahia am just indoor writing thats all I can do until it stops,I hope it will stop soon so that you can go to work....

Take care of yourself boss.

 2 years ago 

Hope you day is coming on well. Just when I thought we've entered August break, the rain have started again. It's raining here too.

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