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Dear Members,

A Very Happy New Year to all. We wish you a great Steemy year ahead. With new year in effect, we are looking forward to bring some new initiatives. One of which is this daily contest.

The purpose of this contest is to give you all a place to interact and share your views by just leaving a comment.

As mentioned in the title, it's going to be a No Rule Contest.

Topic: Name three Steemit users that you would like to meet and why?

What you have to do?

Answer the above question in a meaningful way in the comments of this post. Just don't do spamming.

What will you get?

Each author who has made a meaningful comment will get 0.5 steem.

Duration or Deadline

It is a daily contest. Duration will be approximately 24 hours or till the new contest post is published.

Happy Commenting!!

 9 months ago (edited)

1st. I would like to choose first @moeenali I am here on this platform because of him. He always guided and motivated me.

2nd. I want to meet mam @event-horizon. I like her personality very much. She is not only pretty but also her behavior is very impressive. We can guess from her every reply.

3rd. There is another lovely personality of this platform @mrsfurqan who always motivates me from their comments. I love sketching her diary and always looking at her sketch I wish I could make something like this. I want to meet her soon.

Thank you for appericiating my content 😍and mentioning me i also want to meet you😊

My pleasure dear hope we will meet in dreams lol 😂😂

 9 months ago 

Thank you so much dear for the mention. I would love to meet you as well for I want to know the person behind such impressive publications. (:

the first person I want to meet is @vaarishyy.becauae she is a motivating ans kind personality.
the second peeson i want to meet is @huzaifanavaeed1 .he win the best author award of 2021.i want to learn from his achievement and success .
the third one is @haidermhdi
i have read some posts of this person ,are full of life and energy. i' m impressed by him.
thank u

 9 months ago 

Thank you for mentioning

The usernames you have written is wrong. Change them so they can get notifications.


 9 months ago (edited)

JazaqAllah for considering me worthy of this honor. Commitment, dedication, walking in the right path and prayers.

 9 months ago 

JazakAllah bro :)
Let's meet soon IA :)

Fisrt Person which i want to meet She is @vvarishayy because i am self motivated bu her hard work and getting high achievement in very short period of time i want to learn from her experience that's why i want to talk him

I want to meet sir @haidermehdi i want to see this man and want to know that how he is spending his time on platform
I want to meet him because impressed by him

The third person i want to meat @huzaifanaveed1 because i as all we know that this guy win best author of 2021 awards so i want to know about his skill and way of posting i want to get help from him

 9 months ago 

Thank you yasin120

It means a lot to be praised by you guys. All praises due to Allah. JazakAllah

The username is haidermehdi. Writing correct usernames is important so one can get the notifications.

Yes siso i really motivated by you
Thank you for correction ❣️

JazaqAllah. I'd say the same to you as I told everyone else. It's belief in Allah that works out for me. I don't think I deserve even 1% of appreciation for my work. It's Him, all Him.

As a Muslim you are totally right brother because every for Allah but you're really deserve appreciation

 9 months ago 

I would love to share tips with you all :p Let's hope to meet some day IA :)

JazakAllah for the honor :)

Inshallah we will meet one day
Thanks for your 💕 love

 9 months ago 

@haidermehdi : I wanna meet him because he is such a generous person that I can't tell in words , he is super co-operative and hardworking person. He replies me and solve my queries whenever I message him , whenever i needs help he didn't refused and hepled me in solving the problems.

@hassanabid: I wanna meet hassanabid because he is such a kind guy as he always helping the newbies in the community and guides them rightly. When i came in this community he and @haidermehdi supported me alot and i am super gladful for that.

@huzaifanaveed1: I wanna meet him because i am so much inspired by him about the work he is doing in the community and i wanna ask him for some tips to be successful in this platform XD.

Inshallah i'll meet them soon.

 9 months ago (edited)

JazaqAllah for deeming me worthy of this. There's no secret ingredient of success. Commitment, dedication, prayers and having trust in yourself. The most important thing for me is belief in Allah. I believe it's Him who does this for me. I am not capable of achieving anything. Anyway, I'm always up for a meeting (only if I get time xDd)

 9 months ago 

@huzaifanaveed1 Ok ok sir when you got time let me know :D

 9 months ago 

I'd love to meet you too bro xD
JazakAllah for the mention :)

 9 months ago 

Ok sir soon insha'Allah :D

 9 months ago 

I would like to meet him, he was always supportive and cooperative, although long time no see
He is so nice, always there to help others, i want to meet him to get some success tips, in our life we always have inspiration from someone, he inspired me
He is so good on steemit pk, this guy is really working hard, all the time superactive, so i wish to meet him how he get success in short time period?

