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RE: [Closed] No Rule Contest || Let's Get Going with Comments || A Chance to Earn Daily!! by steemit-pak

in STEEMIT PAKISTAN11 months ago

First I would like to meet @haidermehdi. Reason is that because he helps me alot in my journey he guide me very well when I was new here I have so confusions out there and I contact him he guide me very well so I really wanted to meet him and thanks him.

Second I want to meet @vvarishayy she is so kind hearted person she understand the problem nicely and gave solution that can help us out and her post is so informative and inspiring so I really want to meet her and learned more from her.

Third I want to meet @faibha I think she is so interesting her post is so well written and she is also student like me so I really want to meet her and have some discussion of journey on steemit.

 11 months ago 

Thank you naddiyaatif. It's an honor to be praised by you. Well selection of other two. I met haidermehdi, he's a nice person.

 11 months ago 

I will be so glad to meet you guys and learn more from you guys..

 11 months ago 

Thankyou :D

 11 months ago 

You're most welcome little girl :)
Jazakillah :)

I am happy to help you all :) Wish you great success ahead IA :) Just pray for me too :)

 11 months ago 

Thankyou so much for always guiding I will definitely pray for you :)

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