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RE: [Closed] No Rule Contest || Let's Get Going with Comments || A Chance to Earn Daily!! by steemit-pak

in STEEMIT PAKISTAN11 months ago

the first person I want to meet is @vaarishyy.becauae she is a motivating ans kind personality.
the second peeson i want to meet is @huzaifanavaeed1 .he win the best author award of 2021.i want to learn from his achievement and success .
the third one is @haidermhdi
i have read some posts of this person ,are full of life and energy. i' m impressed by him.
thank u

 11 months ago 

Thank you for mentioning

The usernames you have written is wrong. Change them so they can get notifications.


 11 months ago (edited)

JazaqAllah for considering me worthy of this honor. Commitment, dedication, walking in the right path and prayers.

 11 months ago 

JazakAllah bro :)
Let's meet soon IA :)

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