Steemit Update [ February 2nd, 2023 ] : Booming Support Communities

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Thank you to all the communities who took the time to submit applications for @booming support.

There were 29 applications in total.

The great news is that with a new three tier structure, all the communities that applied will be able to receive some level of @booming support.

Booming Support Communities

The communities selected for @booming support are…

Tier 1

These are established communities who are performing well, with good active user bases.

Tier 1 communities will receive 6 @booming votes per day…


Comunidad Latina

Incredible India

Recreative Steem

Scouts y sus Amigos



Steem for Bangladesh

Steem Kids & Parents

Steemit Iron Chef

Steem for Pakistan

Steem Venezuela

World of Xpilar

Tier 2

These are established communities who have scope for improvement.

Tier 2 communities will receive 4 @booming votes per day…

Hot News

Italy Community

Steem Entrepreneurs

Steem for Better Life

Steemit Travel

Steem SEA

Tier 3

These are established communities who have significant weaknesses but can be improved, as well as new up and coming communities.

Tier 3 communities will receive 2 @booming votes per day…

Hind Whale Community

Steem Cameroon


Steem for Ladies

Steem Indonesia


Steemit Health

Steemit Philippines

Urdu Community

We also hope to continue to give support to the Make Noise project…

Booming support is given through votes from the @booming01-04 accounts, which each have 1.5 million Steem Power.

Participating communities are invited to submit the best quality posts each day to receive the votes from the @booming accounts.

Individual authors (including Admins, Mods and Community Accounts) should not receive more than two @booming votes per week from any single community.

Please would the leader of each selected community confirm acceptance in a comment below and include their contact details (Discord / Telegram).

Improving Communities

There are many factors that go into making a successful community.

These have been discussed at length in previous posts.

The one area we would like to highlight this time where a significant number of communities fell short was moderation.

Through the Engagement Challenge particularly communities have developed very effective and standardised methods for giving moderation comments to posts.

Many communities have adopted this approach very effectively for all posts - not just for the Engagement Challenge.

We would like to see more of this. In fact we believe good communities should moderate and comment on every post.

This sort of active moderation will definitely help communities grow and improve.

We will be taking this very much into consideration as we continually review the support given to different communities.

The other factor that we would mention again is key ownership.

For a community to grow, and be fully trusted, all the keys need to be held by more than one person.

This will go some way to help prevent the unfortunate incidents where some very large communities were closed down suddenly and all the funds in the community accounts were extracted by a single community admin or founder.

We are planning to take a much more active role monitoring and reviewing the communities receiving @booming support.

Any communities not performing well, or not following guidelines, may have their support reduced or dropped altogether.

Likewise communities that show significant improvement and growth may have their @booming support increased.

We hope the selected communities will make good use of the Booming Support.

We look forward to seeing continual progression and development of all communities.

Keep following @steemitblog for news about Country Representatives coming up soon.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


To all communities selected for @booming support...

We would like each community to produce a weekly report, on their community account, showing all the posts nominated for @booming votes.

Please also include an indication of who in the community team selected each post.

Please spread the word on this.

Thank you

Thank you very much for the mention and the information. God Bless! 😇

Nice comment

The information is well noted and we would act accordingly by giving proper feedback on our selections weekly, in the most effective way possible. All members of our team would be notified about this for proper reporting. Thanks to the Steemit team.



Well noted and acknowledged.

You are right.

Thank you very much for your guide. We will do this according to these guidelines. We will post a weekly report, which includes the number of weekly active users, a table list of boom recipients and screenshot proof of the list of votes by BOOMING. I hope my team can work optimally on this.

cc @ripon0630 @ashkhan ♥️♥️♥️🚀🚀🚀

Thank you for mentioning, we will follow all the guidelines and make a weekly report of all the selected users for booming support. We will do our best.

It's the obligation of the community to provide accurate and transparent information to all users of the Steem Entrepreneurs Community page. Thank you for the feedback from @steemitblog and @steemcurator01. The official community account @steempreneurship will make a weekly @booming support report according to the instructions from the Steemit Team.

Understood :)
We will pay much more attention to this so that the work we do is even more transparent, I know we have neglected this a bit but it will not happen anymore.
Thanks again for the support.

Okay, thanks a lot for the guidance. We will surely follow all the guidelines and also this one by producing a comprehensive report of the Booming Support throughout the whole week.

