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RE: [Closed] No Rule Contest || Let's Get Going with Comments || A Chance to Earn Daily!! by steemit-pak

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Fisrt Person which i want to meet She is @vvarishayy because i am self motivated bu her hard work and getting high achievement in very short period of time i want to learn from her experience that's why i want to talk him

I want to meet sir @haidermehdi i want to see this man and want to know that how he is spending his time on platform
I want to meet him because impressed by him

The third person i want to meat @huzaifanaveed1 because i as all we know that this guy win best author of 2021 awards so i want to know about his skill and way of posting i want to get help from him

 11 months ago 

Thank you yasin120

It means a lot to be praised by you guys. All praises due to Allah. JazakAllah

The username is haidermehdi. Writing correct usernames is important so one can get the notifications.

Yes siso i really motivated by you
Thank you for correction ❣️

JazaqAllah. I'd say the same to you as I told everyone else. It's belief in Allah that works out for me. I don't think I deserve even 1% of appreciation for my work. It's Him, all Him.

As a Muslim you are totally right brother because every for Allah but you're really deserve appreciation

 11 months ago 

I would love to share tips with you all :p Let's hope to meet some day IA :)

JazakAllah for the honor :)

Inshallah we will meet one day
Thanks for your 💕 love

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