Nasarawa City Roadshow Day 5: 10% payout to @steemalive by @patience90

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Hello everyone, welcome to my blog today.
I must confess that I love Roadshows because it helps in building my relationship with people and also interact more with them by convincing them to join this great platform.




Whenever you see me with this bag with my bottle water and the promotional roll-up banner, just know that @patience90 is out and ready for steemit business.

My city Roadshow Day 5 was in College of Education Akwanga and commenced by 10:am though I got a little bit late because of my ride and I eventually met @desiredlady and @jwinny already doing the show and we quickly hanged our banner for more show.


Thanks to @jwinny our photographer

We continued our promotion because we felt there was no time to waste.
So the students seated were our first audience and also we stopped a group that was passing by.

The students were very much interested but some of them didn't have data so I encouraged them to wait a little bit for @charis20 because her data is shareable while I don't know why I can't share mine probably because my settings are tempered with.

While we were on it, @pato84 finally joined us and after a little while, our able coordinator @charis20 also joined.
@graciousgrace briefly came around before leaving because she was having lectures that took almost all her time today.




As a team, we put our heads together and we were able to sign up 8 newbies

@sharigutonot ready



Our refreshments today was coconut, date, biscuits, mirinda, water and cooked groundnuts.
Sorry I forget to get the pictures because everyone was busy and eating at the same time and didn't remember to snap.




By evening, I went to relock my dreads and my hairstylist was eager to know about the polo I was wearing and I never hesitate to share the good news but presently, her Smart phone is faulty and promised to fix it soon.




Those of us the roadshow were:
My day was stressful yet fulfilled because I was able to promote steemit in my city.

Cc: @steemalive

Best regards


That was how a road show should look like. It had a location, people participation, and new recruits. Not to forget refreshments. That was a very good write up

 2 months ago 

Thank you sir

We have supported this post. Keep on making great content in our community. Always check @steemalive for community updates. Thank you being an active member.

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