Twitter Promotion Weekly Report For Steem Marketing Community (19 June 2023 - 25 June 2023)

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Dear Steemians

Warm greetings and Prosperity to all of us, I hope we are in good health and always blessed. At the meeting I will present weekly reports on Steemit promotions via Twitter in the Steem Marketing Community. The report contains all active users in the Steem Marketing Community who have published quality content and shared the results of their posts on Twitter.

Steem Marketing currently has 7,573 subscribers with 23 active posts in the past week. Steem Marketing also gets curated support from the BOOMING account where we will recommend 2 selected posts every day. We are always working hard to advance the Steemit Platform and provide input and suggestions for newcomers to Steemit, especially in the Steem Marketing Community.

In general, the content that is shared on Twitter is the latest news that is very extraordinary, namely about Steemit. Steemit was chosen to be one of the trending and most popular content on Twitter. Utilizing Twitter as a forum for Steemit Growth in the form of Steemit Promotion is a very appropriate step to continue to advance Steemit in the future. Come on, let's do the movement together to make Steemit Great Again by means of which we must always actively promote Steemit on Twitter using our personal accounts.


List of Posts shared to Twitter

I managed to find tracking by manually checking every post published on the Steem Marketing Community page. In the following I will attach a report on the Steemit Promotion Via Twitter in the Steem Marketing Community for the past week starting from 19 June 2023 – 25 June 2023.

Post Links



By means of this latest edition of steemit promotion on Twitter, of course it will reach many other people around the world to join Steemit quickly because all of us in Steemit have the same hopes and goals, namely Advancing Steemit. Use the Twitter account that we have for the sake of advancing Steemit and sharing Steemit content by including #steemit #steem $steem in each of your Twitter posts.

𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤𝐬 !

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