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Greetings everyone, my pleasure participating in another contest organized by @promosi-steemit on the topic "my weekly tweet about Steem".


Promoting steemit is one of the ways through which I create awareness of the platform to millions of users, I Tweet all my weekly posts written on the platform for the past seven days. Today I want to give analysis on the posts I made and the reactions gotten so far from it.

My first tweet

Screenshot_20230620-062209_1.jpgtweet link

My first tweet post is on the special dress I will wear to have an interview with the number one user of this platform Steemit, in the post I wrote about the kind of material the dress was made with, the other material which I will combine it with and lastly the three questions which I will present to steemcurator01. It will interest you to know that this post got 15 views.

My second tweet

Screenshot_20230620-062214_1.jpgtweet link

On the post I wrote about my promotional activities over the week stressing that my recruitee didn't bulge to my demand of him joining the platform because of his inability to write. Promoting steemit is a great feat but finding users who has the ability to write articles of 200 to 300 words is another thing. Though now I re-strategized by promoting steemit to people I know that has passion for writing. This tweet got 11 views

My third tweet

Screenshot_20230620-062220_1.jpgtweet link

On this post I wrote on what I felt brothers are to the family, I wrote extensively on memories I share with my brother having been the only girl among four brothers. It will interest you to know that this post got 9 views.

My Fourth tweet

Screenshot_20230620-070331.jpgtweet link

On this tweet I wrote on my previous activities over here for the past seven days. This tweet got norminated as one of the best articles for the week by steemcurator04 account in which steemcurator01 voted the post. On the post I wrote on the reaction gotten from each tweet I made on twitter platform. One good thing about my tweets is the caption I normally give to it. The caption is always like an attractive words to users who will come across it. This tweet got 8 views

Conclusively, previously my tweets doesn't have the Steemit link which will help users understand what the tweet is all about and I really appreciate @promosi-steemit for the corrections and directions he gives me on how to make my tweet look more presentable.

Thanks for reading my post today and I invite @starrchris @dorothy213 and @imattew to participate in this contest.

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This is a manual curation from the @tipu Curation Project.
Also your post was promoted on Twitter by the account josluds

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Nice report, thank you for sharing and for your work :)

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Thanks dear friend for the good remark.

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Great job, thanks for participating in the contest, post verified.

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Thanks Sir.

Thank you for sharing posts, improve the quality of your posts and stay original.

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