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Dear members,

Days ago, we informed you that we are working on renewing the labels. As you know, labels play an important role in the first impression of a user. Curators also check labels while evaluating a post for curation.

Users who make an effort in powering-up their Steem and making delegations need some distinction. We can't overlook what they are contributing to the community and Steem itself. Therefore, we will now be labeling each member according to their Power-up level and Delegations.


What is a Power Up level?

Power up level is given according to the total Steem one has powered up in his/her entire Steemit journey. It doesn't include the Author SP. Here's how the levels will be allocated:

Power-Up Amount (sp)Level Number


What is a Delegation?

Delegation is an amount of your steem power that you lend to some other account. Delegator can take it back whenever he wants but he won't earn curation rewards for the delegated power. The Delegatee can earn the curation rewards of the borrowed steem power but can't do anything else with it.

Delegators miss out on curation rewards but Steemit Pakistan gives them delegation rewards.

We are giving a title to each delegator according to the amount delegated to @steemit-pak.

Delegation AmountTitle

Example: @username [ Silver Partner | PU-level 2]


Newcomers Title

Since newcomers cannot delegate or power-up in the initial days until they have earned some rewards. So newcomers who have gotten their achievement 1 verified will get a label Verified Newcomer.

Example: @username[Verified Newcomer]

Note: We expect all newbies to have a power up level and a delegation title as soon as they hit 50 reputation. Those with 50+ reputation but don't fall in any category of delegation or PU-level will not be labeled.

All newcomers or members without labels are requested to drop their achievement 1 link in the comments of this post.

Thank you!


 3 years ago 

Its a nice initiative.

Hello everyone
As im new on steemit ive posted my introduction post but i didnt get any response .
Can anyone guide me or tell me what mistake ive been doing

 3 years ago 

This is good initiative and I am happy that now I will get the label of power up level 1. Best wishes for this initiative.

 3 years ago 

Good step towards improving community Reputation.
Keep it up.

 3 years ago 

Pakistan steemit, without any doubt, is evolving to the next phase. Labels truly are the things that represent the individual working and effort for the community.

I truly hope that steemit Pakistan just keeps on growing and achieve new and upcoming challenges.

 3 years ago 
 3 years ago 

I have marked you as PU level 0 which means you have not powered up enough steem.

To increase your PU level, you shall have to power up at least 50 steem before you withdraw any steem.

Hope this will help you in getting better support.

 3 years ago 

Thank u Maam ! Thanks A lot
InshAllah i will soon increased Steem Power.

 3 years ago 

Hi Maam! "Varified✔️| Level 0 " Why didn't I get this label?

 3 years ago 

It's equivalent to your label.

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