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The entire team of curators that are part of the community curation team 03 selected for this month of January today are pleased to greet you to bring you the details of what was the second week of this month in support of all those active steemians within the different activities that steemit offers every week for the enjoyment of its users.

That is why today we share with you the results obtained in the support provided to all those users who are 100% content authors and who give life to this digital medium, we also wanted during this week to contribute to those steemians who are always willing to give a little more and interact through great comments.

For this we want to share the results of all the contribution provided by our team during this week, a distribution that guarantees support to users from different countries and communities.

This month there will be 2 leaders who will take the reins of this team, we will alternate the weeks for the preparation of the reports, @wilmer1988 thank you for being my right hand in this month friend.

Guidelines TEAM 1 (13).png

We join the teams that soften the rule of 300 words per publication, come on, there is a lot of quality outside of 300 words too.

Not being part of a club can be limiting to receive support, some users don't even know how to be part of one or are gathering steem to return to their club, a helping hand for them.

We remain focused on finding good posts to reward.

Guidelines TEAM 1 (14).png

Total selected posts this week: 176 (great number guys!)

Diseño sin título - 2023-01-30T073711.035.png

  • Distribution of votes according to club status:

Diseño sin título - 2023-01-30T073826.954.png

  • Distribution of votes according to countries :20 countries covered.

Diseño sin título - 2023-01-30T073737.063.png

  • Distribution of votes according to communities: 30 communities supported.

Diseño sin título - 2023-01-30T073725.078.png

  • Distribution of votes according to TAGS: 70 TAGS supported.

Diseño sin título - 2023-01-30T073808.127.png

  • Number of votes for comments: 16 / Average percentage of votes per publication: 10%

Guidelines TEAM 1 (16).png

We believe that good comments should also be highlighted in this report, so we decided weekly to add a small space to recognize the best comment of the week, maybe there can be a little motivation for him too :)

January (3).png

Guidelines TEAM 1 (15).png

Author : @udyliciouz
Club : #club100
Post Link : Social Studies lesson: People and thier Environment
Nominated by : -goodybest

The user took her time to teach the kids the different types of environment that we have which is the physical and social environment, not only this she went ahead and explain that the physical environment make up of natural and man-made environment. she ended the lesson with a homework, I feel she should be rewarded more. please the curation window for this post has expired

The curation window of this post is closed.

Author : @elider11
Club : #club5050
Post Link : #sv-recreación/Dia de Cumpleaños de mi Amada!
Nominated by : -wilmer1988

The friend @ elider11 has shared with us on this occasion a very special day where love was the protagonist of the beloved's 37th birthday, a day where in jubilation he was present in every detail dedicated to pleasing that special person who accompanies him every day. day, the toast had no comparison

The curation window of this post is closed.

Author : @mvchacin
Club : #club75
Post Link : "Steemit Engagement Challenge | S7W3 | Food Diary Game".
Nominated by : -msharif

This is a food diary game post. Here is a post about everything he ate throughout the day. She took selfies with her favorite foods and tried to tell everyone about how nutritious they are. All in all a very nice post.

The curation window of this post is closed.

Author : @marulobo
Club : #club5050
Post Link : Camino al Museo de Botero con mi mamá
Nominated by : -nahela

La usuaria nos comparte la alegría de compartir paseos y salidas con su mamá, en esta oportunidad conocieron el museo de Botero ubicado en Bogotá, los espacios son muy bonitos y gratos para conocer, un museo que posee 208 obras de arte de las cuales 123 son de Fernando Botero y 85 son de otros artistas famosos a nivel internacional como Picasso, Monet, Dali, Giacometti, bastante interesante para conocer.

The curation window of this post is closed.

Author : @mdkamran99
Club : #club100
Post Link : Papercraft : Paper frogs are made
Nominated by : -ruthjoe

the user made a beautiful paper craft, showing us step by step of how he made it, the materials he used to make it and brief information of the camera used. crafts are beautiful.

This post is in its 4th day.

Author : @jotatrading
Club : #club5050
Post Link : Steemit Crypto Academy Contest / S7W3 - Understanding Crypto Trading
Nominated by : -damithudaya

The user has joined the steemit engagement challenge of SteemitCrtproAcademy, about crypto trading. He has given a in-depth analysis about trading, principals and strategies, the method of using fundamental and technical analysis, tools for that and also about the Risk Management Concepts. Overall he has a good understanding about the theme and he has used his knowledge to provide a detailed report

This post is in its 4th day.

Author : @miswarofficiall
Club : #club5050
Post Link : News & Promotion || Beberapa Baju Dari Muffinhooks X Twentyfour Lhokseumawe
Nominated by : -harferri

This post looks simple in appearance, but the contents are very focused and detailed in presenting the marketing strategy for the "muffinhooks" clothing store. Those of you who want to get free t-shirts can participate by promoting the sale of t-shirts from that store through your social media.. Good luck!

We are happy to show the work we have done this week, team #03 says goodbye.

@nahela @harferri @goodybest @wilmer1988 @ruthjoe @damithudaya @msharif


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Thank you for a very good report and selection of posts.

Your post has been rewarded by the Seven Team.

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