 9 months ago 

JazakAllah. Alhamdulillah :)

I am none to give you success tips :p If it's better for us Allah will give it to us :) Just believe in Him and have patience. Although, i never go back from fulfilling my responsibilities of guiding you all :)

We'll meet for sure and i'd do my best to guide you too IA :P

 9 months ago 

Thank you so much

 9 months ago 
  • The first person that I'd like to meet is ofcourse @event-horizon. She's always fun to be around.
  • Second person would be @sualeha . Although I don't know her personally but She's always giving off positive vibes through her comments on my posts.
  • Third person would be @lolitsmaryam because I really love her posts especially the food posts and I want to meet her and try those delicious foods. 😋
 9 months ago 

Thanks a lot dear ,it's means a lot for me 🥰🥰🥰 ,my positive vibes conveyed to you through comments ,if some one done different work then other always leaved good place and appreciated to others , actually we all like a family members ☺️☺️ when ever I read your blog I liked your way of writing , presentation .Again thanks dear ♥️.

 9 months ago 

Let's meet. :D

 9 months ago 

First I would like to meet @haidermehdi. Reason is that because he helps me alot in my journey he guide me very well when I was new here I have so confusions out there and I contact him he guide me very well so I really wanted to meet him and thanks him.

Second I want to meet @vvarishayy she is so kind hearted person she understand the problem nicely and gave solution that can help us out and her post is so informative and inspiring so I really want to meet her and learned more from her.

Third I want to meet @faibha I think she is so interesting her post is so well written and she is also student like me so I really want to meet her and have some discussion of journey on steemit.

 9 months ago 

Thank you naddiyaatif. It's an honor to be praised by you. Well selection of other two. I met haidermehdi, he's a nice person.

 9 months ago 

I will be so glad to meet you guys and learn more from you guys..

 9 months ago 

Thankyou :D

 9 months ago 

You're most welcome little girl :)
Jazakillah :)

I am happy to help you all :) Wish you great success ahead IA :) Just pray for me too :)

 9 months ago 

Thankyou so much for always guiding I will definitely pray for you :)

 9 months ago (edited)

Topic: Name three Steemit users that you would like to meet and why?

1st : @vvarishayy one of mine and many others favourite one hardworking, Best coordinator , author and ever green cute personality . Really wish to meet her.
2nd : @haidermehdi , Who is best ever founder of community and team leader. Wishing to give more success in life too. Also inspired from him.
3rd : @ashkhan my steemit friend and best ever helper . She live far away from my city Lahore but she is too close in my prayers .
All the best wishes to all my best three @steemit users.



 9 months ago 

Thank you uzma4882. I want to meet you too :) All praises is due to Allah. You made me smile by your comment.

 9 months ago 

Jazakillah :)) Great to have you all by my side :)
Would love to meet you too :)
Glad to know i inspired you too :p I am super surprised! Alhamdulillah :p

First i would like to mention @event-horizon i want to meet her because she is so humble whenever i need help she is always there to answer and guide me.

Second @seapearl is a person whom i want to meet because her diaries are so attractive and the food she shared looks so delicious i want to meet her and want to taste her food😂😍

@afifaasif I want to meet her because she is so cute little girl impressed me by her work.

 9 months ago 

It would be a delight to meet you dear. I feel so honored. Thank you.

 9 months ago 

Haha, thankyou. It really means alot to me 💕
I'd love to meet you too.

 9 months ago 

Topic: Name three Steemit users that you would like to meet and why?

So the today topic is looking interesting. Very brilliant concepts of Team Pakistan

So let's get start

1. @haidermehdi

Hmm you are looking why I chose this guy as a first priority? The answer you looking for is also interesting. I want to meet him because I wanna see the personality of this person and how old he is 😂. The main actual reason is that I want to meet him because I am impressed by him much more.

2. @hassanabid

The second one is hassanabid the reason is that in profile picture he is looking different but in others like posting pictures he looks different I want to meet him to see him actual.

3. @mohammadfaisal

The reason why I want to meet this guy is really interesting 😁😃...
I want to meet him to ask something and want to get known about some books which I asked him when we meet before but by unfortunately we forget that.

So this is all about

Jazak Allah

 9 months ago 

Thankyou so much bro for mentioning. In shaa Allah we will meet one day :))

 9 months ago 

Insha Allah bhi

SOOOO... here goes my first submission of my first reply yay!

Topic: Name three Steemit users that you would like to meet and why?

Steemit User #1 - @Designieplay and the reason being that there page caters directly to my interests, from sport related posts to video games and my all time favorite activities being skateboarding. Apart from the interesting topics, I tend to enjoy the fluidity of their writing in addition to being straight forward and to the point.... OH and the addition of pictures when thoroughly explaining the games is a major PLUS.

Steemit User #2- The second user being @playfulfoodie Also encompasses some of my favorite things in their regular posts, offcourse being videogames and duh! FOOD! a browse on his page can occupy me for hours, from helping me figure our the do's and dont's of certain games, what games id like to play next, and what meals I want to stuff my face before, during and after playing the games! awesome page for all couch potatoes!

Steemit User #3 - @redfoster and that is mainly due to the fact that after indulging myself in activities similar to the ones mentioned above, I tend to feel mentally clogged and unproductive. however, this can now change as I came across redfoster which shares motivational, self-empowerment posts which have had somewhat of a positive externalities on my thought processes in my day to day activities.

And that's all folks! Wish all participants an amazing day and the best of luck!

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