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The arrangement of the application is as follows,

  1. Introduction to Community
  2. Community Team
  3. Community Curation Account
  4. Plagiarism & Abuse
  5. Plans & Updates
  6. External Promotion
  7. Club5050 and Powerup
  8. Why Should We Recieve a Better Support?

1. Introduction to Community

Steem Sri Lanka is the only active country-based community for Sri Lankan members. We are managing the community with the following objectives,

  • Influencing new entrance for making quality blogs and actively use steemit as a social media
    Making social media experience more realistic by keeping in touch with other Sri Lankans
  • Giving a better reward for hardworking and unique content creators all over the steemit
  • Bringing the benefits of STEEM to the world out of the computer

Even though it is based on Sri Lankan context, it is completely open for everyone who makes unique, creative real-life blogs with better quality.

Some basic stats

Factor , last 7 daysStat
Number of posts100
Number of booming votes35
Average # comments at the 7th day15
Plagiarism cases0
Number of posts curated by community curator259
Owned SP of community curator account27,237.48 SP
Delegations to community curator account212,569.34 SP
Total effective SP239,306.04 SP

2. Community Team

@rasinkani and @imanthadd are doing a great job as moderators at the moment.




Admins and mods are not paid in terms of STEEM/SBD or beneficiary from the community curator account.

3. Community Curation Account

@steem-sri.lanka is our community curator account. Basic SP details are available in the table under section 1.


Are all the post rewards powered up, or are they used for paying delegators or members of the community team?
We don't get enough STEEM weely as author rewards to pay for delegators. Currently, we are getting around 450 SP as weekly curation rewards. We return 80% of that to delegators based on their delegated amount.

We power up all author rewards. But to pay for delegators we power down 9% of SP (~500 SP x 4) for pay delegators. It happens every Sunday and after paying delegators, we power up the rest of STEEM available in the wallet.

4. Plagiarism & Abuse

Steem Sri Lanka is a plagiarism-free community. We are keen on reward farming, multiple accounts, plagiarism, spamming and meaningless content. When we figure out a new poster we check his behavior and history to make sure whether we are not feeding the wrong person. This process made our community spam-free and full of attractive articles.

5. Plans & Updates

T-Shirt distribution

The STEEM printes t-shirt is under manufacturing at the time of writing. We are planning to distribute it for free to encourage our members for their contribution to community events.


We keep organizing contests to keep the community live and attract outsiders to the community. Contest | My Dream Vehicle is currently ongoning and Contest : Cook with fun challenge finished by distributing 30 STEEM.


Our charity events are running same time even though with travel restrictions. The charity fund is running with members' beneficiaries. Charity events continuously supporting people with financial difficulties and social needs. Please refer this to know latest stats of sl-charity.

Steem Sri Lanka Steem Promotion

This program is ongoing and members are actively using their creativity and abilities to bring the message of steem to the world. More details will be discussed under section .

6. External Promotion

I see the modern steemit is a sequence of comming and going trends. The trends are born for the success of steemit but majority of the people tend to leave one trend after something new comes. As the Steem Sri Lanka community, we don't like to be like that. So we keep continue each project we start as much as we can.

Awareness Session

@saman88, @thimira and @ruwankumara organized an awareness session in steemit for their office friends. They hav provided knowledge on how to start steemit and why should write in steemit.

Broacher Campaign

@dilshan96 is continueing his broacher campaign on steemit to make awareness of the society on steemit.

We hightly believe that our community makes a great picture on outsiders about the existance of Sri Lankans in Steemit. Weekly we see new faces in the community thanking for the message that our members bring out about us.

7. Club5050 and Powerup

So far we had two visions on SP growth. First the "SP Responsibility" and second is "Competitive Growth". We, the community team, have adjust the attitude of members to powerup due to these two reasons. Thoes who powerup less recived less advantages from the community while thoes who do the best, retuurned with lot.

SP Responsibility

If you closely observe, you may have seen, our members actively involve in powerup even they recieve or not votes from steemcurator01. For example, if you check this list, this contains a list of our regular members who frequently post in our community with their respective SP. The list of usernames are 3 months older hence you won't see all current members here. But it shows the SP amounts that they have. I can gaurantee non of them haven't powerdown at least once a yet.

We use the smartest way to encourage people to powerup. "Powerup to Produce a Reward on Someone Else". Luckily our members are smart enough to understand the need of Sustainability. "Members' responsibility is powering up to help others and else how do they expect something back?" This concept worked well to motivate members

Competitive Growth

Here in Steem Sri Lanka, the environment is pretty different than other communities we know. Member are competitively trying to pass there milestones 500SP, 1000SP, 2000SP, 2500SP etc. That makes them highlighted among others. Members joing the powerup day by each month and powerup their steem to pass certain milestone.

In my case, each month I achieve 1000 SP with author SP + Powerups.

Club5050 engagement

This project is launched by steemit team a week ago and currenly community team is keen on how it processes and how other communities response on the project. We have seen majority uses #club5050 while powering up. Still we have not launched a official "our kind of project" parallel to Club5050. We will comming out with a smart plan soon which is more userfriendly and meaning full.

8. Why Should We Recieve a Better Support?

Steem Sri Lanka is working hard to improve the quality of steemit platform, enhancing member engagement, increasing investments and also returning best to the members. We want to see steemit as a high-quality platform with the highest trust ranking. Steemit need a qualitative enhancement to compete with similar blockchains. We want to see Steemit in a higher rank interms of price, quality and everything.

We deserve a better support, as we keep growing and we keep continueing everything good for steemit since a year.


As a community we are in a good position. All the members in our community are playing a big role to spread steemit as a trend among the people. It means we are trying to promote steemit. Not only that, we are doing charity works of the money which earn from steemit. I'm really happy to be a member of this steem sri lanka family.. ❤❤💪💪

Hi @randulakoralage,
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Come and visit Italy Community

A great community with people who are passionate for writing quality content💖. Great to see that everyone is working to grow their SP and promoting the Steemit among non-steemians.

I'm really trilled to be a member of SSL. The support we get from the community is unvaluable. The contents available here is filled with lots of knowledge and experience. We can add lots of things to our life.👌

Currently I'm working as a moderator of SSL. We try our best to keep our community consist of original content. All the members are delicated to work hard and make our community successful.🥳

Our community members always try to increase the SP and get benefits from that. 😃

In this article is is clearly mentioned the objectives of this community and some of the things we have done so far for this platform . Well done Randula...😎

I am very happy to be in the ssl community, besides that i can learn a lot with many people making quality articles, i learn a lot from ssl members, thank you srilanka members.

Good Luck 😊

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Come and visit Italy Community

As a community, we follow a system of regulations.. That's why our members deliver best articles free from plagiarism each and every day.. Also there are many 1000+SP members in our community right now. It's because we encourage members to power up.. That's why we are that good as a community.. Go SSL.. ❣️

Day by day our community reachs to the top of success.... Really happy about that.... Equality of members is the main thing behind all victories....❤️

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