Cc: @malikusman1, @chiabertrand, @simonnwigwe, @solaymann, @faran-nabeel, @jueco.

Yes, of brings joy to be in this position

Yes why not brother, we will build a good community by following these rules, Congratulations to all of us, Have a nice day.

We will ensure to use this booming support judiciously and according to the rules without any favoritism or biased... We got to serve steemit with professionalism

Thank you so much for update. We will follow all the guidelines and post weekly report as we are already doing this.

Noted, Our all team acknowledge this information and we will surely prepare our weekly report about booming support.


We will follow these instructions.

La Comunidad #Scouts y sus amigos en cuenta de ello. Gracias por la nota.

Have noticed the rules, we will do weekly report with posts and nominating Moderators, the post will be issued from community account @worldofxpilar.

Thank you,

Nice comment

We are grateful to have been re-elected for the Booming support (tier 2) and this decrease is a special note for us community administrators to make better improvements in the future. Especially for moderation, in our opinion so far it's been pretty good, maybe there are other considerations from the Steemit Team. We accept and are committed to following rules and policies.


Thanks to the Steemit Team for this great opportunity, regards.


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Terima kasih atas dukungan dan kepercayaan yang Anda berikan untuk komunitas Steem SEA. Berikut ini kontak kami
Telegram : @anroja
Discord : anroja#7253

Selamat untuk komunitas yang terpilih.


Congratulations, your comment has been successfully curated by @irawandedy at 5%.

Thank you for trusting the Steem For Better Life Community again as one of the communities receiving support from @booming.

We will strive to improve our performance to be even better.

Discord: sofian88#1715

Cc; @heriadi @irawandedy


Congratulations, your comment has been successfully curated by @irawandedy at 5%.

Thank you very much for the tier 2 Booming Support and by God's grace we will be improving soon until the next application.

Here is my Discord Username:


On behalf of the Steem4Nigeria community, we appreciate the Steemit team for selecting the community in tier 1 of the booming support once again.

We will continually abide by the rules of the booming program and ensure quality articles in our community are given fair treatment by nominating them based on their efforts.

In essence, every legit user in our community that has published quality content would enjoy the daily selections without breaking the weekly max limit for a user. Thank you for the lovely initiative. We #steem-on.

Discord: fredquantum##3622.

Felicidades a nuestros amigos de Steem4nigeria, muchos éxitos en esta nueva etapa. A seguir promoviendo el crecimiento de los usuarios y de la comunidad.

Nuestros mejores deseos para todos.


Felicidades de Steem4Nigeria, bendiciones y éxitos en esta nueva etapa con el apoyo de los votos de auge, a seguir apoyando a los usuarios. Son una gran comunidad.

Thank you for your support for the Steem community for better life, We accept the Steem community for better life as Booming Support Communities

discord : heriadi#1116

Thanks a lot dear Steemit team for selecting and trsuting our community, Steem4Bloggers in the tier 1 of the Booming Support. We ensure you that we will improve even more and try out best to use this opportunity with great responsibility and sincerity. Thanks again.

My Discord: steemdoctor1#7159

Cc: @malikusman1, @chiabertrand, @kouba01, @simonnwigwe, @solaymann, @jueco, @faran-nabeel. CONGRATULATIONS GUYS.

Congratulations to all the other selected communities as well.

Congratulations sir 💌

Many thanks to the Steemit team for choosing our community, Steem4Bloggers, in Tier 1. We really appreciate it. I assure you that we will continue to do our best, and we will definitely support quality content with booming support. We accept this support.

Discord = malik usman#9093

Congratulations to us, with a happy mind we accept this responsibility.

Thanks to the steemit team for this trust 😊

Congratulations to all of us, Thank you so much steem team for this opportunity.

Woow woow this is absolutely encouraging
.. congratulations to our dearest community Steem4Bloggers

Thank you for trusting us again as one of the communities receiving booming support. Hopefully we can continue to develop our community.

Hot News Community's Admin
Telegram: @radjasalman
Discord: radjasalman#2911

We appreciate your continued confidence in the #Hindwhale community as one of the selected communities for @booming support. We acknowledge and agree to abide by all laws and regulations.
Discord :
@cryptogecko : cryptogecko#3308
@deepak94: deepak94#7616
@lavanyalakshman : lavanyalakshman#0089
@pathanapsana: pathanapsana#5145
@pea07: Piya#4397

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