Contest #2 | Should mothers be the one with sole responsibility to take care of children?

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Greetings steemfamily and happy weekend, I bring to you all again another contest. The last one was really exciting and I learnt a lot on how to settle dispute. Thank you all for your participation. It was a beautiful one.

This week we are going to be looking at taking care of the children in the family. We all have the traditional thinking that only the women should take care of the children, so I want to know from you:

  • should women alone take care of the children? What's your take on this?

  • Should this practice still continue?

  • is there advantage when the male gender takes care of the children also?

  • what's your take about the contest topic?

It's a debate, you can either support or go against. I'm ready to read from both views.

Contest Rule

  • subscribe and make your post in steemit family community

  • mention me in your post

  • write at least 250 words

*one entry per person

Contest reward

1st winner - 5 steem
2nd winner- 3 steem
3rd winner - 2 steem

The contest ends October 22nd ,2021, 11:59pm nigerian time. Let's the entry keep rolling in, let's learn from each other.




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 last year 

nice contest, good luck,,,😀😀

 last year 

Thank you so much.

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