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RE: [Closed] No Rule Contest || Let's Get Going with Comments || A Chance to Earn Daily!! by steemit-pak

in STEEMIT PAKISTAN11 months ago

@haidermehdi : I wanna meet him because he is such a generous person that I can't tell in words , he is super co-operative and hardworking person. He replies me and solve my queries whenever I message him , whenever i needs help he didn't refused and hepled me in solving the problems.

@hassanabid: I wanna meet hassanabid because he is such a kind guy as he always helping the newbies in the community and guides them rightly. When i came in this community he and @haidermehdi supported me alot and i am super gladful for that.

@huzaifanaveed1: I wanna meet him because i am so much inspired by him about the work he is doing in the community and i wanna ask him for some tips to be successful in this platform XD.

Inshallah i'll meet them soon.

 11 months ago (edited)

JazaqAllah for deeming me worthy of this. There's no secret ingredient of success. Commitment, dedication, prayers and having trust in yourself. The most important thing for me is belief in Allah. I believe it's Him who does this for me. I am not capable of achieving anything. Anyway, I'm always up for a meeting (only if I get time xDd)

 11 months ago 

@huzaifanaveed1 Ok ok sir when you got time let me know :D

 11 months ago 

I'd love to meet you too bro xD
JazakAllah for the mention :)

 11 months ago 

Ok sir soon insha'Allah :D

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