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Hello Everyone:

2 days ago @steemitblog announced the last Event of the Year 2020. The Steemit platform has made great progress this year. In this development, there are great authors on the steemit platform, great communities and administrators who contribute to these communities. Steemit Team wants to choose "Best" in three different categories with this event and gives great prizes for these "Best".

What Are These Categories?

How Can You Support This Event SteemFoods Community and Me?

I am working hard to develop the SteemFoods Community that I founded 3 months ago. With the contests I organize in the SteemFoods Community, I support you by getting voting support for the food and cooking content you prepare. SteemFoods Community, which I have been working hard to develop for 3 months, is currently on the "Trend Communities" list of the steemit platform. I always try to support you with quality + steem-exclusive food and cooking content and now it's your turn to support :)

The Steemit Awards 2020 (1).png

You Can Support Us In Two Categories:

1-) Best Community: SteemFoods Community

2-) Best Contributor to the Community: @alikoc07

  • How Can I Nominate SteemFoods Community?

Using the tag #awards2020-community in a post you will prepare:

  • You can support us by writing Best Community: SteemFoods Community and briefly mentioning why you selected SteemFoods Community as a candidate, why SteemFoods Community is valuable to you, and how it changes your life.


How Can I Nominate @alikoc07 ?

I have worked intensively for 3 months to develop the SteemFoods Community and I am trying to support you by organizing a new contest, announcing the results of the contest, as an extra by selecting all the posts in the SteemFoods Community and choosing 'Best Posts of the Day' I spend most of my day developing the SteemFoods Community and therefore I want you to nominate me in the 'Best Contributor to the Community' category.

You can support me by writing Best Contributor to the Community: @alikoc07| and also briefly why you nominated me for this category. |

StemFoods Comunity Founder ! .png

Why Should You Support the SteemFoods Community at This Event?

The Best Community and Community account that won this event will win a 25K SP delegation. As you know, I also support the posts in the SteemFoods Community from the @steemitfoods account. We currently have a total of 23K SP on the @steemitfoods account and if we become the 1st winner of this contest, our strength will be closer to 50K SP and we will have twice the power. We have to win this contest to give you higher voting support. For more than 3 months I have been supporting you, our valuable participants, and now it is your turn to support. :)


  • Current SP of the @steemitfoods account: 22,912.61 SP

  • Current SP of the @steemitfoods account after winning the competition 47,912,61 SP

  • I have prepared an extra sample post from my personal account, you can also review this post.

Best Community of 2020: SteemFoods Community | Nominate and Support Us! |

Quick Delegation Links:

50 SP

100 SP

250 SP

500 SP

1000 SP

2500 SP


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I'm going to make posts on it, thank you so much for the guide 😊

 4 months ago 

Aqui te dejo mi apoyo amigo..!!

Compartido en Twitter


I will start preparing my post on it, thanks for the guide as it will direct me to make my post

Hello! I think this is a community that has been very well accepted and growing rapidly. The weekly contests are very attractive. You have done a great job.

 4 months ago 

Hola :

En los premios Steemit 2020; Puedes apoyarme preparando una publicación de nominación que apoye a la Comunidad SteemFoods y a mí. Puede preparar una publicación de nominación revisando la publicación a continuación.

Buenas noches aquí les dejo mi entrada y mis nominaciones a los premios. Saludos

Thanks @alikoc07, for the guide.
You are really the best contributor.

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