Steemit Engagement Challenge (SEC)-w14s1- Neglects in families, the effects on kids

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Dear esteemed parents, kids, and friends, we warmly welcome you all to season 14 week #1 of the steemit engagement challenge. We count it an honor to be one of the hosting communities.

This week, we want to talk about one of the problems that are seen in most families and the effects it can have on the kids.

Parents are the primary people who are responsible for the care of their children. While most parents spare no efforts in caring for their home and kids, others neglect this responsibility, thus, resulting in much negative effects to their families and kids. What do you think?

Contest Hints

👉What does neglect of responsibilities mean in a family🙇?

👉Have you been neglected or seen anyone neglected? What are the effects on the kids

👉Your advice to parents who neglect their responsibilities towards their kids.

👉Your advice to the kids who are neglected

Contest Rules

  • Entries to this contest are open to ALL Steemians

  • Post in the Steem kids and parents Community

  • Make sure that you follow club status (Club50/50, Club75, or Club100)

  • The title must be: Steemit Engagement Challenge (SEC) WK14:#1: Neglect in families, effects on kids

  • Write a post of at least 350 words in any language

  • Plagiarism, AGI content, and voting bots are prohibited!

  • Only your own or free copyright images (source mentioned)

  • Posts must be exclusive therefore use the #steemexclusive tags among the tags #steemkidsnparents-s14w1 #yourcountry #clubstatus

  • Leave the link to your entry post in the comment section of this post

  • Vote and resteem this post

  • Invite two of your friends to join the contest

  • Share 10% beneficiary to @steemkidss to support community growth, and we will love it! (optional)

  • As this is an engagement challenge posts should get at least 10 upvotes and 5 valid comments from other users to qualify as an entry at the end of the week and to stand a chance to win. We encourage you to vote and give quality comments (50+ words) on posts from fellow Steemians.

  • Authors must have shown active engagement with the posts of their fellow Steemians.

  • Quantity and quality are key and NOT most engaged.


The community will select 3 winners each week.

  • The top 3 weekly winners will receive 3 SP each with an extra prize votes from SC01

Participating time is from 00:00 (UTC) on 27th Monday to 23:59 (UTC) on Sunday 3rd December 2023.

Let's keep active and let's be positive, keep steeming with pride!


Best regards

@steem kids and parents Community team




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 3 months ago 

Interesting topic. Can't wait to participate.

 3 months ago 

Thank you. We are also waiting for your entry. Let's see how it goes

 3 months ago 

The contest concept idea is very extraordinary because with this idea we can take lessons from what all other steemit friends will share with their creative content..
Hoping that this life will be happier, we must give the best, especially for our family and children..
Good luck to all my best steemit friends in this community...

 3 months ago 

That's the essence of this topic. Thank you so much

 3 months ago 

Yes, you're welcome..
Hopefully we don't fall into the category of someone who neglects our family...

 3 months ago 

It's a really important topic.I will give my opinion in this topic.

 3 months ago 

We are waiting. Success

 3 months ago 

This my first time I want to participate in this engagement challenge contest, I wish myself good luck

 3 months ago 

So long as you have joined at least club5050 and your introduction post has been verified in newcomers community, you are eligible. Success in advance

 3 months ago 

It's going to be great. We have seen many or many have been victims of such negligence. A lot of knowledge will be gained from this and I will be able to appoint myself carefully in the future.

 3 months ago 

We are waiting to read the stories. We wish you all the best

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