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Steem Sri Lanka officially announced SL-Charity Phase III in 17th of July 2021 and we had planned to end phase III in end of August. But we continued phase III until today with the request of our members. Now we are going to share with you what we have done in SL-Charity Phase III.



Steem Sri Lanka was able to do thirteen number of charity events under six categories and we really proud about that because we were able to involve with more charity events than SL Charity Phase I & Phase II.

Let's see how was SL-Charity Phase III

01)Unfortunately, their daughter got positive for COVID19 and she was transferred to a COVID treatment center. The family sent to home quarantine for 14 days. With the sudden situation, we heard that they are lacking goods for their meals. They were completely isolated and had no ability to purchase goods. So that I decided to propose @sl-charity team to sponsor food items that they need for a month.

Dry Food Items for a Quarantined Low Income Family | SL-Charity Phase III

Dry Food Items for a Disabled Low Income Family | SL-Charity Phase III

02)This family consists with mother, son and daughter. This mother is very older in age and mentally disabled for a long time. The daughter also unmarried and mentally disabled woman. Few years ago the son was fallen from the roof while doing his job and now he also physically disabled. At the moment he hasn't ability to do a job because his right arm is not functioning properly and he has to look after his old mother and sister.

03) It's a charity home for children, mostly disabled kids. Now there are around 145 children there. Most of them hardly can do their daily routine. So, owners are doing a great and very noble job here. Now, there are some other workers too. Due to the COVID 19 situation, this time we bought only the dry food and other necessary items. Because before everything, these 145 kids should have a proper meal.

Helping hands at Meth Sewana Foundation | SL-Charity Phase III

SSL charity phase-3 | Helping a disable person to buy a wheelchair

04)Ujitha Kumara, a father of two living at the above address, has fallen from a tree and is currently seriously injured. Therefore, he is currently taking Ayurvedic treatment and is unable to do his work alone. So, our community @sl-charity decided to donate the required amount of Rs. 18500 / = for buying that wheelchair as soon as possible

05) With the increase of Corona patients, resources for caring patients were lacking. Availability of space for patients in hospitals are not enough. Therefore this corona unit is built newly at the hospital. This is ward 68 of Teaching Hospital, Karapitiya. There are many resources that are needed for this new unit. We have decided to provide raw materials for bedsheets that are necessary for this ward..

SSL Charity Phase – 3 | Bedsheets for New Corona Unit


SL Charity Phase 3 - Project Anuradhapura Successfully Completed

06)For this event, we’re thinking about moving on to the region of Anuradhapura for the first time of the project. This next event will be implemented by me, @thisarani96, and @champikawije65.-src-

07) A 14-year-old boy was diagnosed with a cerebellar tumor earlier. Now the situation has been again increased and an operation has to be done. The operation cost around LKR 2 million. So, it's hard for them to find this money soon. Now they are collecting money through social media advertising and still, around 2 lakhs have been collected.

SSL-Charity Phase III | Giving hand for a diagnosis

Our Help For a Life Of a Little Flower | SSL- Charity Phase 3 | 25% to SL Charity

08)She lives in Monaragala, Sri Lanka and her parents are in a hard struggle of raising 14 millions for one of her surgery. It's a huge amount and we decided to give a little support, Approximately 100$ of money by our SSL-Charity Project for her parents in this difficult moment.

09) Currently she is studying in university of Kelaniya and As we got to know they are in a difficult struggle of raising money for her father's surgery. So we decided to show some support through our SSL-Charity project. This will be a great support for her in this moment and I'd love to say thank you for everyone behind SSL-Charity Project.

SSL-Charity Support For an Emergency Cardiac Surgery| 50% to SL-Charity

SSL charity project | Helping another disable person to buy a wheelchair | 25% to SL charity

10)We donated our third wheelchair to a child with a birth defect in the Wedinagala in Ampara. We donated LKR 21,000 to buy him a wheelchair through our @sl-charity project. I believe that the wheelchair we gave to this young man, who is also in dire financial need, will be of great assistance to him in his daily life. We found out about it from my dear sister Niranga, who, as usual, provides this information.

11) The house of a student studying in our junior batch of my university was also affected by a landslide. I learned that their house was almost completely destroyed. Fortunately, no one was harmed in the incident. This accident has taken place at a time when there are many economic difficulties for them. So we were able to help them financially through SL-Charity.

SL-Charity Was Able To Help Them At a Time Most Needed | 20% For SL-Charity

Happiness Gave from Steem Sri Lanka - SL-Charity | 40% for Sl-Charity

12)Someone who works with us in the workplace came up to us and asked if we could get a phone that we could pay for. He told us that a small girl near his house did not have a phone to study online and their family is very poor. We felt a lot in our hearts and we wondered how many more such children there were. So we informed Steam Sri Lankan friends about this yesterday. Everyone wanted to get a phone to help this kid.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank @randulakoralage, @anusha96, @thisarani96, @prasadi, @roshipeiris, @damithudaya, @champikawije65, @praveenw96, @saman88, @thimira and @rasinkani for conduct all these charity events and also we remind our community members, all the steemians who joined with us to conduct a successful charity programme.

As the on-going charity event, we have allocated 335 STEEM for donating to the cancer hospital and it is the 13th charity event in SL-Charity Phase III. We hope to share that event soon with you also.

Stay Tune !


success for charity. a good step with a plan to help each other. i am very impressed with charity in SSL

It's an honor to be a part of such a great project. Hope to do more in the future❤❤thank you Steem Sri Lanka

Charity work will be more important in near future than for ever as per the upcoming situation throughout country.

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