Weekly Report December 27, 2021 to January 02, 2022 By CR Venezuela @inspiracion

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Hello dear friends. Today I am going to share with you the activities carried out during this week as a representative of the country.


Activity in the Steem Venezuela Community

In the Steem Venezuela community, I continue to contribute daily votes to community participants, to contribute to the support of members with votes and comments.

I have the responsibility of preparing the Top 5 of the kitchen, which takes place every Tuesday, in which I support the publications by curating with the community account and with my own.

I have selected for this top 5, every week, post from those users who comply with the #club5050.

Here you can see the Top of kitchen published by me from the Steem Venezuela account:

Top 5 Martes 28/12/2021 de Cocina - #sv-cocina

Additionally, this month I have also selected 10 to 8 additional posts to be supported with the trail which aims to provide meaningful feedback.

These publications are reestemed to the @ sv-beca account, to receive support there:

@karla-jaen#SV-COCINA Preparando Nuestras Hallacas en Familia #CLUB5050
@sol02👩‍🍳Martes de Cocina/Ricas Tostaditas de Plátano 🍌/Club5050/ por @sol02
@roquiroMartes de #sv-cocina: elaborando unas ricas chupetas artesanales#Club5050. @roquiro
@eurikar#sv-cocina ||Martes de Cocina - Carne en Salsa Negra|| #club5050 por: @eurikar
@nedikeyMartes de #sv-cocina: Rico y Sabroso " Pastel con Pasas" 🎂🍰😋para una cena Navideña🎄🎅🏼🎄😊🤗😋 por @nedikey💫💛. #Club5050
@tarazona14Martes de Cosina//Rico Jugo de Naranja con Papelón por @tarazona14.
@andreinaaraqueMARTES 28-12-2021// #Sv-Cocina👩‍🍳 : Paso a paso de como realizar una deliciosa ensalada de gallina para nuestros platos navideños 🥗 @andreinaaraque #CLUB5050


Activities in Newcomers Community

In the community of newcomers, in addition to collaborating with Steemcurator03 verifications and cures, the main task will be to work so that the achievement verifications are carried out in the best possible way, ensuring the reliability of our teamwork as greeters, helping to newcomers to integrate effectively, supporting them in the elaboration of achievements and guiding them for their successful development within Steemit.

It is also seeking to make correct use of the resources of Steemcurator03.

To do this, the goal is to reduce acts of abuse such as plagiarism and fake accounts.

All of this is a team effort that will be done in a coordinated manner, for which I am giving my support.

This week I maked the Graduation Showcase of Newcomers Achievement Program. This list includes all those newcomers who have completed the program. Below you can see the graduates for the month of December:

Graduation Flat Card.png
Graduation Showcase of Newcomers Achievement Program : Batch December 2021

This week I also have guided the participants in the elaboration of their achievements and I have carried out achievement checks from 1 to 6.

Here you can see the report for this week:

Steem Greeters Tasks Report, and Curation With Steemcurator03/ December 23 to December 30


Curation with Steemcurator05

Weekly I participate in the curatorship for Latin America corresponding to Steemcurator05. This days do 20 healings.

This month I have selected the publications of the users who are active with the project the # betterlife and the # thediarygame.

Of these users, only those who are participating in # club5050 were selected.

Here is the report for this days:

Azul y Negro Fitness Para Temas Masculinos Publicación de Facebook.png
Curation Report with @steemcurator05 for Latin America / December 31


Curation with my account @inspiracion:

Next I show you the distribution of the votes made by me, during the week of December 27, 2021 to January 02, 2022:

Screenshot 2022-01-05 001941.png

@inspiracion by https://steemyy.com/outgoing/


Other contributions on Steemit:

This week write a post explaining three basic elements to be successful in Steemit: Consistency, commitment and creativity.

Te invito a probar esta formula en Steemit, para el 2022 Consistencia, compromiso, creatividad.png
Te invito a probar esta fórmula en Steemit, para el 2022: Consistencia, Compromiso y Creatividad


This is my report from last week:

Amarillo y Azul Graduación Gorro Agradecimiento Tarjeta (3).png
Weekly Report December 20 to December 26, 2021 By CR Venezuela @inspiracion


In my role as country representative, the most important thing is to support and help steemians, especially those who need help or are just starting out, I hope to continue in this activity that I enjoy doing.

This is a brief summary of the main activities that I currently carry out in Steemit. Any suggestion or recommendation I will be grateful to read in the comments.

Thank you always for the trust.

My best regards.

separadorcurva - Copy.png

Thank you so much.


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Hello mam as I am going through some financial crisis I want the role of greeter !

 last year 

Hi @monz122, we are not needing greeters at the moment.

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