Curation Report Week #02 by The7up [Steem Growth Community Curators for May 2022]

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06 May to 12 May

There is always a new beginning! We might be closing off on week two but week three is afresh and waiting for us.

Week two left us with ample posts to read, check and curate.

We encourage Steemian to keep on writing and do even better in the week ahead.

A short feedback on the two tags curated by The7Up’s;

#steemgrowthWe’ve see a constant increase in the number of quality posts using this tag.
#contestIt’s clear that the Steemians are enjoying the challenge contests. There are a lot of posts which includes this tag.

When you have a dream, you’ve got to grab it and never let go.” – Carol Burnett

Another week has gone by with jobs greatly done! Thank you team!

  1. The rule set for the Voting CSI

  2. The user must have above 5% of Voting CSI and not be above 5% self-votes.

    We will keep on encouraging those with a Voting CSI of less than 5%

  3. Curating and rewarding good comments

  4. The7Up will be curating and rewarding good comments. By supporting good comments we hope to create better interaction on posts by encouraging Steemians not only to comment on qualified posts but to also to comment well.

    We’ve expected more quality interaction between Steemians. There are still a lot of replies which does not qualify for an upvote. On the other hand there are replies which were brilliant and which started conversations.

  • Total Number of curated posts: 167

  • Vote distribution according to tags

  • Countries Covered: 20

  • Communities Covered: 35

  • Comments Covered: 16

Author :@huzaifanaveed1
Club : #club100
Post Link : A meeting between Steemians...
Nominated by : @klen.civil

This post tells about a very valuable experience in meeting with various steemians, especially in their country and of course a lot of knowledge gained so that the maximum steem growth occurs with a commitment to the power ups that it does.- @klen.civil

The curation window of this post close today.


Author : @aaliarubab
Club : #club5050
Post Link : How Steem Changed my life
Nominated by : @ngoenyi

@aaliarubab is among those that Steemit has helped change their circumstances in life ever since they joined steemit. Since then, he has been extending the same kindness he received from Steemit to those around him by promoting STEEM to them. He has recruited a lot of people to Steemit. Try to read his post and find out yourself. When I curated his post with SC07, his voting CSI was (?) nothing and I advised him to upvote others. As at the time of this selection, his voting CSI is 14.1. So he took the advice. - @ngoenyi

The curation window of this post close today.


Author :@teukuipul87
Club : #club5050
Post Link : Plan and Targets with Steemit
Nominated by : @disconnect

Whatever we do, we need some sort of a plan to execute it better. It can definitely evaluate our progress. In @teukuipul87 post, he looked back on his journey of one year in Steem and set certain targets to improve his future on this platform. - @disconnect


Author :@nimrazahid
Club : #club75
Post Link : How Steem Changed my life
Nominated by : @haidermehdi

The post structure is good. The words are clear and writing is sound. I found the contest entry following all the rules with proper description of how has Steemit changed her life. The use of dividers and markdown styles grabbed my attention. Moreover, the graphical work and use of pictures caught my attention too. - @haidermehdi


Author :@ sailawana
Club : #club75
Post Link : My Power up and dolphin loading
Nominated by : @patjewell

What I absolutely love about @sailawana is her determination. She is not going to give up until she has reached a higher club level and dolphin status. You go girl! - @patjewell


Author :@malihafarhan
Club : #club75
Post Link : Traditional Food - Sushi
Nominated by : @kiwiscanfly

I really enjoyed reading this post as it was laid out really well, the food shown in the pictures looked really nice. This restuarant is one that I want to visit now - @kiwiscanfly


Author :@afrizalbinalka
Club : #club75
Post Link : What is your strategy to optimize technology
Nominated by : @harferri

Technological developments have proven to provide great benefits for entrepreneurs. Businesses that cannot maximize technological progress will find it difficult to develop, it takes the right strategy to maximize information technology for the progress of business ventures. - @harferri



@disconnect #club100 | @haidermehdi #club100 | @harferri #club100 |
@kiwiscanfly #club100 | @klen.civil #club5050 | @ngoenyi #club75 | @patjewell #club100

Thank you.


Thanks dear for the best reports

You are welcome! :-)

 15 days ago 

Wonderful compilation as usual. Thanks @patjewell for the job well done

Thank you my friend! Together Team7Up is making progress!

Thanks for the report.. great work my friend. #7up

Thank you for work well done in week 2!

Thank you so much for nominating my post. You have wonderful report. I'm sure you and your team are working hard.
Always humble to @ngoenyi ♥️

Excellent Weekly #2 report for the Steem Growth Community theme by The 7up team. We hope that this team will continue to progress and be successful in carrying out their duties as Curation Team...👍😊

Awh thank you! I am pretty sure that all the members of The7Up's will appreciate your feedback.
A compliment goes a long way! Thank you!

You're Welcome 👍😊

Very good report. Your team covered many users for Curation.

Thank you for your feedback. It is appreciated!

@steemcurator05 - I have a question: You certainly do a difficult job - respect for that! But you don't communicate much...?

Yesterday I received a vote from you for my last article:


I got the notification and yes, I was happy. A few minutes later the vote disappeared again. This did not appear as a notification, I have to go to Steemworld for that:


And now I stand there: perhaps I can think of a number of reasons that led to this. Maybe it was simply a mistake that can happen and has been corrected. It's all okay - I'd just like to know. If there is a concrete reason, it should be described - otherwise it's hard to work on improvements. Other curatorial teams do this almost reflexively ;-))

Ich habe eine Frage: Ihr macht bestimmt einen schwierigen Job - Respekt dafür! Aber Ihr kommuniziert wenig...?

Gestern erhielt ich ein Vote von Euch für meinen letzten Artikel:


Ich bekam die Benachrichtigung und ja, ich freute mich. Wenige Minuten später verschwand das Vote wieder. Dies erschien nicht als Mitteilung, dafür muß ich die Steemworld bemühen:


Und nun stehe ich da: vielleicht kann ich mir eine Reihe von Gründen ausdenen, die dazu führten. Vielleicht war es schlicht ein Fehler, der passieren kann und korrigiert wurde. Alles okay - ich wüßte es nur gerne. Wenn es einen konkreten Grund dafür gibt, sollte der beschrieben werden - sonst kann man schwer an Verbesserungen arbeiten. Andere Kuratoren-Teams machen das quasi reflexartig ;-))

Thanks for the observation, @weisser-rabe. It was an error from one of our curators.


You can have an overview of the report through this link:

That being said, the account voted on your article again about an hour ago. Take a look at it below.


Thank you for the prompt reply!

Thanks a lot - that's the kind of communication I like very much!

Alright, friend.

Thank you for your correspondence.
I can assure you that we are indeed all human :-)
As for @steemcurator05, I am sure one of their team members will respond to your reply shortly.

Fine ;-)) Let's wait!

And you got your reply :-)
Keep on steeming!!

Yesss! Well done.

 15 days ago 

A good report with some good selected posts.

 11 days ago 

Thanks for the encouragement dear boss, we will keep doing our best

Thank you! Your feedback is appreciated.

Thank you for choosing my post in the list :))

You are welcome! Keep on writing and producing great articles!

Thanks for choosing my post and give the attention. Its really means so much for me

Just keep on doing what you doing.. writing quality posts, interact with other Steemians and upvoting and you will reach those goals shortly.
All the best!

Thanks for your advice and support. I wiil do all my best. 😊

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