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RE: [Closed] No Rule Contest || Let's Get Going with Comments || A Chance to Earn Daily!! by steemit-pak

in STEEMIT PAKISTAN11 months ago (edited)

1st. I would like to choose first @moeenali I am here on this platform because of him. He always guided and motivated me.

2nd. I want to meet mam @event-horizon. I like her personality very much. She is not only pretty but also her behavior is very impressive. We can guess from her every reply.

3rd. There is another lovely personality of this platform @mrsfurqan who always motivates me from their comments. I love sketching her diary and always looking at her sketch I wish I could make something like this. I want to meet her soon.


Thank you for appericiating my content 😍and mentioning me i also want to meet you😊

My pleasure dear hope we will meet in dreams lol 😂😂

 11 months ago 

Thank you so much dear for the mention. I would love to meet you as well for I want to know the person behind such impressive publications. (:

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