#Burnsteem25 : Markdown Style Contest - One Day With Your Family (Second Edition)

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Markdown Style Contest : One Day With Your Family (Second Edition)

Background and Main Purpose of the Contest

One Day With Your Family.png

With many Newcomers and dormant users who have reactivated themselves on this platform and on this very good occasion the presence of the Community STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE which one of the goals is to share knowledge related to several rules from the steemit platform. We are here to offer steemians to share knowledge related to the use of Markdown, which will bring up very neat writings on all steemian blogs.

The aims of this mark down contest are as follows:

  1. Interesting steemian beginners to learn ways to use markdown to beautify the appearance of writing in posts.
  2. Increase the activity of steemit users on the Community STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE
  3. Learning for us fellow community members and for those who are actively interacting with fellow steemians across communities
  4. Advancing the community and attracting the interest of steemian to join and raise STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE


  1. Must post in the Steem For Betterlife community and have been verified as a member or delegate
  2. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited (meaning the content must be exclusive and original with the #steemexclusive sign)
  3. All relevant languages ​​are allowed
  4. Show and tell your activities in one day with your family
  5. Use at least 4 original photos of your activities
  6. The words used in this contest are no less than 200 words
  7. Use Post Title Markdown Style Contest : One Day With Your Family - Your Activity Name
  8. You must use the tag #markdownstyle, among your 4 tags
  9. Contest entrants must distribute 25% of their submitted prizes to a charity account, namely @worldsmile
  10. Participants may not use any auto-vote services.
  11. Participants must meet the requirements of #club5050 #club75 or #club100
  12. Paste your post link in this post to make searching easier besides searching using the #markdownstyle tag as a guide
  13. Upvote and resteem this post
One Day With Your Family.gif

Prize Pool :

  1. Booming Support For The Best 5 Posts
  2. Surprise from steemcurator01 in the form of positive votes if your content is considered interesting.

Jury :

Note :

  1. We can't guarantee that the winners will get support from @steemcurator01 or @steemcurator02
  2. The more you use the markdown type and explain it, the greater your chances of getting the grand prize and the more you edit the post, the less chance you have of winning.
  3. The jury's decision is irrevocable
  4. This contest will end on August 16, 2022 West Indonesia time

Conclusion and Expectations of the Contest:

Every steemian will be able to make interesting posts by using various types of makrdown that are available on the steemit platform and can share their knowledge with other steemians.

Markdown Related Links

  1. Achievement 4 : Applying Markdown by @cryptokannon
  2. Panduan Penulisan Achievement 4 : Penggunaan Markdown Bagi pendatang baru by @heriadi

Cc : @pennsif

Signed, Contest Organizer

Klen Civil


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