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Dear All...

As the first publication about recommendations for booming support for members who publish content on the Steem For Betterlife Community, we convey that every post in this community will receive appreciation for the publication written with Reference to the announcement released by the Steemitblog..

In the latest update, Steem For Betterlife Community gets space at level 2 so that it has 4 posts that can be submitted for boom vote support. For this reason, we urge users to continue to improve creativity, innovation and other educational content so that they deserve support.

We aim to encourage every user to grow and develop in this community, so users should continue to synergize with our main goal.

We only select post recommendations to get booming support from posts that meet the requirements, such as joining a club, free from plagiarism, not using bot services, Verified User and #steemexlusive

The requirements above will be reviewed according to the development of the Steem For Better Life community

Here are 4 posts we submitted for booming support

Article : Better Life with Steem" ||"THE DIARY GAME"|| "15 February 2023"My painful day"
Author : @monirm
Club status : #club75


Article :THE DIARY GAME | Reuni dengan Pejabat Provinsi dan Hadiri Pesta di Aron
Author : @zainalbakri
Club status : #club100


Article : Arsenal 1:3 Manchester City. IS IT THE TURNING POINT FOR MAN CITY TO TAKE OVER?
Author : @edmund.nef
Club status : #club100


Article : The Diary Game : 16.02.2023
Author : @sohanurrahman
Club status : #club5050

Hopefully with the election of this post more and more Steem For Better Life members will join club5050 or club75 or club100 and support the World Smile Project (WSP) program and improve the quality of posts, Thank you

Every post published on Steem For Better Life will mostly be curated with the @steembeteerlife community account, to increase voting power we open opportunities for steem account users to invest by delegating Steem Power to the @steembeteerlife account

Delegation link for @steembetterlife


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 3 months ago 

Hello Sir I am very happy that I am being supported by this Steem For Betterlife community and my post has been selected for booming support. Thank you very much to all the admin moderators of this community. Thanks everyone.

 3 months ago 

Congratulations to all selected post authors

 3 months ago 

Congratulations to all the contestants who won. Also, best wishes to all those who participated in the competition and hope to win next time.

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